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HIS Work originally appeared in four
fmall volumes, without much regard
to chronology, or order of fituation. By
the advice of the Bookfellers the present
arrangement takes place, which may per-
haps render the Collection more acceptable
to the Public. Of its Contents about one-
fixth part is new to the prefent Edition*.

History has been called “ Philosophy
teaching by examples." Biography may
be faid to be Philosophy rendered dramatic,
and brought home to " each man's business
" and bofom ;" and, in the opinion of
a great master† of this fpecies of composi-
tion," is, of the various kinds of narrative

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The New Articles may be had of Meffrs. Cadell
and Davies, printed uniform with, and as a Supplement
to, the former Editions.

+ Idler, No 84.

" writing,


"writing, that which is most eagerly
read, and most easily applied to the pur-
poses of life."


One deviation only from the general
plan of the work occurs, the introduc-
tion of a living character. In this, per-
haps, the COMPILER but anticipates the
wishes of the reader, who may think that
a man like Dr. TUCKER omni major eulogio
should be alfo omni exceptione major.


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