A Key to the Birds of the Hawaiian Group

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Bishop Museum Press, 1901 - Всего страниц: 76
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Стр. 313 - ... and I believe that my two specimens were brought from the same island. This bird may be described as having the general plumage sootyblack ; tail brown, all but the two middle feathers largely tipped with white ; the two central feathers somewhat narrower than the others, and gradually diminishing in the apical third of their length into fine hair-like or filamentous upturned points ; axillae or under surface of the shoulder white ; flanks and under tail-coverts bright yellow ; bill and legs...
Стр. 273 - Nostrils situated near the base of the maxilla: feathers on lateral base of bill extending farther forward than those on the forehead. Adult male: Head dull greenish black, the occiput with a long pointed crest of narrow...
Стр. 279 - ... feathers of the rump ; head more uniform brown with a ruddy tinge; sides of...
Стр. 284 - The specimen from which the above description was taken is in the collection of the Australian Museum, and is labelled " Waikato River, New Zealand ;
Стр. 311 - XXIX., 6603, 6601. 107. R. palm'eri ROTHS. aa. Head, neck and under parts generally apple yellow, brightest and richer on the head and neck, and greener on the under parts ; upper parts ashy green, becoming bright green on the lower back, rump and upper tail coverts. Wings and tail dull blackish brown, feathers externally margined with green; bill blue-brown; legs grey; iris brown. Total length about 7.50, culmen .72, wings 3.80, tail 2.50, tarsus 1.o0.
Стр. 304 - ... abdomen; lower tail coverts pale yellow; wing coverts with distinct whitish marks of considerable size. Female: Very unlike the male above described; streak over the eye and under parts yellowish white; sides of breast and flanks washed with olive grey; above, olive ; the greater wing coverts with large greenish white tips. Young: Quite young birds and nestlings are much like the females, but are browner above and of a mottled appearance. Length 4.50-5.00, wing 2.60-2.81, tail 1.85-2.00, tarsus...
Стр. 311 - Adult female : Differs from the male in being much greener and duller in color, only the forehead being yellow ; the crown similarly colored to the back ; under parts dull yellowish green. Palmer obtained a small series in the district of Kona at the same place where R.
Стр. 280 - General color above and below slaty grey; under tail coverts black, the lateral ones white with the inner half of the feather black; outer secondaries broadly tipped with white, one specimen with under parts suffused with whitish, and flank stripes wanting in all the specimens in the collection ; quills blackish brown ; back browner. Length 16.25...
Стр. 291 - Wing falling short of the tail by more than the length of the tarsus ; hind claw very long; culmen shorter than the middle toe; first primary rudimentary; plumage mainly dull brownish ( Page 35.

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