A Natural History of English Song-Birds, and such of the foreign as are usually brought over and esteemed for their singing, etc. With plates

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C. Ware, 1759 - Всего страниц: 96
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Стр. 9 - The great blue heron (Ardea herodias) is about four feet in length from the point of the bill to the end of the tail, and nearly six feet across the wings.
Стр. 92 - They build a.pretty nest, about which they will sometimes be so industrious, as to begin and finish it in one day, though they are generally two or three days in making their nest ; the hen lays commonly four or five eggs, and sits fourteen days.
Стр. 89 - Breeding and Management of Canary Birds. Canary birds, that are kept tame, will breed three or four times in the year ; they usually begin in April and breed in May and June, though sometimes in July and August. - Towards the middle of March, begin to...
Стр. 2 - It is near six inches in length from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail, the former being about half an inch, and the latter two inches and a half.
Стр. 92 - They build a pretty neft, about which they will fometimes be fo induftrious, as to begin and fmilli it in one day ; though they are generally two or three days in making their neft. The hen lays commonly four or five eggs, and fits fourteen days. When the young are hatched, leave them to the care of the old ones to nurfe and bring up, till they can fly and feed themfelves. The hen, as I...
Стр. 23 - ... dirty white. The tail is long, the bill strong and slightly curved, eye of a greyish brown, the pupil encircled by a light-colored ring. A bare space extends from the eye to the back of the neck, of a pale bluish color tinged with red. The specimen I have now before me measures twenty-three inches from the tip of his bill to the end of his tail. The tail is eleven and a quarter inches, the bill two and a half inches. I have frequently met with this bird in my travels over the country, and have...
Стр. 93 - ... scalded rapeseed ; when it is boiled soft, bruise the seed fine, and put a little maw seed amongst it, and mix it all together, and give them a sufficient quantity fresh every day ; never let it be stale or sour ; besides this, give them a little scalded rapeseed, and a little rape and canary by itself. You may keep them to this diet till they have done moulting, and afterwards feed them as you do the old ones, unless at any time th,ey are sick, then continue it.
Стр. 89 - March or the beginning of April, put them into the breeding cage for that use ; let it be full large, so that the birds may have the more room to fly and exercise themselves ; let there be two boxes in the cage for the hen to build in, because she will sometimes...
Стр. 88 - March, begin to match your birds, putting one cock and hen into the breedingcage, which should be large, so that the birds may have room to fly and exercise themselves. Place two boxes or little basket-nests in the cage, for the hen to lay her eggs in, because she will sometimes...

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