Oliver Cromwell and His Times

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Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1822 - Всего страниц: 588
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This interesting history of Cromwell's life and the influences thereon is written about in the preface as not being too bulky, but actually quite detailed. Oliver Cromwell was a larger-than-life military and political figure, and most biographies related to him are in fact quite lengthy.

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Стр. 286 - The Lord at thy right hand: Shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath. He shall judge among the heathen, he shall fill the places with the dead bodies : He shall wound the heads over many countries.
Стр. 117 - I raised such men as had the fear of God before them, and made some conscience of what they did, and from that day forward, I must say to you, they were never beaten, and wherever they were engaged against the enemy they beat continually...
Стр. 149 - Peace. But this I would recommend to your prudence, Not to insist upon any complaint or oversight of any Commander-inchief upon any occasion whatsoever ; for as I must acknowledge myself guilty of oversights, so I know they can rarely be avoided in military affairs.
Стр. 392 - And was it fit for them to sit heavy upon others? Is it ingenuous to ask liberty, and not to give it? What greater hypocrisy than for those who were oppressed by the Bishops to become the greatest oppressors themselves, so soon as their yoke was removed...
Стр. 117 - are most of them old decayed serving men, and tapsters and such kind of fellows and,' said I, 'their troops are gentlemen's sons, younger sons and persons of quality. Do you think that the spirits of such base and mean fellows will ever be able to encounter gentlemen that have honour and courage and resolution in them?
Стр. 263 - And if he were not the greatest king, if he were without some parts and qualities which have made some kings great and happy, no other prince was ever unhappy who was possessed of half his virtues and endowments, and so much without any kind of vice.
Стр. 336 - I have sought the Lord night and day, that He would rather slay me than put me upon the doing of this work.
Стр. 136 - III. We shall with the same sincerity, reality and constancy, in our several vocations, endeavour with our estates and lives mutually to preserve the rights and privileges of the Parliaments, and the liberties of the kingdoms...
Стр. 394 - It is an easy thing to talk of Necessities when men create Necessities : would not the Lord Protector make himself great and his family great ? Doth not he make these Necessities ? And then he will come upon the People with his argument of Necessity !" — This were something hard indeed. But I have not yet known what it is to " make Necessities," whatsoever the thoughts or judgments of men are.

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