The Canadian Naturalist and Geologist, Том 5

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Dawson., 1860
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Стр. 458 - THE GLACIERS OF THE ALPS : being a Narrative of Excursions and Ascents. An Account of the Origin and Phenomena of Glaciers, and an Exposition of the Physical Principles to which they are related.
Стр. 119 - Analogy would lead me one step further, namely, to the belief that all animals and plants have descended from some one prototype. But analogy may be a deceitful guide. Nevertheless all living things have much in common, in their chemical composition, their germinal vesicles, their cellular structure, and their laws of growth and reproduction. We see this even in so trifling a circumstance as that the same poison often similarly affects plants and animals ; or that the poison secreted by the gall-fly...
Стр. 119 - I cannot doubt that the theory of descent with modification embraces all the members of the same great class or kingdom. I believe that animals are descended from at most only four or five progenitors, and plants from an equal or lesser number.
Стр. 71 - ... caves have been inhabited by a succession of tenants, and have been selected by man as a place not only of domicile, but of sepulture, while some caves have also served as the channels through which the waters of...
Стр. 118 - It may be asked how far I extend the doctrine of the modification of species. The question is difficult to answer, because the more distinct the forms are which we consider, by so much the arguments in favour of community of descent become fewer in number and less in force. But some arguments of the greatest weight extend very far. All...
Стр. 70 - No subject has lately excited more curiosity and general interest among geologists and the public than the question of the antiquity of the human race ; whether or no we have sufficient evidence to prove the former co-existence of man with certain extinct mammalia, in caves or in the superficial deposits commonly called drift or
Стр. 403 - Without asserting that every part of the theory had been confirmed, he maintained that it was the best explanation of the origin of species which had yet been offered. With regard to the psychological distinction between man and animals; man himself was once a monad — a mere atom, and nobody could say at what moment in the history of his development he became consciously intelligent.
Стр. 74 - ... races and permanent varieties in animals and plants, are the same as those which, in much longer periods, produce species, and, in a still longer series of ages, give rise to differences of generic rank. He appears to me to have succeeded, by his investigations and reasonings...
Стр. 47 - Makrede and one or two others, all belonging either to the genus Bagrus or one nearly allied to it. The first two are quite common in the market and I have seen many specimens of them ; for the last two I have the authority of negro fishermen but have never seen them myself. The eggs in my collection are of three different sizes, indicating so many species ; one of the three having been brought to me without the fish from which they were taken. The eggs become quite large before they leave the ovaries,...
Стр. 181 - ... simply because it was so probable that the operation would be followed by a fatal issue, that I wished to prepare for death and what lies beyond it, whilst my faculties were clear and my emotions were comparatively undisturbed, for I knew well that if the operation were speedily followed by death, I should be in a condition, during the interval, in the last degree unfavourable to making preparation for the great change.

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