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Upon the Kerne, and wildest Irishry
Than time hath done,

Whose strength is above strength,

And conquers all things; yea itself, at length.


Who ever sipped at Bathyre river,
That heard but spite deliver
His far-admired acts,

And is not rapt

With entheate rage to publish their bright tracts? But this more apt

When him alone we sing;

Now must we fly our aim, our swan's on wing.


Who (see) already hath o'erflown

The Hebrid Isles, and known
The scattered Orcades ;

From thence is gone

To utmost Thule; whence he backs the seas
To Caledon,

And over Grampius mountain.

To Loumond lake, and Tweed's black-springing



Haste, haste, sweet singer! nor to Tine,

Humber, or Ouse decline;

But overland to Trent:

There cool thy plumes,

And up again, in skies and air to vent

Their reeking fumes;

Till thou at Thames alight,

From whose proud bosom thou began'st thy flight.


Thames, proud of thee and of his fate

In entertaining late

The choice of Europe's pride,

The nimble French,

The Dutch, whom wealth (not hatred) doth divide,

The Danes that drench

Their cares in wine: with sure Though slower Spain, and Italy mature.


All which, when they but hear a strain
Of thine, shall think the Maine
Hath sent her mermaids in,

To hold them here;

Yet, looking in thy face, they shall begin
To lose that fear;

And (in the place) envỳ

So black a bird so bright a quality.


But should they know (as I) that this

Who warbleth Pancharis

Were Cycnus, once high flying
With Cupid's wing;

Though now, by Love transformed and daily


(Which makes him sing

With more delight and grace);

Or thought they Leda's white adult'rer's place.


Among the stars should be resigned
To him, and he there shrined;
Or Thames be rapt from us

To dim and drown

In heaven the sign of old Eridanus:
How they would frown !

But these are mysteries

Concealed from all but clear prophetic eyes.


It is enough, their grief shall know

At their return, nor Po

Iberus, Tagus, Rhine

Scheldt, nor the Maas

Slow Arar, nor swift Rhone, the Loire, nor Seine, With all the race

Of Europe's waters can

Set out a like, or second to our Swan.



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