Works and Days

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Dodd, Mead, 1902 - Всего страниц: 299
A collection of short essays.

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Стр. 170 - We, ignorant of ourselves, Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers Deny us for our good ; so find we profit, By losing of our prayers.
Стр. 103 - Some men are more vexed with a fly than with a wound; and when the gnats disturb our sleep, and the reason is disquieted but not perfectly awakened, it is often seen that he is fuller of trouble than if in the daylight of his reason he were to contest with a potent enemy. In the frequent little accidents of a family a man's reason cannot always be awake; and when his discourses are imperfect, and a trifling trouble makes him yet more restless, he is soon betrayed to the violence of passion.
Стр. 41 - At the call of a noble sentiment, again the woods wave, the pines murmur, the river rolls and shines, and the catde low upon the mountains, as he saw and heard them in his infancy. And with these forms, the spells of persuasion, the keys of power are put into his hands.
Стр. 102 - ... salt and fineness of wit, and prettiness of address, in his familiar discourses, as made his conversation have all the pleasantness of a comedy, and all the usefulness of a sermon. His soul was made up of harmony ; and he never spake, but he charmed his hearer, not only with the clearness of his reason, but all his words, and his very tone and cadences, were strangely musical.
Стр. 8 - I lose is the growth, the unfolding, the task, the vision, the chance of love in this present hour. " Send some one, Lord, to love the best that is in me, and to accept nothing less from me ; to touch me with the searching tenderness of the passion for the ideal ; to demand everything from me for my own sake ; to give me so much that I cannot think of myself, and to ask so much that I can keep nothing back ; to console me by making me strong before sorrow comes ; to help me so to live that, while...
Стр. 16 - ... is a home of corruption. If we look deeply, a wonderful fitness reveals itself between those we know well and their several fortunes. Calamity may bear heavily upon them, but the moral world they construct for themselves out of the substance of their own natures is indestructible. Life is august and beautiful or squalid and mean as we interpret and use it ; the materials are in all men's hands, and the selection and structure inevitably and infallibly disclose the character of the builder. As...
Стр. 5 - ... the leading of this light which they follow with steps that grow stronger as they struggle on. The sorrow of the world has always sought the heart of love as its only place of hope. But love has a higher ministry ; its glory is not in service in hours of disaster, but in its noble compulsion to do and to seek the best. He loves best who demands and secures the highest from the loved one. The mother loves her child most divinely, not when she surrounds him with comfort and anticipates his wants,...
Стр. 102 - Let man and wife be careful to stifle little things, that, as fast as they spring, they be cut down and trod upon ; for if they be suffered to grow by numbers, they make the spirit peevish, and the society troublesome, and the affections loose and easy by an habitual aversation. Some men are more vexed with a fly than with a wound ; and when the gnats disturb our sleep, and the reason is disquieted but not perfectly awakened, it is often seen that he is fuller of trouble than if, in the daylight...
Стр. 61 - Many in sad faith sought for her, Many with crossed hands sighed for her ; But these, our brothers, fought for her, At...
Стр. 17 - ... character grows more and more ; the fields become more completely our own, and yield nothing which we have not sown ; the correspondence between our spirits and our fortunes becomes more complete, until fate is conquered by and merged into character. In the long run a man becomes what he purposes, and gains for himself what he really desires. We not only fashion our own lives, but, in a very true sense, as Omar Khayyam intimates, we make heaven or hell for ourselves.

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