a History of the Half-Century of the National Academy of Sciences 1863-1913

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Стр. 315 - March'3, 1891, and which may be continued; and he may make such rules and regulations and establish such service as will insure the objects of such reservations...
Стр. 311 - The Secretary of War, upon the request of the Secretary of the Interior, is hereby authorized and directed to make the necessary details of troops to prevent trespassers or intruders from entering the park for the purpose of destroying the game or objects of curiosity therein, or for any other purpose prohibited by law, and to remove such persons from...
Стр. 13 - States as may be designated, and the Academy shall, whenever called upon by any department of the Government, investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science or art, the actual expense of such investigations, examinations, experiments, and reports to be paid from appropriations which may be made for the purpose, but the Academy shall receive no compensation whatever for any services to the Government of the United States.
Стр. 7 - In 1898, in his address as retiring president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Gibbs summed up his views as to the constitution of the complex acids.
Стр. 270 - Survey shall have no personal or private interests in the lands or mineral wealth of the region under survey, and shall execute no surveys or examinations for private parties or corporations; and the geological and geographical survey of the Territories, and the geographical and geological survey of the Rocky Mountain region, under the Department of the Interior, and the geographical surveys west of the one hundredth meridian, under the War Department, are hereby discontinued, to take effect on the...
Стр. 373 - Pp. 1-152. United States Internal Revenue. Report on glucose, prepared by the National Academy of Sciences, in response to a request made by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1884. 8°. Pp. 1-108. Report of committee of National Academy of Sciences concerning classification of Donskoi wool, January 30, 1886.
Стр. 357 - The local authorities, on the adoption and purchase of a voting machine, may provide for the payment therefor in such manner as they may deem for the best interest of the locality...
Стр. 369 - Description of an articulate of doubtful relationship from the Tertiary beds of Florissant, Colorado.
Стр. 266 - Sciences is hereby rçquired, at their next meeting to take into consideration the methods and expenses of conducting all surveys of a scientific character under the War or interior Department, and the surveys of the Land Office, and to report to Congress, as soon thereafter as may be practicable, a plan for surveying and mapping the Territories of the United States on such general system as will, iu their judgment, secure the best results at the least possible cost...
Стр. 272 - This officer shall have the direction of the Geological Survey, and the classification of the public lands and examination of the geological structure, mineral resource, and products of the national domain.

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