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XI-1. Report of Lieut-Colonel Sir Frederick Smith and
Professor Barlow, to the Right Honourable the
Earl of Ripon, President of the Board of Trade,
on the Atmospheric Railway. Presented to
Parliament by command of Her Majesty. Lon-
don, 1942.

2. Rapport, addressé a M. le Ministre des Travaux
Publics, sur le nouveau mode de locomotion, dit
Systeme Atmosphérique. Par M. EDMOND
TEISSERENC. Paris, 1843.

3. Report on the Railroad constructed from Kings-
town to Dalkey, upon the Atmospheric System,
and upon the Application of this System to
Railroads in general. By M. MALLET. Lon-
don: John Weale, 1844.

4. A Treatise on the Adaptation of Atmospheric
Pressure to the Purposes of Locomotion on
Railways. By J. D' A. SAMUDA. London:
John Weale, 1841.

5. The Atmospheric Railway. A Letter to the
Right Hon. the Earl of Ripon, President of the
Board of Trade, etc. By JAMES PIM, Jun.,
M.R.I.A. London, 1841.

6. Observations on the Report of Lieut.-Colonel
Sir Frederick Smith, R.E., and Professor Bar-
low, on the Atmospheric Railway. By T. F.
BERGIN, M.R.I.A. London, 1842. .

Postscript to the Article on " Coin and Currency"
Postscript to the Article on "Penny Postage"

Recent Literature of Germany

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