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Smith, Horace, Esq.,the Recantation, by,
48-Death! stanzas, by, 178-Adam
Brown, the merchant, by, reviewed,
278-The old man's pæan, by, 347-
Dirge for a living poet, by, 453
Snow-storm, the, poetry, by Virginia,

So-so character, a very, 128
Soldier's Daughter; or, the domestic
drama, 532
Southey, 453

Spain, the Bible in, by G. Borrow,
author of "The Gipsies in Spain," re-
viewed, 140

Spirit of the Lake, by Miss Elizabeth
Youatt, 241

Stanhope, Lady Hester, her correspond-
ence addressed to Lieut. - general
Oakes, 8, 227, 320
Stanhope, Hon. Mr., brother of Lady
Hester. 9, 323
Strickland, Miss Agnes, letters and
personal history of Mary, Queen of
Scots, Vol. III., by, reviewed, 411
Swans, wild, 443- -The hooper, 444—
Cygnus Bewickii, 445-The trumpe-
ter, 448-Cygnus Americanus, 449-
Black swan, 449

Syria, affairs of, described by Lady

Hester Stanhope, 8, 229, 320

Terapia and Rebeck, near Constanti-
nople, 9

Texts, old, more new readings on, 455

Trollope, Mrs.. The Barnabys in Ame-
rica by (continued), 33, 161, 301, 496
-a tale of the New Poor-Law, by,
noticed, 281

Tuft-hunter, the, a novel, by Lord W.
Lennox, reviewed, 279

Turkey, residence of Lady H. Stanhope
in, 8, 228, 237, 323

"Unknown Tongue," proposal for a
dictionary of a not, by μ., 190

Vintimille, M. Chevalier Lascaris de,
230, 234

Virginia, the Wind, verses, by, 72—The
Snow-storm, by, 318

Voyage round the World, by Capt. Sir
Edward Belcher, in H.M.S. Sulphur,
reviewed, 418

Wahabees of Syria, &c., 235, 237
Wakley, Mr., M.P., 143
Wellesley, Marquis, letter of Lady H.
Stanhope to, 18

Widows' Almshouse, the, by J. Hewlett,

M.A.. No. I., 83-No. II., 212-No,
III., 363-No. IV., 507

Winking, remarks on the faculty of, 467
Woman, the history of (in England), by
Hannah Lawrance, reviewed, 274

Youatt, Miss Elizabeth, the Spirit of
the Lake, by, 241



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