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Abou Ben Adhem......

.. Leigh Hunt. 459

Account Current....

Anonymous. 374

Adams and Jefferson.

Wirt. 369

Alexander's Feast..

. Dryden. 403

An Address to a Young Student.

Knox. 372

Annabel Lee......

Edgar A. Poe. 440

Antony's Oration over Cæsar's Body. Shakspeare. 368

A Psalm from Life..

· Longfellow. 461

Apostrophe to Light....

Milton. 244

Apostrophe to the Queen of France.

Burke. 225

Barbara Frietchie....

.J. G. Whittier. 510

Battle of Hohenlinden..

Campbell. 220

Battle of Warsaw..


. 226

Battle of Waterloo..

Byron. 227

Beautiful Snow...

Watson. 467


R. W. Procter. 416

Bernardo Del Carpio.

. Mrs. Hemans. 399

Bingen on the Rhine..

Mrs. Norton, 508

Bridge of Sighs...

Hood. 502

Brutus's Oration on the Death of Cæsar... Shakspeare. 266

Bugle Song..

... Tennyson. 442


Mrs. Hemans. 354

Cato's Senate.

....Addison. 351

Cato's Soliloquy:

Addison. 364

Charge of the Light Brigade. Alfred Tennyson. 419

Character of Pitt....

. Robertson. 302

Childe Harold's Address to the Ocean.

· Byron. 222

Clarence's Dream..

Shakspeare. 303


Byron. 248

Declaration of Independence..

Jefferson. 322

Douglas's Account of Himself.

..Home. 320


T. Buchanan Read. 524

Dying Christian to his Soul.... · Alexander Pope. 462

Edward and Warwick...

. From the French 337

Eegy Written in a Country Churchyard.... . Gray. 316

Evelyn Hope...

Robert Browning. 457


H. W. Longfellow. 493

Extract from a supposed Speech of John Adamus, in

support of American Independence... Webster. 379

Extract from a Speech of Robert Emmet, Esq., Before

Lord Norbury, on an Indictment for High Treason... 381

Gambler's Wife...

Coates. 417


Akenside. 337


Derzhavin. 283


Akenside. 338

Hamlet's Soliloquy.

. Shakspeare. 265

Happy Freedom of the Man whom Grace makes Free.

Cowper. 295


Macaulay. 436

Ilyder Ali...

. Burke. 246

Hymn to the Deity

.Thomson. 278

Industry necessary to the Attainment of Eloquence.

Ware. 339

Invocation to the New Year...

Tennyson. 442


De Witt Clinton. 380

Lady Clare...

Tennyson. 552

Lament of the Irish Emigrant.

Differin. 532

Liberty and Union....

Ilebster. 499

Lines supposed to have been written by Alexander

Selkirk, during his solitary abode on the Island of
Juan Fernandez..

Couper. 195

" Little Jim.".

Anon, 434

Lochiel's Warning.

Campbell. 2:33


Sott. 352


Coleridge. 549

Marco Bozzaris..

. Hulleck. 239

Mariner's Hymn.

JIrs. Southey. 314

Maud Muller...

.J. G. Ilhittier. 512

Meeting of Satin, Sin, and Death.

Wilton. 355

Milton on his Loss of Sight....

E. Lloyd. 421

Morning Hymn to Mount Blanc.

Colerilge. 562

Moses Smiting the Rock...

Van Vrankin. 342

Motives to the Practice of Gentleness..

Blair. 345

New Year's Eve....

Anon. 5:39

Night Thoughts..

Young. 341

Nothing to Wear..

Butler. 170

Ode on the Passions...

. Collins. 276

Oh, why Should the Spirit of Mortal be Proud.... Kinox. 500

Ossian's Address to the Sun....

Ossian. 219

Othello's Apology...

Shakspeare. 425

Over the River

Anon. 409

Parrhasius and Captive..

Ilillis. 427


Franklin. 341

Paul's Defence Before King Agrippa

Testament, 397

Perpetual Adoration....

Moore. 310

Pitt's Reply to Walpole....

... Lord Chatham. 335

Reception of Columbus on his return to Spain. W. Irving. 365

Rienzi's Address..

M. R. Mitford 358

Scene from Catiline.

Croly. 568

Scene from Pizarro...

Kotzebue. 311

Schemes of Life often Illusory.

Dr. Johnson. 375

Scott and the Veteran....

Bayard Taylor. 505

Shamus O'Brien the Bold Boy of Glingall. A Tale of 98.

Sheridan Lefanor. 516

Sheridan's Ride...

T. Buchanan Read. 522


Tillotson. 359

Skipper Treson's Ride..

.J. G. Whittier, 472

Softly Murmur....

.Philip Lawrence. 433

Spartacus to the Gladiators at Capua.... Elijah Kellogg. 410

Speech of Cicero Against Verres...

Cicero. 260

Speech of Lord Chatham..

Chatham. 241

Speech of Patrick Henry...

Patrick Henry. 275

Speech of Rolla....

.R. B. Sheridan. 221

Speech of Satan to his Legions

Milton. 217

Speech of Sergeant Buzfuz....

Dickens. 544

Speech of Satan, with Gestures.

Milton. 201

Tell's Address to the Mountains.

Knowles. 219


Bryant. 257

The American Flag..

Drake and Halleck. 344

The Angels of Buena Vista,

.J. G. Whittier. 465

The Battle of Ivry..

Macaulay. 390

The Bells...

Edgar A. Poe. 490
The Black Regiment. Port Hudson, May 27, 1863.

Geo. H. Boker. 542

The Burial of Sir John Moore...

Wolfe. 297

The Chameleon...

... Merrick. 291

The Chestnut Horse.

. Anon. 413

The Cumberland....

.H. W. Longfellow. 483

The Curse of Regulus.

Anon. 478

The Destruction of Senacherib.

Byron. 351

The Diver......

Schiller. 557

The Dream of Eugene Aram.

Thomas Hood. 443

The Drowned Mariner..

Mrs. Smith. 555

The Dying Gladiator..

Lord Byron. 54,

The Exile of Erin.

:.. Campbell. 296

The Famine....

.H. W. Longfellow. 494

The Frenchman and the Rats.

Anon. 393

The Ghost....

. Anon. 526

The Grave of Franklin...

Miss C. H. Waterman. 321

The Heavens and the Earth show the Glory and Wisdom

of their Creator...

Goldsmith. 298

The Herinit.....

Beattie. 236
The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire (1571.)

Jean Ingelow. 450

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