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MOODIE. Roughing it in the Bush. 12mo., cloth, 75 cts.
TUCKERMAN. Sicily. 12mo., cloth, 40 cts.
PUTNAM. The World's Progress, a Dictionary of Dates. $2.
Supplement to the above to 1852. 25 cts.

$1 50.

SAUNDERS. Memories of the Great Metropolis. 12mo., $1.
SQUIER. The Serpent Symbol. Plates. 8vo., cloth, $2 25.
TALVI. The Slavic Nations, their Literature, &c. $1 25.
KEATS. Life and Letters, by Milnes. 12mo., cloth, $1 25.
WALTON. Lives of Hooker, Donne, Wotton, &c. 12mo., $1.
UNGEWITTER. Europe, Past and Present. 12mo., $1 50.
ᏟᎪᏞᏙᎬᎡᎢ . Scenes and Thoughts in Europe. 50 cts.
CURZON. Monasteries in the Levant. Plates.
HEAD. A Faggot of French Sticks. 4th ed.
FORD. The Spaniards and their Country.
Eothen; or Traces of Travel from the East.
PARKMAN. Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life.
TURNBULL. The Genius of Italy. New ed.
ST. JOHN. Adventures in the Libyan Desert. 12mo. 75 cts.
TAYLOR. Views A-foot. 12th edition. 12mo., cloth, $1 25.
Eldorado. New ed. Col'd plt's. 2 vols., $2; 1 vol. $1 25.
WARBURTON. The Crescent and the Cross. $1 25.
SQUIER & DAVIES The Monuments of the Mississippi

12mo., cl, $1. 12mo., $1.

12mo., 50 cts.

$1 25. 12mo., $1.

Valley. Many plates. 4to., cloth, $10.

WILKES. United States Exploring Expedition. New ed. Numerous plates. 5 vols. 8vo., cloth, $15.

Voyage round the World. With plates. 8vo. $3. WILLIS. Trenton Falls. Illustrated. 12mo., cloth, 50 cts. DICKINSON. My First Visit to Europe. 12mo., 75 cts. WARREN. Adventures on the Banks of the Amazon. 75 cts. THACKERAY. A Journey from Cornhill to Cairo. 50 cts. HOLGATE. American Genealogies. 4to. $5.

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