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No XV.


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MOODIE. . Roughing it in the Bush. 12mo., cloth, 75 cts.
TUCKERMAN. Sicily. 12mo., cloth, 40 cts.
PUTNAM. The World's Progress, a Dictionary of Dates. $2.

Supplement to the above to 1852. 25 cts. SAUNDERS. Memories of the Great Metropolis. 12mo., $1. SQUIER. The Serpent Symbol. Plates. 8vo., cloth, $2 25. TALVI. The Slavic Nations, their Literature, doc. $1 25. KEATS. Life and Letters, by Milnes. 12mo., cloth, $1 25. WALTON. Lives of Hooker, Donne, Wotton, f.c. 12mo., $1. UNGEWITTER. Europe, Past and Present. 12mo., $1 50. CALVERT. Scenes and Thoughts in Europe. 50 cts. CURZON. Monasteries in the Levant. Plates. $1 50. HEAD. A Faggot of French Sticks. 4th ed. 12mo., ch, $1. FORD. The Spaniards and their Country. 12mo., $1. Eothen; or Traces of Travel from the East. 12mo., 50 cts. PARKMAN. Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life. $1 25. TURNBULL. The Genius of Italy. New ed. 12mo., $1. ST. JOHN. Adventures in the Libyan Desert. 12mo. 75 cts. TAYLOR. Views A-foot. 12th edition. 12mo., cloth, $1 25.

Eldorado. New ed. Cold plt's. 2 vols., $2; 1 vol. $1 25. WARBURTON. The Crescent and the Cross. $1 25. SQUIER 4. DAVIES. The Monuments of the Mississippi

Valley. Many plates. 4to., cloth, $10. WILKES United States E.ploring Expedition. New ed. Numerous plates. 5 vols. 8vo., cloth, $15.

Voyage round the World. With plates. 8vo. $3. HILLIS. Trenton Falls. Illustrated. 12mo., cloth, 50 cts. DICKINSON. My First Visit to Europe. 12mo., 75 cts. W’ARREN. Adventures on the Banks of the Amazon. 75 cts. THACKERAY. A Journey from Cornhill to Cairo. 50 cts. HOLGATE American Genealogies. 4to. $5.

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