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among his fellow-citizens in the hall of l'Inftitute Nationale de France. Nor did Abercromby, in my opinion, shine more in the midft of his moft fplendid military achievements, than when seen by few fave his own family and immediate neighbours, while in the noiseless tenor of ferene retirement fuperintending his rural affairs, and encouraging by his prefence the indigent young ones in the school which his private bounty had founded for their inftruction. The fame of Abercromby it belongs to history to record; his domeftic virtues, till latest ages, to mankind to imitate.


-Approach to the Highlands - Cambus-Wallace-Lanrick-Cambus-More
-Sublime afpect of the Grampian Regions-Village of Callander, the first
within the Confines of the Highlands of Scotland,
Page 92

THE HIGHLANDS-Keltie - Water-Wooden-Bridge at Brachland, and Moun-
tain Torrent-Callander-Schools, &c.-The Roman Camp, as it is called
—Benledi—The Lake, River, and Mountain Scenery of Scotland - Excurfion
to the Lakes-Viz. Loch-Venuchar, Loch- Achray, and Loch-Kaitrin-
Glen-fin-Glas-Bridge of Turk-Loch-Achray.-The Trofbachs as they are
tor Archibald Cameron apprehended in this deep recefs-Carried thence to
Stirling, Edinburgh, London, and to the Tower as a State Prifoner-Tried,
condemned, and executed at Tyburn, as a Traitor, on the 7th June, 1755.-
Mr. John Conachar a Clergyman of the Scotifh Epifcopal Church, betrayed by
his own Servant-Tried, condemned, and banished Scotland for Life-Some
particulars refpecting the Murder of Campbell of Glenure; and farther
Diftreffes which it caufed-particularly in the Trial, Sentence and Execution
of Mr. James Stewart of Ardshiel.-The Weft End of Loch-Kaitrin-Coili-
chrah-Glengyle Port-nan-Ellen-Scenery of the Lake-Rob Roy the
celebrated Free-booter's Hut-His behaviour to a Steward of the Duke of
Montrose-Chief of the Macgregors, doubtful who-Rob Roy, alias Macgre-
gor (Son of the famous Rob Roy) apprehended at Gartmore Fair, for the
forcible Abduction and Marriage of the Heirefs of Edinbelly in May 1751
-Tried, condemned and hanged for this Crime-Return to the Eaft End
of the Lake-Occafional Verfes on the fublime Scenery which here
prefents-A Faithful few till remain attached, amid thefe Wilds, to the
almost extinct Family of Stuart *-Bo-Castle-Kilmahoog-Tomachef-
faig-Waipon-fbawing-Excurfion from Callander to Lochaird, and the Loch-
of-Montieth-Botanic Plants, Minerals, &c. in the Vicinity of Callander-
Concerning the Formation of Mountains-Salubrity of the Air in the Moun-
tainous Regions of Perthshire-Introduction of the Sheep-ftore-Farms in the
Neighbourhood of Callander +. Fith of the Lakes, and of the River Tieth-
-The Speech of the Inhabitants of this District of the Highlands confists

See alfo Additional Notes-Note (C) vol. ii. p. 373.
See alfo Additional Notes-Note (E) vol. ii. p. 375.

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