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meeting assembled for such a purpose (cheers). Mr. G. Price, the treasurer, then read the following report:-"In presenting their annual report to the members and friends of this branch of our institution, the committee beg to congratulate them on the prosperity that has attended the society during the past year. At the present time the claims on the society are one widow and two orphans. By the returns of the different lodges in the district for the year 1858, we find that three members have died who were not subscribers of this society. To this fact the committee beg to call the attention of those members not connected with it, to show the importance of their at once becoming members, and making some provision for their wives and children, should it please Providence to remove them from this earthly lodge. We would urge them not to delay becoming subscribers, as no time is like the present. The committee trust the fund during the present year will receive a large accession of new members who have hearts to feel, as there cannot be any employment which is calculated to give more pleasure to the mind than that of relieving the distresses and administering to the wants of our fellow creatures, particularly of the widows and orphans, of those dear ones who are left to mourn in sorrow for the loss of him who in life was their solace and friend. Let us all therefore unite to gladden the heart of the fatherless and widow in the hour of affliction. In the statement of the accounts it will be seen that the fund has increased during the past year £51 10s. 6¿d., and during the same period, twelve new members joined. Donations have also been received from ladies and gentlemen, and these the committee gratefully acknowledge. They also beg, in behalf of the society, to tender their thanks to those friends who have come forward and so liberally supported them on every endeavour to add to the stability and prosperity of the fund. They also hope that the present meeting may prove as pleasant and agreeable as the last two soirées, and that as the principles of Odd-fellowship become better known and understood, the appeal made annually on behalf of the Widows and Orphans' Fund may meet with a hearty response. Value of fund, December 29th, 1857, £580 1s. 5d.; ditto, December 28th, 1858, £634 11s. 114d.; increase, £54 10s. 6d. Number of members, 1857, 108; ditto, 1858, 120. Invested with Town Council, £500; in Savings Bank, £117 16s. 1d.; balance in hand (general fund), £ll 14s. 2d.; ditto, (management fund), £5 1s. 84d.; total, £634 11s. 11¿d.”

Mr. Wood, Mr. Jas. Hull, P.G., and others addressed the meeting in eloquent terms, and a vote of thanks to the chairman was proposed and carried with acclamations.-The Mayor made a brief and suitable acknowledgement of the compliment.

Then commenced a concert, of which the following is a programme :

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Mr. T. Carpenter ably presided at the pianoforte, and the musical corps comprised some of the lay clerks, and some amateurs, who acquitted themselves exceedingly well, and earned the warm applause of the audience. The finale of "God save the Queen" terminated the entertainments of a very pleasant evening.

NUNEATON, WARWICKSHIRE. — On Monday, January 17th, the Loyal Tradesman's Hope Lodge, No. 3720, celebrated their anniversary at the Newdegate Arms Hotel, (Host and Brother Thomas Bills,) when about eighty brethren and visiting friends sat down to a sumptuous repast. R. B. Nason, Esq., surgeon, presided, supported on the right by T. S. Bourne, Esq., surgeon, and T. Stanton, and on the left by W. Wagstaff, treasurer to the Howard Lodge, Attleborough, and Joseph Adams, the trustee of the Tradesman's Hope; the vice-chair being efficiently occupied by the secretary, Mr. D. Drake, supported by Mr. W. Taverner, of the Howard Lodge, and G.M. ofthe Atherstone district, with brother officers on the left. After the usual loyal and patriotic toasts, the chairman addressed the brethren on the beneficial results of Odd-fellowship generally, especially the M.U., and proposed "success to the Tradesman's Hope Lodge." The secretary, in responding to the toast, said that in January, 1858, their lodge consisted of 68 members, and their funds £310 4s. 3d. ; and in January, 1859, their numbers were still sixty-eight, while their funds had steadily increased to £385 3s. 4d., leaving a clear gain to the lodge, after paying the sick and all other incidental demands, of £74 19s. 1d., which, of itself, spoke more than he could tell them for the cause of Odd-fellowship. After various toasts had been proposed and responded to, the evening was devoted to harmony, in which the Nuneaton Glee Club and several brothers and visitors cordially assisted.

NORFOLK.-The fifteenth anniversary meeting of the members and friends of the Loyal Nelson Lodge was held at the Grapes Inn on the 24th of Feb., when a large party dined together in the lodge room, which has recently been very considerably enlarged. P.S. James Springhall presided; supported by John Norgate, Esq., the treasurer; J. B. Pitt, Esq., the surgeon of the lodge; C.S. Samuel Daynes, P.G.M. Calver, P.D.G.M. Samuel Clarke, and several respectable citizens. N.G. Smith occupied the vicechair. After an excellent dinner, the customary loyal and patriotic toasts were given, followed by the health of the chief magistrate, G. Middleton, Esq., and prosperity to the city of Norwich. The chairman then proceeded to what was regarded as the principal feature of the evening's proceedings-the presentation of a handsome gold watch-chain and medallion to P.G. Samuel Bond, the medallion bearing the following inscription, engraved by Mr. Dallinger:-"Testimonial of esteem presented to P.G. Samuel Bond, by the members and friends of the Loyal Nelson Lodge, M.U.I.O.F., for fourteen years' active services in promoting its prosperity. Feb. 24th, 1859."-In making the presentation, the chairman expressed great delight in having to discharge so agreeable a duty, observing that Brother Bond, during his fourteen years' connection with the lodge, had borne an unimpeachable character, and performed many important services. For nearly the whole of that time he had filled the office of sick steward, ever e vincing the greatest kindness to the brethren in affliction. As secretary, too, his duties had been very onerous, but his accounts had nevertheless been kept with what might be termed almost marvellous accuracy, In every respect he had proved himself worthy of all the esteem and regard they could possibly manifest towards him, and it was but right therefore that they should endeavour to pay to him some little tribute of respect.-P.G. Samuel Bond expressed his sincere gratitude for the kindness of his

friends, and his deep sense of the honour which they had conferred upon him in presenting him with so valuable a gift. He recounted the various offices which he had filled in connection with Odd-fellowship, and concluded by giving, "the health of the Grand Master and Board of Directors," coupling with the toast the name of C.S. Samuel Daynes.-Mr. Daynes said that that meeting was interesting to him for two reasons-because it celebrated the accumulation of a certain amount of capital by that lodge, which was the first to set the excellent example of adjusting the rate of payments according to the amount of benefits expected from their contributions, and because a personal friend of his had that evening received at their hands a well-deserved tribute of esteem and respect. Although in the beginning of 1858 the country had scarcely emerged from a great commercial crisis, yet during that year the number of members in connection with the Order, was increased to the extent of 11 000, and on the 1st of January, the Unity could boast of no fewer than 287,000 paying members. In the Norwich District alone they paid, during the year 1855, £2,645 7s. 114d. to 1,241 sick members. The great utility of these societies was now acknowledged by every class in the community, but considerable doubts had existed as to their financial stability. If there had ever been a ground, however, for such doubts, it had been removed entirely by the adoption of the increased contributions, the example of Norwich having been followed in this respect by nineteen-twentieths of the Manchester Unity. The additional payment of a penny per week, or 4s. 4d. per annum, from each of the 5,802 members of this district, had realised the large sum of £1,277 2s., more than one-third of their accumulation for the past year. This was sufficient to show the importance of the work accomplished by such men as Mr. Bond, and others, who had taken upon themselves the disagreeable duty of asking for increased taxation. The fact was that the Order was financially placed on a sound and lasting basis. They had had a compliment recently paid to the efforts of the industrial classes by a great man, a man whose power of intellect was not disputed, however much people might differ from him in other matters. Mr. Bright had told the people of Bradford, that the registered benefit societies of this country possessed a capital of £9,000,000 sterling, and he gave this as a proof of the advancing intelligence of the working classes, and as a reason why he thought them fit to be intrusted with additional political power. He (Mr. Daynes) did not use this as a political argument, but merely cited Mr. Bright's words as showing that gentleman's impression of the utility and value of benefit societies. The hon. gentleman's information was taken from a phamphlet prepared by Mr. | Tidd Pratt, under the order of the Government, and this document showed that the registered benefit societies not only possessed a capital of £9,000,000 sterling, in the middle of last year, but, during that year had expended not less than £2,000,000 in the relief of their sick members. The registered societies, however, were but a small portion of the benefit societies of this country, and if they took into their calculation the other clubs of a similar character, they would find, from the best information that could be obtained, that the whole body of benefit societies in this kingdom possessed a capital of £40,000,000, and if they added to this the accumulation in the savings' banks, it would be found that the total accumulated wealth of the lower orders, amounted to the large sum of no less than £70,000,000. Mr. Daynes then adverted to the value of the social element in the Manchester Unity, which he contended was an important bond of union, and the absence of which in many other societies, was the cause of the want of sympathy and the weakness that prevailed. He concluded by proposing the toast, "Success to the Nelson Lodge "-P.G. James Gaze responded to the toast, and gave some valuable statistics as to the past and present condition of the

Nelson Lodge."-Several other toasts were afterwards given, including the officers of the Norwich District, the trustees of the lodge, the treasurer, the chairman, the surgeon, the vice-chairman, the visiting members, &c., &c., and the company separated, after having spent a very agreeable evening.

NORTH LONDON DISTRICT.-The 14th Anniversary of the Marc Antony Lodge was celebrated on Thursday 10th March, at the "Earl Cathcart," Munster Square, Regent's Park; P.G. Essery, one of the oldest members, taking the chair. There were present, also, P.G.M. Roe, (one of the directors), Prov. G.M. Filsell, and D.G.M. Carter, who made some interesting speeches. "The Press" was responded to by G. F. Pardon, (V.G. and editor of the Magazine), who occupied the vice chair. With reference to some remarks as to Friendly Societies not being noticed more frequently, he pointed out that the members themselves were much to blame in not giving to the newspapers proper information of their progress and doings. Success and prosperity to the Marc Antony Lodge" being proposed, the secretary, (P.G. Harris), stated that, in January last, the Order was composed of 429 Districts, having 3,202 Lodges, and 257,573 members. The Marc Antony was of course only one of those lodges, and during the past ten years had paid upwards of £183 to members in sickness, and £200 for sums at death: the benefits being 12s. weekly, in sickness; £12 at the death of a member; and £6 on the death of a wife. At the close of 1858, the lodge had 182 members, and £826 surplus funds. Much interest was created by the presence of P.Prov.G.M. Zox, of Melbourne, who gave a glowing account of the state of Odd-fellowship in the Australian Colony. The large number present emphatically expressed their disapproval of the Act surreptitiously passed at the close of last Session, which places it in the power of a quarter of the members of any Friendly Society to break it up.

NORTH LONDON DISTRICT.-On Friday, January 28th, the large room of the George and Blue Boar, Holborn, was filled with members of the various lodges, under the presidency of Prov.G.M. Filsell, and D.G.M. Carter, to witness the presentation to P.P.G.M. Adam Ewart, of a very handsome silver tea-service, in admiration of his sterling integrity and recognition of his faithful services as a district and lodge officer. The present, with an appropriate testimonial accompanying it, was delivered to him by P.G.M. Roe, C.S. of the district, who, in an eloquent speech set forth the worth of the recipient to this Society and Mr. Ewart suitably acknowledged the gift, which had been purchased with the voluntary subscriptions of the members.

SALFORD, MANCHESTER.-The members of the Waterloo Lodge celebrated their anniversary by an excellent dinner, when about 130 were present; P.P.G.M. Edward Howarth, District C.S., in the chair, supported by the G.M. and D.G.M., Messrs. E. Varley and W. II. Beesley. After the usual loyal and patriotic toasts, the chairman stated that he had a very pleasing duty to perform, which was the presentation of a testimonial of respect, engrossed on vellum, suitably framed, to P.G. John Johnson. On behalf of the members he presented the gift, and dwelt at some length upon the services performed by P.G. Johnson, who had filled the important position for a many years of Permanent Secretary. P.G. Johnson, in a feeling manner, acknowledged the token, and gave a cheering account of the prosperity of the lodge, which had been in existence 44 years. The remainder of the evening was very agreeably occcupied by songs, recita

tions, &c. Messrs. Cowan, Connell, Wood, Jollard, and Riley, &c., contributing greatly to the evening's entertainment.

SOUTHAMPTON.-The members of the Fidelity Lodge, No. 3,396, celebrated their sixteenth anniversary on Monday evening, January 10th, at the All Saints' National Schoolroom. This lodge is the first in Southampton which has set the laudable example of removing their place of meeting to a locality free from the temptations of the public-house, and on the present occasion they made another step in advance, by resolving to celebrate their annual festival by a public tea, wherein their wives and sweethearts could unite, instead of dining together by themselves according to the ordinary practice. The schoolroom was prettily decorated with flags and evergreens, and a goodly number of persons sat down to enjoy the pleasures of the tea table. After the social meal was over, the chair was taken by the Rev. H. Carey, rector of All Saints', supported by the Rev. A. B. Burton, incumbent of Trinity, the Rev. W. Roberts, of Albion Chapel, the Rev. J. G. Wright, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Mr. Alderman Clark, Dr. Pardey, Messrs. T. Falvey, J. R. Weston, H. Pond, and the Officers of the lodge. The chairman opened the business of the meeting, and called upon Mr. Harle, the secretary, to read the annual report. This document congratulated the members on the steady progress which the lodge was making, 26 new members having been admitted, and nearly £99 added to its funds, during the past year. It has lost eight members in the same period by death, removal, and other causes; and the present number of benefit members is 191, and 2 honorary. The total receipts for the year ending on the 31st December, for the sick, funeral, and Widows and Orphans' Funds, with interest on capital, and for management and medical expenses, amounted to £433 6s. 11d.; and the total expenditure, in payment of sick members, funeral fees, widows and orphans, medical attendance, and management expenses, was £334 7s. 3d., showing a balance in favour of the lodge of £98 19s. 8d. The worth of the lodge funds at the end of the year was £1,754 03. 10d., (of which sum £1,560 is lent on mortgage,) being an average saving of £109 12s. 6d. a year since the opening of the lodge. Several of the gentlemen above-named subsequently addressed the meeting, congratulating the society on the prosperuos condition of its funds, and the proceedings throughout were of a very gratifying character, many excellent hints and suggestions being thrown out by different speakers, which were warmly applauded by the audience.-Reduced from the Hampshire Independent, of January 15th.

WIRKSWORTH DISTRICT.-The members of the Loyal Arcanum Lodge met on the evening of Jan. 8th, at the Cock Inn, Cromford, for the purpose of presenting to P.P.G.M. John Mather a handsome silver watch, as a testimonial of the esteem and respect of his brethren, and as an acknowledgement of the many and various services rendered to the lodge and district during a period of twenty-five years. Wm. Webb, Esq., M. D., and M. R. C. S., addressed the meeting in an appropriate speech, and presented the testimonial. P.P.G.M. John Mather, in returning thanks, complimented the members on the progressive and prosperous state of the district, and spoke of the great benefits that Friendly Societies, and more especially the M.U., conferred upon society generally. He also alluded to the advantages which that lodge, and other Benefit Societies in the neighbourhood, enjoyed, in having the services of such a gentleman as Dr. Webb, whose punctuality and assiduity, in attending to their wants, was equalled only by his medical skill. After the health of P.G.M. and C.S. Benjamin Street, and other toasts, had been given, the party separated.

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