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Pitt, D.G.M of the district; Mr. David Love, C.S. of the district; W. J. Bruty, Esq., of Chelmsford ; and Messrs. Heather and G. F. Pardon, who attended as a deputation from the Crystal Palace Excursion Committee. Many excellent speeches were made, and many capital songs were sung. In the course of the evening C.S. Love gave the statistics of the Stepney District, and Secretary Robinson stated that the Hope Lodge was in a very flourishing condition.

CUCKFIELD.—The members of the Hayward's Heath Lodge celebrated their anniversary on Monday, September 3. The chair was taken by Robert Loder, Esq. (High Beeches, and Lieutenant 2nd Sussex Volunteer Rifle Corps), supported by Captain Meek_(of Bantridge, Captain 2nd Sussex Volunteer Rifle Corps), the Rev. R. E. Wyatt (all members of the M.U.), and several honorary members and friends. The vice-chair was occupied by Mr. Wm. Curtis, of Brighton, the founder of the Lodge. In all eighty-five members and friends dined. The Hayward's Heath Lodge continues to flourish. It now boasts of 112 members and a fund of almost £120. Twenty-eight members have been made in the past year; four members only have left, and but five members are on the sick list. Its management is economically conducted. Its officers are good and tried men, and with such a host it cannot fail to prosper.

DONCASTER.—The members of the Lord Morpeth Lodge celebrated their anniversary on Monday, July 9, when upwards of one hundred dined together at the Saracen's Head. Mr. Joseph Hurst, of Spring Gardens, in the chair; Mr. C. Roebuck in the vice-chair. The number of members in this Lodge was on that date 200, with a capital of £1,369, of which £900 was employed as a mortgage on freeheld property.

DONCASTER.—The members of the Jubilee Lodge held their anniversary on Monday, July 16. N.G. Carmichael in the chair, and V.G. Marsh in the vice-chair. This Lodge is in a prosperous state, both as regards members and funds.

Dublin.—The members of the Emerald Isle (the parent Lodge of Ireland) held their anniversary dinner on Wednesday evening, September 5, which was numerously attended by the officers and brothers of that and other Lodges in the district.

Ennis, IRELAND.-On Tuesday, July 3rd, the members of the Star of the West Lodge celebrated their second anniversary, when a large number of brothers from neighbouring Lodges were present. The financial position of the Lodge was reported as highly satisfactory, considering the short time it has been in existence.

EPWORTH, YORKSHIRE -On Friday, July 13, the members of the several Friendly Societies in this town held their anniversary festivals. The Odd. fellows assembled in the Market-place a little before noon, and, with the members of other societies, proceeded to the parish church to attend divine service, when an excellent and appropriate sermon was preached by the Hon. and Rev. Charles Dundas, the rector, Afterwards the members and friends dined at their several Lodge houses,

FINNINGLEY, YORKSHIRE.—On Monday, July 23, the members and friends of the Good Intent Lodge celebrated their seventeenth anniversary. The members assembled about ten o'clock, and, after perambulating the village, headed by a band from Doncaster, proceeded to church. After divine service they returned to the Lodge house, and partook of a sumptuous dinner. This Lodge is in a very flourishing condition.

HINDERWELL, YORKSHIRE.—The anniversary of the Loyal Brotherly Love Lodge was celebrated on Wednesday, the 25th July. The members met at the Lodge-room at 11 am., and proceeded to the village of Staithes, thence to the parish church of Hinderwell, headed by the Farndale brass band, where the Rev. H. M. Sims, Incumbent, preached a very appropriate and excellent sermon; after which a collection was made for the benefit of the Oddfellows' Reading-room and Library. On leaving the church the members formed in procession, and after having paraded the streets, sat down to an excellent dinner, provided by Br. R. Hansill, in a spacious tent erected for the purpose; after which a ball was commenced, which was kept up with great spirit by the members and their friends until a late hour. The Lodge was opened about 18 months since, and has, under good management, been very successful. It now numbers upwards of 50 members. On Tuesday evening, July 31, after the usual Lodge business was concluded, N.G. William Adamson was presented by his fellow-members with a gold star and appendages, in acknowledgment of his faithful discharge of his duties while acting as Secretary and V.G.

HORSHAM.— The 16th anniversary of the Weald of Sussex Lodge was celebrated on Monday, July 30th. The members and friends met on the Cricket Field in the afternoon, where various games were vigorously enjoyed by male and female, the band of the 7th Sussex Rifles playing at intervals. At eight o'clock in the evening the members and friends re-assembled at the Lodgehouse, and partook of a good substantial dinner, Brs. C. Gilbred and Weakford ably sustaining the duties of the chair and vice-chair. This Lodge is progressing in a steady and satisfactory manner.

LEICESTER.—Br. W. N. Waldram has favoured us with a long and interesting account of a presentation to Br. J. Bray, Chairman of the Committee of Management at the Leicester A.M.C., and Br. Cox, the C.S. of the District. We regret that the report arrived too late in the quarter to allow of its in. sertion in full. We can only say that the testimonials consisted of two handsome lever watches and gold chains, accompanied by appropriate addresses, which were delivered by the Chairman, Br. T. Millis, Prov. G.M. Mr. Cox was unfortunately absent from illness. The inner side of the watch presented to Mr. Bray bore the following inscription :-“ Amicitia Amor et Veritas. Presented by the Members of the Leicester District, as a token of esteem, to P.P.G.M. John Bray, for his efficient services as Chairman of the Committee of Management for the A.M.C., I.O.M.U.O.F., held in Leicester. 1859.” The watch presented to Mr. Cox bore an inscription in similar terms, with the exception of the name and services of the recipient.

Newark.- ANNIVERSARY OF ODD-Fellows AND FORESTERS.-On July 9th the two Orders met in the Town Hall, as usual, to celebrate their anni. versary. The members formed into procession to church, headed by the excellent band of the Sherwood Rangers, and after Divine service paraded the principal streets; after which they dined with their friends at the Corn Exchange. The chair was taken by John Thomas Pratt, Esq., son of the Registrar of Friendly Societies. During the afternoon a presentation was made to P.P.G.M. Charles Reavill, consisting of a handsome medal in the form of a star, and a Past Officer's certificate, neatly framed, bearing the fol. lowing inscription on the medal :-“Presented to P.P.G.M. Charles Reavill, by the Officers and Brothers of the Good Samaritan Lodge, M.U., as a token of respect for his valuable services." The presentation was made by P.P.G.M. John Adcock, Permanent Secretary of the ge, in an eloquent and appropriate speech.

NEWTON HEATR.-On Saturday, July 7th, was held the anniversary of the Loyal King George IV. Lodge, when about 180 members sat down to dinner; P.P.G.M. Abel Shorples in the chair, supported by the D.G.M. and C.S. of the District. The entertainment consisted of vocal and instrumental music, and the usual toasts were given and responded to. In the toast for the Lodge, Mr. James Barnes, the Secretary, gave a short pithy account of the progress of the

society since the last anniversary. Touching on the deaths that had occurred, | reference was made chiefly to two of the oldest members who had died during

the year. Eleven new members had joined the Lodge, making a total of 269. He eulogized the management of the Lodge, stating that when the chairman first joined the society, in 1825, they were £10 in debt. The society had now funds out at interest to the amount of £2,000 and upwards, lent on the best security-namely, that of the Newton, Oldham, Salford, and Bradford Corpo rations. But, beside this, there was £400 in the bank, and £40 in the hands of the treasurer: making a grand total of £2,341, or nearly £12 10s. per member. There was no reason, therefore, to fear for the stability of the Lodge, for with ordinary precaution they had capital sufficient to meet all demandă.

NORTH London.—The Oliver Cromwell Lodge held its 15th anniversary dinner at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet Street, on Wednesday, July 25th. P.G. Sowdon presided, P.G. Woods occupying the vice-chair. The well-filled room presented an animated appearance, many members wearing the uniform of their volunteer corps. After the usual loyal toasts, that of the Order and the Directors was given, and responded to by Prov. G.M. Rough. In replying for the District Officers, Prov. D.G.M. Harris stated that at the beginning of 1859 the surplus capital of the North London District was nearly £47,000, the income during the year was £9,588, the payment in sickness £4,163, and at death £1,209. At the end of the year the district had a surplus, properly invested, of about £51,213, and 7.611 subscribing members. P.G. Woods proposed " The Widow and Orphan Fund," remarking that since its institution the gifts to widows and children had amounted to upwards of £21,000, and there was now in hand £9,500. The annual balance sheet of the Lodge showed an available surplus of £630 at the end of 1859.

North LONDON.—The members of the Pride of Westmoreland Lodge, Sutton Arms, Caledonian Road, have just presented to their Secretary, Mr. Joshua Sinims, as a mark of their esteem, a silver watch and official scarf with a star. After an appropriate and eloquent address from P.G. Fillingham, expressive of the high esteem and regard in which he has been held during his secretaryship, Mr. Simms replied, and said, when he received the books there were 79 members and a capital of £264. During the four years be has been in office the Lodge had paid for sickness £173 128.; it has now 183 members and a capital of £528, thus showing that in four years the Lodge had doubled its capital.

North LONDON.—The Cambridge Lodge celebrated its 17th anniversary at St. James's Hall, on Monday, Sept. 10th. P.G. Stephens presided, and N.G. Keaveley occupied the vice-chair. “ The Manchester Unity and Board of Directors was responded to by P.G. Pardon. “The North London District" and “ Widow and Orphan Fund," etc., followed ; and in proposing the chief toast—"The Cambridge Lodge".-P.G. Stephens, as Secretary, stated that it now numbered 155 members, whose average age was 36 years, with a surplus capital, well invested, of £1,953. Some time since it was thought right to have the assets of the Lodge valued, and there was found to be nearly £900 surplus. On thi the Lodge resolved to increas the benefits to the members; and now, a second valuation having been made

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by C.S. Ratcliffe, it was proved that the Lodge was quite capable of meeting all its liabilities, and still leave a small surplus.

ROTHERHAN DISTRICT.-MEMORIAL TO WORTH.—After the decease of the late Mr. Nussey (reported in this magazine in October, 1858), it was considered desirable by many members of this district that a memorial should be erected by them in Kimberworth churchyard, near Rotherham, over the remains of a brother who had so unremittingly laboured for the welfare of the Order in the town and neighbourhood. In compliance with such feeling, Mr. Bamforth, P.P.G.M., Mr. Brameld, G.M., Mr. Law, P.G., and others were elected as a committee to carry out this laudable object, and they have so far succeeded in their united efforts as to meet with the entire approbation of all parties. The memorial has been only recently completed, and now forms one of the most interesting objects in the above burial-ground. It consists of an upright pillar, surmounted by an unrolled scroll, on which appears the following appropriate inscription :-“This monument was erected by the members of the Rotherham District of the Independent Order of Odd-fellows, Manchester Unity, in remembrance of the late William Nussey, P.P.G.M., whose loss they lament, and whose memory they revere.

He had been a member of the Order upwards of 20 years, during which period he filled several offices to the entire satisfaction of the brotherhood, and by his zealous attention to the interests of the society gained for himself that respect and esteem which his integrity and ability so well merited.” On the back of the pillar are the arms of the Order.

ROTHERHAM.—On Saturday, August 25th, a testimonial was presented to Mr. J. Bamforth, P.P.G.M., solicitor, Rotherham, consisting of a handsome time-piece, with a silver plate attached, bearing the following inscription “Presented to Mr. Bamforth, P.P.G.M., by the members of the Star of Pro vidence Lodge, No. 2,2 M.U.F.S., as a token of respect for his valuable services. Aug., 1860.

SHREWSBURY.-The Rev. J. Yardley, Vicar of St. Chad's, was initiated a member of our Order in the Loyal Salopian Lodge, on Monday, July 16th ; R. Giles, G.M. of the Lodge, acting as Lecture Master. The rev. gentleman has thus given practical proof of the appreciation in which he holds the Manchester Unity-a proof hardly needed by those who heard his eloquent sermon and made his acquaintance at the A.M.C., but which is highly gratifying, nevertheless, as his example cannot but be useful in spreading the knowledge of our principles in a new direction.

STALEYBRIDGE.—On Wednesday evening, July 4th, J. H. Harrison, Esq., of Highfield House, was initiated an honorary member of the Royal Grove Lodge; P. Prov. G.M. Joshua Saxon acted as N.G., and P. Prov. G.M. William Aitken as Lecture Master,

TRURO DISTRICT.-OPENING OF AN ODD-FELLOWS' LODGB AT HELSTON.-A Dispensation having been granted by the G.M. and Board of Directors, the Loyal Duke of Cornwall Lodge, No. 4,839, was opened in due form on the 12th of December last, and twenty new members were initiated.

WEST BROMWICH.—The anniversary of the Earl of Dartmouth Lodge was held at the Swan Inn, on Monday evening, August 13th, and a goodly number of members and friends sat down to a good and substantial dinner, On the removal of the cloth, P.P.G.M. Williams was called to the chair, and P.P.G.M. Dawes, C.S., to the vice-chair. On January 1st, 1859, this Lodge had 34 members, and funds amounting to £370 9s. 3d. ; the receipts for the year were £101 168. 4d., making a total of £472 48. 78.; the total expenditure for the same period was £75 138. 78., showing a surplus over the expenses of £26 18. gd., and leaving a balance in hand to the credit of the Lodge of £396 118.

WORTHING.—On Wednesday, Feb. 8, the members and friends of the Viotoria Lodge presented pictorial certificates to the following Past Grands, as testimony of the satisfactory manner in which they have filled the office of Chairmen of the Lodge :-D. Prov. G.M. George Palmer, of the Brighton District, founder of the Lodge, and 23 years a member; P.G. William Harris, Esq.; P.G. Thomas James Aldridge; P.G. H. Richardson; P.G. James Swan; P.G. Joseph Bristow; P.G. Charles Birch; P.G. Stephen Sayers; P.G. Thomas Gard; P.G. Charles Hedger; P.G. George Shelley, and P.G. Thomas Harmer. The chair was ably filled by William Verrell, who presented the certificates.

WORTHING.–On Tuesday, July 3rd, the officers and brothers of the Victoria Lodge celebrated their 15th anniversary, when about 200 members and friends assembled. The chair was occupied by Mr. W. Verrell, supported by Mr. George Palmer, Prov. D.G.M., of the Brighton District, Mr. James Curtis, C.S., P.G. William Harris, Esq., and Mr. Duke Paine. The annual statement, presented by the chairman, who is secretary of the Lodge, showed the present number of members to be 163, at an average age of 30; £32 178. 2d. had been expended during the year in sick allowances. The present value of the Lodge funds was £727 4s. 6 d., being an increase of £152 5s. 2d. on the year. The funds are invested on freehold property at Brighton, and Worthing Town Bonds, paying good interest.


At New York, U.S., on the 7th of June, on her journey homewards from Mexico, Amelia, the beloved wife of Edmund B. Monro, Esq., Manager of the Santa Fe Iron Works, and formerly of Maesteg, in the county of Glamorgan. The deceased lady was the only sister of Mr. Thomas Vaughan, C.S. to the Aberdare District.

In memory of P.G. Matthew Winterbottom, of the Blucher Lodge, Staley. i bridge District, who died June 11th, in the 70th year of his age, and was interred at Cocker Hill Chapel, Staleybridge, June 17th. His remains were followed to their last resting place by upwards of 100 past and present officers and brothers of the district. Deceased was a member of the Order for 46 years.

At Bradford, Yorkshire, on the 27th of July, aged 60, Mr. Charles Simons, for the last 20 years C.S. of the Bradford District, during which time his kindness of disposition gained for him the esteem of all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.



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