The Cabinet History of England, Civil, Military and Ecclesiastical: From the Invasion by Julius Caesar to the Year 1846, Том 5

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Blackie and Son, 1855

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Стр. 126 - That the liberties, franchises, privileges, and jurisdictions of Parliament are the ancient and undoubted birthright and inheritance of the subjects of England...
Стр. 213 - The King willeth that right be done according to the laws and customs of the realm; and that the statutes be put in due execution, that his subjects may have no cause to complain of any wrong or oppressions, contrary to their just rights and liberties, to the preservation whereof he holds himself as well obliged as of his prerogative.
Стр. 24 - God, you shall see how they agree in the person of a King. God hath power to create, or destroy, make or unmake at his pleasure, to give life or send death, to judge all, and to be judged nor accountable to none.
Стр. 126 - Parliament: and that in the handling and proceeding of those businesses every member of the House of Parliament hath and of right ought to have freedom of speech to propound, treat, reason and bring to conclusion the same...
Стр. 208 - You shall swear by the blessed Trinity, and by the sacrament you now propose to receive, never to disclose directly or indirectly, by word or circumstance, the matter that shall be proposed to you to keep secret, nor desist from the execution thereof until the rest shall give you leave.
Стр. 68 - I am come amongst you, as you see, at this time, not for my recreation and disport, but being resolved, in the midst and heat of the battle, to live or die amongst you all, to lay down for my God, and for my kingdom, and for my people, my honour and my blood, even in the dust.
Стр. 153 - But before the end of the year 1554, acts had been passed by the parliament reviving all the old acts against heresy (1 and 2 Philip and Mary, c. 6), and repealing all statutes, articles, and provisions made against the see apostolic of Rome since the 20th year of King Henry VIII., and also for the re-establishment of all spiritual and ecclesiastical possessions and hereditaments conveyed to the laity (1 and 2 Philip and Mary, c.
Стр. 17 - I shall leave him dressed to posterity in the colours I saw him in the next progress after his inauguration; which was as green as the grass he trod on, with a feather in his cap, and a horn, instead of a sword, by his side : how suitable to his age, calling, or complexion, I leave others to judge from his pictures...
Стр. 68 - Let tyrants fear ! I have always so behaved myself, that, under God, I have placed my chiefest strength and safeguard in the loyal hearts and good will of my subjects...
Стр. 221 - I command you all that are here to take notice of what I have spoken at this time to be the true intent and meaning of what I granted you in your petition ; but especially you, my lords the judges, for to you only, under me, belongs the interpretation of laws ; for none of the houses of parliament, either joint or separate (what new doctrine so ever may be raised), have any power either to make or declare a law without my consent.

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