The Works of Laurence Sterne, A. M.: The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman (cont.)

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John Wyeth., 1804

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Стр. 133 - I was hearing this account, continued the Corporal, when the youth came into the kitchen to order the thin toast the landlord spoke of: but I will do it for my father myself, said the youth.
Стр. 140 - The Accusing Spirit, which flew up to Heaven's chancery with the oath, blushed as he gave it in ; and the Recording Angel, as he wrote it down, dropped a tear upon the word, and blotted it out for ever.
Стр. 141 - to my house, and we'll send for a doctor to see what's the matter, and we'll have an apothecary, and the Corporal shall be your nurse, and I'll be your servant, Le Fevre.
Стр. 120 - If I should see a white bear, what should I say? If I should never see a white bear, what then? If I never have, can, must, or shall see a white bear alive; have I ever seen the skin of one? Did I ever see one painted? — described? Have I never dreamed of one?
Стр. 140 - ... circle, when my uncle Toby, who had rose up an hour before his wonted time, entered the Lieutenant's room, and without preface or apology sat himself down upon the chair by the bedside, and, independently of all modes and customs, opened the curtain in the manner an old friend and brother officer would have done it, and asked him how he did, how he had rested in the night...
Стр. 314 - Venus herself, which certainly were as venereal a pair of eyes as ever stood in a head - there never was an eye of them all, so fitted to rob my uncle Toby of his repose, as the very eye, at which he was looking - it was not, Madam, a rolling eye - a romping or a wanton one - nor was it an eye sparkling - petulant or imperious - of high claims and terrifying exactions, which would have curdled at once that milk of human nature of which my uncle Toby was made up - but 'twas an eye full of gentle salutations...
Стр. 349 - Time wastes too fast : every letter I trace tells me with what rapidity Life follows my pen ; the days and hours of it, more precious, my dear Jenny ! than the rubies about thy neck, are flying over our heads like light clouds of a windy day, never to return more — every thing presses on — whilst thou art twisting that lock, — see ! it grows grey ; and every time I kiss thy hand to bid adieu, and every absence which follows it, are preludes to that eternal separation which we are shortly to...
Стр. 130 - I am persuaded, said my uncle Toby, as the landlord shut the door, he is a very compassionate fellow, Trim, yet I cannot help entertaining a high opinion of his guest too ; there must be something more than common in him that in so short a time should win so much upon the affections of his host. And of his whole family, added the Corporal ; for they are all concerned for him.
Стр. 136 - Flanders, and remember him, — but 'tis most likely, as I had not the honour of any acquaintance with him, that he knows nothing of me. You will tell him, however, that...
Стр. 247 - tis an animal (be in what hurry I may) I cannot bear to strike there is a patient endurance of sufferings, wrote so unaffectedly in his looks and carriage, which pleads so mightily for him, that it always disarms me; and to that degree, that I do not like to speak unkindly to him: on the contrary, meet him where I will — whether in town or country — in cart...

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