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O'STRICH, s. a large bird

PERNICIOUS, a. destructive; baneful

O'THERWISE, ad. in a different manner; by other PERPENDICULAR, a. a straight line up and down causes; in other respects

OUTLET, S. passage outward

Ou'tbet, S. setting out; departure

Ou'tward, a. external; opposed to inward Overflo'w, v. a. deluge; drown; overrun; fill beyond the brim

Overta'ke, V. a. catch anything by pursuit; come up to something going before

OVERTHROW, v. a. turn upside down; throw down; ruin; defeat; destroy

Overwhelm, V. a. crush underneath something violent and weighty; overlook gloomily

PACIFIC, a. mild; gentle; appeasing
Pa'lACE, s. a royal house

Pa'ltry, a. worthless; contemptible; mean Pa'radise, *. the blissful region in which the first pair were placed; any place of felicity

Parallel, a. extending in the same direction; having the same tendency

PARALLE LOGRAM, s. in geometry, a right-lined four-sided figure, whose opposite sides are parallel and equal

Pa'rapet, 3. a wall breast high

Parcel, S. a small bundle; a part of a whole
PA'RDON, *. forgiveness

Paro'chial, a. belonging to a parish

Paro tida-sa'livary, a. glands so named because

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Patience, *. the power of suffering; perseverance PATIENTLY, ad. with steadfast resignation; with hopeful confidence

PATRIARCH, *. one who governs by paternal right; the father and ruler of a family

Pa'trimony, Ss. an estate possessed by inheritance PATRIOT, S. one who loves his country

PATRON, S. one who countenances, supports, or protects; defender

Pea cearle, a. not quarrelsome; not turbulent Pe'ctoral, a. belonging to the breast

PECULIAR, a. appropriate; not common to other things; particular

PECULIARITY, S. particularity; something found only in one

Pe'destal, #. the lower member of a pillar; the

basis of a statue

Pe diment, S. an ornament that finishes the fronts of buildings, and serves ss a decoration over gates Pe'nance, S. infliction, either public or private, suffered as an expression of repentance for sin Pe'ndulous, a. hanging

Pe'netrate, V. a. enter beyond the surface; make way into a body; affect the mind

Peninsula, s. land almost surrounded by water
Pe'NURY, *. poverty; indigence
People, *. a nation; the vulgar

PERCEIVE, V. a. discover by some sensible effects; know; observe

PERCEPTIBLE, a. such as may be known or observed
Perfection, S. the state of being perfect

Perfo'rm, V. a. execute; do; accomplish
Pe'rforate, V. a. pierce with a tool; bore
PERHAPS, ad. peradventure; may be
Pe'RIL, S. danger; hazard; jeopardy

Pe'riod, S. length of duration; a complete sentence from one full stop to another; the end or conclusion Fe'rish, V. n. die; be destroyed; be lost; come to nothing

Permanent, a. durable; unchanged; of long con


PERPETUAL, a. never-ceasing; continual PERPLEX, V. a. disturb; distract; tease; plague PERPLEXITY, S. anxiety; entanglement

PERSECUTE, V. a. to harass or pursue with malignity PERSEVERANCE, *. persistence in any design or attempt; constancy in progress

Pertina city, S. obstinacy; stubbornness; con


PERTURBATION, S. restlessness; disturbance PETITION, S. request; entreaty; single branch or PERU'SAL, S. the act of reading

article of prayer

Pha lanx, *. a troop of men closely embodied
PHENOMENON, S. appearance

PHILOSOPHER, *. a man deep in knowledge
Philosophical, a. belonging to philosophy
PHILOSOPHY, S. moral or natural knowledge

Phy'sical o. relating to nature or to natural philosophy; medicinal; relating to health

PICTORIAL, a. produced by a painter
PICTURESQUE, a. beautiful; magnificent
Pilchard, S. a kind of fish

PILGRIMAGE, S. a long journey

Pi'ous, a. careful of the duties owed by created beings to God; godly; religious

PIRATE, *. a sea robber

Pista chio, S. a dry fruit of an oblong figure
PITIABLE, a. that which deserves pity

Pla carle, a. willing or able to be appeased
Pla intive, a. complaining; lamenting; expres-
sive of sorrow

PLANETARY, a. pertaining to the planets; produced by the planets

Plantation, S. a place planted; a colony
Plau'sirly, ad. with fair show

PLEASANT, a. delightful; cheerful; merry
PLEASANTRY, S. merriment; lively talk
Plea'sure, S. delight

PLENTIFUL, a. copious; fruitful; abundant

PLIABLE, a. flexible; easy to be bent; easy to be persuaded; capable of being plied

PLIANT, a. bending; flexible; easy to take a form Plu'mage, s. feathers; suit of feathers

Pny'x, s. a place where assemblies of the people were held

Po'etry, S. sublime thought expressed in sublime language

POIGNANCY, s. power of irritation; sharpness Poi'son, *. that which taken into the body destroys or injures life; anything infectious or malignant POLITE, a. glossy; smooth; elegant of manners POLITICAL, a. that which relates to politics; that which relates to public affairs; also cunning, skilful Po'pular, a. vulgar; familiar; well known POPULARITY, *. state of being favoured by the people; representation suited to vulgar conception Pofdla'tion, *. the state of a country with respect to numbers of people

Po'rtarle, a. manageable by the hand; supportable

PORTION, s. a part; an allotment

PORTMANTEAU, s. a chest, or bag, in which clothes

are carried

Posi'tion, s. state of being placed; situation

Po'sitive, a. absolute; particular; real; certain Posse'ss, V. a. have as an owner; be master of; seize; obtain

POSSE'SSION, *. property; the thing possessed Po'ssirle, a. having the power to be or to be done; not contrary to the nature of things

Poste'rity, S. succeeding generations
Po'tentate, S. monarch; prince; sovereign

Po'wer, s. command; authority; ability; strength; faculty of the mind

Practicarle, a. capable of being practised

PRACTICAL, a. relating to action; not merely speculative

PRÆTOR, s. a functionary among the ancient Ro


Prairie, S. a meadow

PRECAUTION, S. preservative caution; preventive


-RECEPTOR, *. a teacher; an instructor
PRECINCT, S. outward limit; boundary
PRECIPITOUS, a. headlong; steep

PREDECESSOR, s. one who was hi any state or place before another; ancestor

PREDOMINANCE, s. prevalence; ascendancy Predominant, a. prevalent; ascendant; supreme influence

Prkdo'minate, r. n. prevail; be supreme In Influ


PREFIX, v. a. appoint beforehand; settle; establish: nut before another thing

Preliminary, a. previous; Introductory Presudice, s. prepossession; judgment formed beforehand; mischief; injury

Preparation, *. anything made by process of
operation; previous measures
PRERO'GATIVE, s. an exclusive or peculiar privilege
Pre scient, S. foreknowing; prophetic

PRE'SENT, a. not past; not future; ready at hand; not absent; being face to face; being now io view Pixse'nt, V. a. offer; exhibit

PRESERVe, v. a. save; keep; defend from destruction or any evil

Presumption, s. arrogance; blind confidence
PREVENT, r. a. hinder; obviate; obstruct

PRINCIPAL, a. chief; capital; essential; important; considerable

PRINCIPLE, S. constituent part; original cause
PROBABLE, a. likely

Prorarly, ad. very likely

PROBA'TION, S. proof; trial; noviciate

Procer'd, V. n. pass from one thing or place to another; go forward; issue; arite; carry on; act; transact

PRO'CESS, S. course of law; course

Proce'ssion, S. a train marching in ceremonious solemnity

PRODIGIOUS, a. enormous; amazing; monstrous PRODUCE, S. amount; profit; that which anything yields or brings

PRODUCE, V. a. offer to the view or notice; bear; cause; effect

Production, S. the act of producing; fruit; product; composition

PROFE'SSION, s. vocation; known employment
Propu'se, a. lavish; too liberal

Propu'sion, s. extravagance; abundance
Pro'gress, S. course; advancement; motion forward
PROHIBIT, v. a. forbid; debar; hinder

PROJECT, V. a. throw out; scheme; contrive; form in the mind

Propagate, V. a. extend; widen; promote
Pro'per, a. fit; exact; pecnliar

PROPHECY, *. a declaration of something to come PROPHETIC, a. foreseeing or foretelling future events PROPORTION, $. symmetry; form; size; ratio PROPOSITION, *. one of the three parts of a regular argument, in which anything is affirmed or denied; proposal

PROPRIETOR, *. possessor in his own right
PROPRIETY, *. accuracy; justness

Prosa'ic, a. belonging to or resembling prose
PROTECTOR, S. defender; supporter; guardian
Protru'de, V. a. thrust forward

PROVIDE, v. a. procure; furnish; supply; stipulate PROVIDENTIAL, a, effected by Providence; referrible to Providence

Province, *. a conquered country; a region PROVINCIAL, a. that which relates to provinces Provi'sion, S. the act of providing beforehand; measures taken beforehand; stock collected; victuals PROVOCA'TION, *. an act or cause by which anger is raised; an appeal to a judge PROXIMITY, S. nearness

Pta'rmigan, *. (pronounced tdr-mi^gan) a bird of the grouse species

Pu'rlic, *. the people; general view; open view Pu'lley, S. a small wheel turning on a pivot, with a furrow on its outside, in which a rope runs Pu'nish, V. a. to chastise; to afflict with penalties or death for some crime

Pu'nished, a chastised

Pu'pil, *. a scholar; one under the care of a tutor
Po'rchase, o. a. acquire; buy for a price

Pu'rity, *. cleanness; freedom from foulness or
dirt; freedom from guilt; innocence
Pu'arose, s. intention; design; instance
Pu'trify, v, n. to rot

Puzzle, v. a. perplex; confound; tease; entangle Py'ramid, *. a solid figure, whose base is a polygon and whose sides are plain triangles, their several points meeting in one

PYTHAGORAS, *. the originator of the present system


[blocks in formation]

RA'DIANT, a. shining; emitting rays

RAMIFICATION, s. division or separation into branches; small branches; branching out RA'NCID, a. strong-scented

RAPA'CIOUS, a. given to plunder; seizing by violence

RAPIDITY, *. celerity; velocity; swiftness

Ra'pture, 8. transport; haste

Ra'ttle, *. a quick noise nimbly repeated; empty and loud talk; a plant

RATTLESNAKE, 5. a kind of serpent, which has a rattle at the end of its tail

Reaction, S. the reciprocation of any impulse or force impressed, made by the body on which such an impression is made

Re'alise, V. a. bring into being or act; convert money into land

REA'SON, S. the power by which man deduces one proposition from another; cause; ground or principle; motive; moderation

REA'SONABLENESS, 8. the faculty of reason

REA'SONING, 8. an argument

Rere'llion *. insurrection against lawful authority
RECE'DE, V. n. fall back; retreat; desist
RECEIVE, V. a. obtainI admitI entertain as a guest
Re'cent, a. new; late; fresh

RECEPTACLE, S. a vessel or place into which anything is received

Recognition, *. review; renovation of knowledge; acknowledgment; memorial

RECOLLECTION, *. recovery of motion; revival in the memory

RECOMMEND, v. a. make acceptable; praise another; commit with prayers

RECOMMENDATION, 8. the act of recommending; that which secures to one a kind reception from another Re'compense, S. reward; compensation RE'COMPENSE, V. a. repay; reward; redeem Re'cord, S. register; authentic memorial RECREATION, S. relief after toil or pain; amusement; diversion

RECTIFY, V. a. to make right

Rk'CTITUDE, S. straightness; rightness; uprightness REDEMPTION, S. ransom; relief; purchase of God's favour by the death of Christ

REDU'CE, V. a. bring back; subdue; degrade
REFLECTION, s. that which is reflected; thought
thrown back upon the past; attentive consideration
REFLECTOR, s. considerer

REFRA CT, V. n. break the natural course of rays
Refulgent, a. bright; splendid
REGARD, v. a. observe; remark; pay attention to
REGA'LIA, s. ensigns of Royalty
REGIMENT, s. a body of soldiers under one colonel
REGION, 8. tract of land; country

REGULAR, a: methodical; orderly
REINFORCE, V. a. strengthen again

REJECT, c. a. cast off; refuse; throw aside

Re'LATIVe, s. a near friend; a relation; a kinsman
Re'lative, a. having relation
Relaxation, S. the act of loosening

Relaxed, a. slackened; loosened; let loose; diverted; eased; refreshed

Relea'se, V. a. quit; let go; slacken; free from
Rele'nt, V. n. slacken; remit; soften; melt
Re'lic, S. that which remains

Relie've, V. a. ease pain or sorrow; succour by assistance; support; assist

Religion, S. a system of divine faith and worship
RELUCTANT, a. unwilling; acting with repugnance
Remai'n, V. n. continue; endure; be left
REMAINDER, s. the part left

REMARKABLE, a. observable; worthy of note
Re'medy, s. a medicine by which any illness is
REMEMBER, v. a. bear in mind; not to forget
cured; that which counteracts any evil; reparation

REMONSTRANCE, s. strong representation
Remo'rseless, a. without remorse

Re'nder, v. a. restoreI give back; represent; exhibit; give

[blocks in formation]


REPRIE'VE, s. respite after sentence of death REPRI'SAL, s. something seized by way of retaliation for robbery or injury

REPTILE, *. an animal that creeps on many feet Repurlic, M. commonwealth; a government without a King or other hereditary head

REPUGNANT, a. disobedient; contrary; opposite REPU'LSE, V. a, beat back; drive off

REPUTATION, s. character of good or bad; credit REPUTE, S. character; reputation

Request, S. petition; entreaty; demand

REQUIEM, S. a hymn, in which they ask for the dead, requiem or rest

Requisite, a. neceasary

RE'SCUE, r. a. set free from any violence, confinement, or danger

Resemrle, v. a. to be like; to compare; to represent as like something else

RESE'NTMENT, s. anger; deep sense of injury RE'SERVOIR, *. a receiver; a large basin which re

ceives water

RE'SIDENCE, s. dwelling; place of abode

Resource, S. resort; expedient

RESPECTIVE, a. particular; relating to particular persons or things

RESPIRA'TION, s. the act of breathing; relief from toil RESPLENDENT, a. bright; shining; having a beautiful lnatre

Responsirle, a. answerable; accountable

Restraint, S. abridgment of liberty; prohibition; restriction

RETALIA'TION, S. requital; return of like for like RETA Rd, r. a. binder; delay

RE'TINUE, *. a number attending upon a principal person; train

Retrospection, *. act or faculty of looking back


RETURN, S. the act of coming back to the same place; act of restoring or giving back

Revelation, S. discovery; communication; apocalypse; the prophecy of St. John, revealing future things

REVENUE, *. income; annual profits received from lands or other funds

REVERENCE, *. veneration; respect; title of the clergy

REVERSE, V. a. turn upside down; overturn RHINOCEROS, s. a large animal with a horn on Its


RHODODENDRON, s. the rose-bay

Ri raldry, S. mean, lewd, brutal language
RIDICULE, *. contemptive mockery
RI'VET, r. a. fasten strongly

RIVULET, S. a small river; streamlet; brook

ROMANtic, a. wild; fanciful

Roo'kery, *. a nursery of rooks

Rota'list, S. adherent to a King

Re Ry, s. a precious stone of a red colour
RU'DIMENT, S. the first principle
Ru'gged, a. rough; uneven; rude

Ru'stic, a. rough; rude; pertaining to the country
RUSTI CITY, S. rural appearance; simplicity

SA'CRAMENT, *. an oath; an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace SACRED, a. immediately relating to God; holy Sa'crifice, p. a. offer to heaven; destroy or give np for the sake of something else; destroy; kill Saga citt, s. quickness of scent; acuteness of dis

[blocks in formation]

Sa'nguinart, a. cruel; bloody; murderous SAPPHIRE, S. a precious stone, of a blue colour

SCIENTIFIC, a. producing demonstrative knowledge
Screrch, 8, cry of horror and anguish; harsh cry
SCRIPTURE, s. sacred writing; the Bible
Scru'rrt, a. mean; vile; dirty; worthless
Sculpture, S. carved work

SE'AMAN, s. a sailor

SEASON, s. one of the four parts of the year; a fit time

Se'cret, s. something studiously hidden; privacy; solitude; a thing unknown

SECRETE, V. a. put aside; hide

SECURITY, *. protection; safety; certainty
Ser'ming, *. appearance; show; opinion

SELE CT, V. a. choose in preference to others rejected
SELECTION, *. the act of choosing; choice
Se'mi-glo'bilar, a. half circular
SE'MINARY, s. place of education

Se'nator, 3. a public counsellor

SENSATion, *. perception by means of the senses SENSIBILITY, S. quickness of sensation; delicacy Sensorio'la, S. ptur. little sensoriums

Srnso'riom, s. the seat of sense; organ of sensation SE'NTINEL, S. one who watches or keeps guard, to prevent surprise

Separation, 3. the act of separating; disunion
SE QUEL, s. conclusion; consequence; event
Seque'ster, V. a. separate from others for the sake
of privacy, remove; withdraw

Sere'nity, *. calmness; mild temperature; peace; coolnesa of mind

SE'RIES, *. sequence; order; succession; course Serra ted, a. formed with jags or indentures, like the edge of a saw

SE'RVANT, S. one who attends another, and acts at b*s command

Servicearle, a. active; diligent; officious; useful; beneficial

Se'veral, a. different; divers; many

Shanty, s. a temporary wooden building
She Lter, S. cover; protection

SIGNAl, s. a notice given by a sign; a sign that gives notice

Signify, -, a. to declare; to make known; to declare by some token or sign; to express; to mean Silt, s. mud; slime; consisting of mud Similar, a. like; having resemblance Simplicity. 3. plainness; not cunning; silliness Simultaneous, a. acting together; existing at the same time

Since'rity, *. honesty of intention

Singer, >. one that sings; one whose profession or business is to sing

SI'NGULAR, a. single; particular

SITUATE, part. a. placed with respect to anything else; consisting

Skeleton, 3. the bones of the body preserved together, as much as can be, in their natural situation Skirmish, S. slight fight; contest

Sla'ty, a. having the nature of slate

Sleight, *. artful trick; dexterous practice

SLU'GGISH, O. slow; slothful; lazy; inactive

Sorriety, *. soberness; calmness; gravity

Society, s. company; community

So'cket, s. a hollow pipe; the receptacle of the eye
SO'LDIER, S. a fighting man; a warrior
So'LEMN, a. religiously grave; awful; grave
SOLEMNITY, 3. gravity; religious ceremony
SOLICITOUS, a. anxious; careful; concerned
SOLICITUDE, s. anxiety; carefulness
SO'LID, a. not liquid; not fluid; not hollow; com-
pact; strong; firm; sound; true; profound; grave
Soli loquy, 3. a discourse made by one in solitude
to himsetf

SO'LITARY, a. living alone; not having company
So'litude, s. loneliness; a lonely place

So'rrow, 5. grief; pain for something past; sadness
Southern, a. belonging to the south
So'vereign, s. supreme lord

Spa'ngle, 3. any little thing sparkling and shining

SAU'RIAN S. a reptile belonging to the order of SPANIEL, s. a dog used for sport in the field, remark

Sauria or lizards

SAVA'NNA, S. an open meadow without wood SCA'BBARD, s. the sheath of a sword or dagger SCENERY, s. the appearances of places or things; the disposition of the scenes of a play

SCEPTRE, S. the ensign of royalty borne in the hand SCIENCE, 8. knowledge; certainty grounded on demonstration

able for sagacity and obedience

SPEAKER, s. oue that speaks; the prolocutor of

[blocks in formation]

SPECULATION, s. examination by the eye; view; spy
Spheric Al, a. round; globular
Spi cuxa, s. plur. little spikes
SPICY, a. producing spice; aromatic

Spider, S. the animal that spins a web for flies
SPI BAL, a. curved; winding; circularly involved
SPIRIT, S. breath; sonl of man; apparition; temper
SPIRITUAL, a. that which regards divinity; that
which regards the cool; not temporal
Splendid, O. showy; magnificent; pompons
STABILITY, S. steadiness; strength to stand
Sta'gnant, a. motionle>s; still

STA'GNATE, v. a. lie motionless; have no stream
Standard, S. an ensign in war; a settled rate
STARLINg, 5. a bird that may be taught to whistle,

and articulate words

STATESMAn, *. a politician

lic affairs

one employed in pub

STATION, V. a. place in a certain post or place Sta tue, *. an image; solid representation of any living being

Sta'turk, s. the height of any animal
Ste'ril, a. barren; unfruitful

STO'IC, s. an ancient philosopher of a particnlar sect, that met under the Stoa or portico of the temple Sto'ical, a. pertaining to the Stoics

STRA'TAGEM, S. an artifice in war; a trick by which some advantage is gained STRUCTURE, S. building; form

Struggle, V. n. labour; strive; contend Student, *. a bookish man; a scholar Stupendous, a. wonderful; amazing; astonishing Stu'pify, V. a. make stupid; deprive of sensibility Sur-divi'de, V. a. to divide a part into more parts Surdivision, S. the act of subdividing; the parts distinguished by a second division

Surdu E, v. a. crush; oppress; conquer; tame Su'rject, *. one who lives under the dominion of another; that on which any operation is performed Surmerge, v. a. to put under water; to drown SUBMI'SSIVE, a. bumble

Sursequent, a. following in train

SUBSI'STENCE, S. competence; means of supporting life; inherence in something else

SUBSTANCE, S. something real, not imaginary; wealth; means of life

S'UBSTITUTE, S. one placed by another to act with delegated power

SUBTERRANEOUS, a. lying under the earth
Surversion, S. overthrow; ruin

Su'ccerd. v. a. follow; prosper

Successful, a. prosperous; happy; fortunate Succession, S. a series of persons or things follow

ing one another; a lineage

So'ccour, s. aid; assistance; help in distress
Su'cculent, a. juicy; moist

Su'dden, a. coming unexpectedly; hasty; violent
Su'fper, V. a. bear; undergo; endure; permit
SUFFICE, v. n. be enough; be sufficient; be equal
to the end, or purpose

SUFFICE, P. a. afford; supply; satisfy
Sufficient, a. equal to any end or purpose
SU'LLY, V. a. spoil; tarnish; dirty; spot
Su'ltey, a. hot and close

So'mwok, V. a call up; raise ; admonish to appear
Sd'mptuous, a. costly; expensive; splendid
Supe'rr, a grand; pompons; lofty; magnificent
SUPERINCUMBENT, a. lying on the top of something


Supeiundu ce, v. a. bring in as an addition to something else

Superintendence, S. superior care; the act of

overseeing with authority

Superintendent, S. one who overlooks others authoritatively

Superior, a. higher; greater in dignity or excellence; preferable; upper

SUPERIORITY, s. pre-eminence; the quality of

being greater or higher than another SUPERSE'DE. V a. make void by superior power SUPERSTITIOUS, a. full of idle fancies or scruples with regard to religion

Suppli'. v. n. fill np a deficiency; yield; afford; accommodate; furnish

Supply', S. relief of want; cure of deficiencies
SUPPORT, S. act or power of sustaining; prop
SUPPORT, v. a. sustain; prop; endure
Suppo'se, v. a admit without proof; imagine
Su'rpace, S. superficies; outside

[blocks in formation]

Survey, V. a. view as examining; measure and estimate land; overlook

Susceptirle, a. capable of anything

SUSPICION, *. the act of suspecting; imagination of something ill without proof

Swa'llow, V. n. take down the throat; take in
SY'CAMORE, S. a tree

Sy'cophant, *. tale-bearer

Symmetry, *. adaptation of parts to each other; proportion; harmony

Symphony, S. harmony of mingled sounds
Sy'nagogue, *. a Jewish place of worship
SYSTEM, *. any combination of many things acting

Systema'tic, a. methodical; written or formed with regular subordination of one part to another

TABLET, s. a small level surface; a surface written on or painted

TA'BULAR, a. set in the form of tables or synopses Tactics, s. the art of ranging men on the field of


[blocks in formation]

TECHNICAL, a. belonging to the arts; not in common or popular use

Telescope, S. a long glass by which distant objects are viewed

TEA'CHER, S. one who teaches; an instructor

Te'mperance, S. moderation in meat and drink; freeness from ardent passion

TE'MPERATE, a. moderate in meat and drink; free from ardent passion; not excessive

Te'mperature, S. constitution of nature; degree of any qualities; moderation

Te'mple, S. a place appropriated to acts of religion; the upper part of the sides of the head Temporal, a. measured by time secular; not spiritual

TEMPTATION, *. the act of tempting

TENA CITY, S. adhesion of one part to another TENDENCY, S. direction or course toward any place, object, inference, or result

young; weak, as tender age

TE'NDER, a. soft; sensible; delicate; gentle; mild; TE'NDRIL, S. the clasp of a vine or other climbing plant

Te'nement, S. anything held by a tenant Tenu'ity, S. thinness; smallneas; poverty TERMINATE, V. n. have an end; be limited; end TERMINA'TION, *. the end

TERRESTRIAl, a. earthly

[blocks in formation]

Te'xture *. the act of weaving; a web; a thing woven; combination of parts

The'refore, ad. for this reason; consequently
THOUSAND, a. or s. the number of ten hundred
Tide, S. time; alternate ebb and flow of the sea
TIMID, a. fearful; wanting courage
Ti'morous, a. fearful; terrified; susceptible of
fear; capable of being frightened

TITLE, S. a general b*ad comprising particulars; an appellation of honour; claim of right; the first page of a book, telling its name, and generally it* subject

To'csin, s. an alarm-bell

To'rpid, a. motionless; sluggish
To'rturr, *. torments judicially inflicted; pain
by which guilt is punished, or confession extorted
To Kture, v. a. pnniah with tortures; torment
Toua, s. (pronounced toor) a journey for pleasure
TOURIST, S. one who travels for pleasure
To'WARD, prep, in a direction to; near to
Tow'er, *. high building; fortress; an elevation
TRADITIONAL, a. delivered by tradition
Tra'gedy, *. any mournful or dreadful event
TRA'GIC, a. mournful, calamitous

TRA'GI-CO'MEDY, s. a drama compounded of merry | UNRETA'LIATED, part. unreturned, applied to inand serious things

Train, V. a. draw along; entice; educate
Tra'nqutL, a. quiet; peaceful

Tranquillity, S. quietness; peace; freedom from
trouble or annoyance

Transa ct, V. a. manage; negotiate; perform
Transaction, S. negotiation; management
Tra'nsient, a. short; momentary

TuANSITION, s. removal; passage from one to an-
other; change

TRANSMIT, V. a. send from one placo to another
TRANSPARENT, a. clear; translncent

Tra'vel, S. journey; labour; toil

TRA'VEL, V. n. make travels; move; go
Tra'verse, V. a. to cross; to lay athwart; to cross
by way of opposition; to wander over

Treacherous, a. faithless; guilty of deserting or

TREA CHERY, S. perfidy; breach of faith TREA'SURER, S. one who has the care of money; one who has the charge of treasure

Tre'llis, *. a structure of iron, wood, or osier,
the parts crossing each other like a lattice
Tremendous, a. dreadful; horrible

Tre'mour, S. the state of trembling or quivering
Tre'mulous, a. trembling; fearful; quivering
Trepida'tion, S. fear; terror; hurry; confused
haste; terrified flight

Tri'angle, s. a figure of three angles

Trirunal, S. the seat of a judge; a court of justice
TRIBUTE, S. payment in acknowledgment; sub-

TRIPLE, a. threefold; treble
TRIUMPH, *. victory; conquest

TRIUMPHANT, a. victorious; celebrating a victory
Tro'pht, S. something shown or treasured up in
proof of victory

TROUBLE, V. n. disturb; afflict; tease; disorder
Tru'ncate, V. a. maim; cut short

Teu'nnions, S. the knobs or bunchings of a gun,
that bear it on the checks of a carriage
Ture, S. a pipe; a long hollow body
Tu'rular. a. resembling a pipe or trunk
TUMULTUOUS, a. uproarious; noisy

Tu'nic, *. part of the Roman dress, natural cover-
ing; tunicle

Tu'nnel, *. funnel; shaft of a chimney; passage under ground

Tu'KBAn, s. the covering worn by the Turks on their


Tu'rpitude, S. shamefulncss; baseness
Ty'ranny, S. severity; rigour

TYRANT, S. an absolute monarch governing im-
periously; a cruel and severe master; an oppressor
U'LTIMATE, a. intended as the last resort
Unara ted, part, not lessened in force or intensity
UNACCOUNTABLE, a. not explicable; not to be solved
by reason; not subject

Una'lterarle, a. unchangeable; immutable
UNAPPROACHED, a. inaccessible

Unawa're, ad. unexpectedly; without thought
Uncertainty, *. want of certainty; inaccuracy
UNCHA'NGEABLE, a. not subject to variation
UNCOMFORTABLE, a. affording no comfort; gloomy
UNCULTIVATED, a. not instructed; uncivilised
UNDAU'NTED, a. unsubdued by fear; not depressed
Undergo', V. a. suffer; sustain ; support
UNDERMI'NE, V. a. to excavate under


Unsa'y, v. a. retract; deny what has been said
Unsuccessful, a. not having the wished event
Unswa'the, V. a. unbandage

UnVi'tiAted, part, pure; not defiled

UNWIELDY, a. unmanageable; not easily moving,
or moved

Urge, V. a. press; incite; provoke; solicit
U'SHER, s. an under-teacher; one whose business it
is to introduce strangers, or walk before a person of high

UTE'NSIL, S. an instrument for any use, such as the
vessels of the kitchen, or tools of a trade

[blocks in formation]


Va'rious, a. different; several; diversified

Va'ry, V. a. change; change to something else
Va'tican, *. the palace of the Pope at Rome
Vegeta'tios, *. the power of producing the growth
of plants

VEGETATIVE, a. having the power to produce
growth in plants

VEHICLE, S. a conveyance

Ve'nerarle, a. old; to be treated with reverence
Ve'nison, *. game; the flesh of deer
VENTILATION, S. the act of fanning

VENTILATOR, *. an instrument contrived to supply
close places with fresh air

Ve'nture, V. n. dare; run hazard; engage in Ve'rify, V. n. justify against the charge of falsehood; confirm; to prove true

Ve'rily, ad. in truth; certainly

Ve'ssel, S. any capacity; anything containing;
the containing parte of an animal body
VESUVIUS, *. a burning mountain near Naples
Vici'nity, S. nearness; state of being near
VICI'SSITUDE, s. regular change; revolution
VICTIM, S. sacrifice; something destroyed
VICTORY, *. conquest; triumph

VIGIL, *. watch; a fast kept before a holiday
Vi'gorous, a. full of strength and life
VIGOROUSLY, ad. energetically; forcibly; with
force; without weakness

Vi'llagr, S. a small collection of houses

Vindicate, V. a. justify; clear; assert; revenge

VINTAGE, S. the produce of the vine for the year; the time in which grapes are gathered

VIOLATION, *. infringement of a law

VIOLENT, a. forcible; unseasonably vehement
Vi'per, *. a serpent; anything mischievous
VIPERINE, a. belonging to a viper

VIRULENT, a. poisonous; venomous; poisoned in
the mind; malignant

Vi'sibLE, a. perceptible by the eye; apparent

Vi'sion, *. sight; the faculty of seeing; the act of
seeing; a supernatural appearance; a spectre; a phan-
tom; a dream; something shown in a dream
Vi'sual, a. using the power of sight

UNDIMI'NISHED, a. not to be lessened; incapable of VITIATE, v. a. deprave; spoil; make less pure

being lessened

UNDISCOVERED, a. not seen; not found out
UNDISTINGUISHABLE, a. not to be distinguished
UNFORTUNATE, a. unsuccessful; unprosperous
U'NIFORM, a. conforming to one rule; similar to

[blocks in formation]

VOLCA'NO, s. a burning mountain

VO'TARY, S. one devoted, as by a vow, to any parti-
cular service, worship, study, or state of life
VU'LTURE, s. a large bird of prey

WA'NTONLY, ad. sportively; carelessly

WEA'PON, S. an instrument of offence; something
with which one is armed to hurt another
WILDERNESS, s. a desert

WI'STFUL, a. attentive; earnest; full of thought
WO'NDERFUL, a. admirable; strange; astonishing
WO'RSHIP, v. a. adore; honour; venerate

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