The Overland Monthly

Передняя обложка
Samuel Carson, 1900
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Стр. 349 - Tell them, dear, that if eyes were made for seeing. Then Beauty is its own excuse for being: Why thou wert there, O rival of the rose! I never thought to ask, I never knew; But in my simple ignorance suppose The self-same Power that brought me there brought you.
Стр. 284 - The color of the ground was in him, the red earth; The smack and tang of elemental things...
Стр. 432 - THERE was a child went forth every day, And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became, And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day, Or for many years or stretching cycles of years.
Стр. 352 - I have finished my day's work"; but I cannot say, " I have finished my life " My day's work will begin again the next morning. The tomb is not a blind alley : it is a thoroughfare. It closes on the twilight to open with the dawn.
Стр. 570 - The old oaken bucket, the iron-bound bucket. The moss-covered bucket which hung in the well.
Стр. 570 - I went in, and there, to be sure, the poor fellow lay in his berth, smiling pleasantly as he gave me his hand, but looking very frail. I could not help a glance round, which showed me what a little shrine he had made of the box he was lying in. ' The stars and stripes were triced up above and around a picture of Washington, and he had painted a majestic eagle, with lightnings blazing from his beak and his foot just clasping the whole globe, which his wings overshadowed. The dear old boy saw my glance,...
Стр. 570 - His hair is crisp and black and long his face is like the tan, His brow is wet with honest sweat, he earns whate'er he can. And looks the whole world in the face, for he owes not any man.
Стр. 570 - THE SUCCESSION OF THE FOUR SWEET MONTHS. FIRST, April, she with mellow showers Opens the way for early flowers; Then after her comes smiling May, In a more rich and sweet array; Next enters June, and brings us more Gems than those two that went before : Then (lastly) July comes, and she More wealth brings in than all those three.
Стр. 352 - I feel in myself the future life. I am like a forest which has been more than once cut down. The new shoots are stronger and livelier than ever : I am rising, I know, toward the sky. The sunshine is on my head. The earth gives me its generous sap, but heaven lights me with the reflection of unknown worlds.
Стр. 570 - Ah Love! could you and I with Him conspire To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire, Would we not shatter it to bits — and then Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!

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