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THESE Dissertations contain the substance of a series of Essays on Sacred Criticism; originally published, under the signature of Inspector, in the Orthodox Churchman's Mas gazine, from August 1801, vol. i. to December 1802, vol. iij. explanatory of the principal prophecies that delineate the Divine, and the Human character of our LORD Jesus Christ; which were then newly, and at full length, translated from the original Hebrew, and accompanied with critical Remarks. The high importance of the subject, at all times, to the cause of CHRISTIANITY, especially “ in these dangerous

days” of heresy, schism, and infidelity; and the advice of some judicious friends, who

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wished to see those prophetical evidences of our faith in Christ JESUS collected into a more commodious form, induced the author to revise the Essays; to correct many

and important typographical errors incident to their first hasty and desultory periodical publication; to connect and condense the argument, by retrenching superfluities; and to republish then, so amended, in a single volume.

Should this volume be favourably received by the Public, the Author intends to republish in another, the substance of a second Series of Essays in the Orthodox Churchman's Magazine, from February 1803, vol.iv. to December 1804, vol. vii. containing a critical examination of our LORD's prophecies, relative to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans; his Second Advent, wap8018, or personal appearance;" and bis final Advent at the general judgment; which are recorded in the xxiiid, xxivth, xxvth, chapters of



Matthew's Gospel; and are most interesting and important to present and future generations, “ to know and understand.In the course of this examination are introduced some very important, and, in some respects, novel disquisitions, respecting Daniel's chronological prophecies; the grand prophetic period of 2300 days; the prophecy of the seventy weeks, and its several divisions; the periods of 1260, 1290, and 1335 days; and the synchronizing prophecies of the Apocalypse.

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July 23, 1807

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