Black Pride: The Philosophy and Opinions of Black Nationalism

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AuthorHouse, 10 февр. 2005 г. - Всего страниц: 600
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This comprehensive history of the Black experience is truly an eye-opener. Herbert L. Neilly, as editor, has gleaned significant details from major events in the lives of Blacks as a whole, from the dawn of history through the last six millennia up until the present, concerning notable Black individuals, nations, politics, cultures, customs, mores, religions, languages, bias, oppression, politics, movements and philosophies, as well as related worldwide events. Gathered from the writings of numerous Black historians, social commentarians and anthropologists it commits facts, rather than biased opinion, about the journey of the American Black's ancestors to paper, validating their collective family tree as one of intelligence, valor and accomplishment. For the enthralled and curious reader, Neilly has given copious credit and reference honoring the original authors of the tracts from which he has compiled this paean so they may access these books in their entirety to rejoice in every single detail. These books are equally useful to individuals curious about history or teachers eager to place knowledge and power in the hands of their students.

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Об авторе (2005)

Herbert L. Neilly, also known as Omar the Black, has been a knowledgeable advocate of American Blacks and proponent of Black Pride and Culture for the last 60 years.

His introduction to Black Nationalism began at age 14 in Harlem, when he attended street meetings which always focused on “The Black Man and His Culture.”  Curious, he began visiting Marcus Garvey meetings and the local library’s Black Culture section.  He credits the resulting pride in his ethnic ancestry, with helping him to overcome alcoholism, attend college and become a substance abuse counselor to help others reclaim their lives.

Now he wishes to pass along his understanding to today’s youth who will be tomorrow’s standard bearers for the Black Nationalist movement and spokespersons for the diaspora.

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