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Amazon, The: a Novel by Franz Dingelstedt, 227 Confessions,” ib. ; tbe youthfulness of his genius,

161; the two classes of poets, 161, 162; the ode

to La Malibran, 162; his attitude towards pre-
Beaton, Cardinal, -was the martyr Wishart privy tension, 163; story of Rolla,” 163, 164 ; its

to a conspiracy against his life? 218 seq. See moral, 165; poems of a more elevated character,
Wishart, George.

ib. ; on the uses of grief, ib.; the “Adieu,” 166 ;

, Mr., -bis public services during the last the range of De Musset's genius, 167; as a writer
thirty years, 258, 259 ; historical value of his of short stories, ib. ; concluding remarks, ib.
Speeches," 259 ; remarks on the Editor's work,
ib.; specimens of style, 260 ; their artistic Election, General, of 1868; see Bright.
cxcellence, 261; denunciation of the Ministry Elliot, Right Hon. Hugh: the work of the diplo-
during the Crimean War, ib.; on the great Amer- matist, 139; Sir Gilbert_and his lady, 140;
ican struggle, 262, 263; their political-interest, tutors and guardians of Hugh and his brother
263; evidence furnished by them as to Mr. Bright's Gilbert, ib. ; their residence in Paris; Madame
political capacity, 264 ; his foresight and courage ; dı Deffand, etc., 141; French philosophers and
speeches, on our going to war to redress the their admirers, ib. ; Catherine of Russia, and Vol-
Trongs of others, 264, 265; on the Alabama ques- taire, ib. ; the young Elliots leave Paris, 142;
tion, 265, 266; on our land-laws, 266, 267; bis Hugh at Vienna and Warsaw, ib.; joins the Rus-
love of truth, 267; bis sympathy with the poor sian army, ib. ; nomination as English ininister
and wretched, 268; the general election, 269 ; at the Court of Bavaria, 143 ; Minto, the family
triumph of Liberal principles, 270; the majority scat, ib.; death of Sir Gilbert,—Hugh transferred
in 1832, and the present one, 271; Disraeli's re- from Munich to Berlin, ib. ; state of Europe at

, ib.; Mr. Gladstone, 272; the New Min- this period, 144 ; the Prussian Court, ib.; Madame
, and that may be expected

of it, 272–274. de Thun on Berlin sociсty, 145; circumstances
Browning (Robert)

, Poetical works of, 189; pecu- which unfavourably affected his position at that
liarities of his fortunes, 189, 190 ; his capital de-

Court, 145, 146; Frederick and Mr. Elliot, 146;
, 191; his portrait

, ib.; measure, 192 ; indi. Death of Lord Marischal, ib.; speculations of
rect statement, ib. ; “Epitaph in the Catacombs," Frederick as to our military failures in America,
ib.; minor poems, and their characteristics, 192- 147 ; war of the Bavarian succession, ib.; Made-
195; the aim at novelty, 196 ; indirectness of moiselle de Krauth, ib.; becomes Elliot’s wife,
Lagtail illustrated in “James Lee,” 196-198; unin-

ib.; recall from Berlin, and appointment to Co-
taligibleness of some of his pieces, 198; novelty penhagen, 148 ; fights a duel with Baron Knip-
in measure, 199; aim at novelty in diction: con- hausen, his wife's cousin and seducer, 148, 149;
Fentional affectation, 200; Shelley, Keats, and

reception at Copenhagen, 149; Paul Jones and
Porphyria's Lover,” the Baron la Houze, ib.; account of Mirabeau, ib.;
the “Cavalier Tunes," 202; + Paracelsus," condition of Denmark at this time, and Mr. Elli-
202-205; the lesser dramas, 206; Henry Taylor,

ot's conduct as minister, 150; visit to England,
ib.; “Luri,” 207-209; “A'Soul's Tragedy, 210, and return to Copenhagen, ib.; the “balance of
21];" In a Balcony,"'211; “Karshish,”

power,"—relations of Russia and Sweden, 181,
ban," etc., 211, 212; 'The Glove,” “Saul,” “The

seq.; Elliot's negotiations with the king of Swe-
Pied Piper of Hamelin," 212; “P"bilde Roland,” | den, 152; and their successful issue, 153; mis-

" Count Gis- sion to Paris, and negotiations there, with their
mond," "The Bishop of St. Praxed's," 213;

important results, ib. ; war between Spain and
"My Last Duchess," 214; “Soliloquy of the England averted, 153, 154; the Elliot correspond-
Spanish Cloister," ib.; “The Flight of ibe Duch-
ess," 214-216; “Sordello," 216 ; Carlyle, ib. ; Erasmus and Zwingli,
Browning's place among pocts, ib. ; general

France in Europe and in Africa, 63 ; condition of

things under the Empire, ib. ; primary and sec-
ondary questions, 69; future government of
France, ib.; English aristocracy analysed, 70; it

Wordsworth, 200, 201 ;

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9 °« Cali-

" Artemis Prologises, " 212, 213;

ence, 154.


summary, 216, 217.


, Thomas, 216.
Comte; see Positivism).
Cretinism in the Alpino valleys, 46.

is inseparable from civilization, 71; the liberal
De Musset, French poet, his excellences and defects,

and the revolutionary flag, 72; glance at the

earlier history of France, 73; French radicalism,
; French and English poetry compared, 155 ; ib.; external policy indorsed by French opinion,
the matter of De Musset's poetry, 156 ; his early
life and studies, ib.; "Les Confessions d'un Enfant

74; the German question, ib.; the absorption of
du Siècle,"ib).; lines descriptive of his ennui,

Belgium, 75; the Eastern question, ib. ; French
157; his view of life, 158; study of Shakespeare

colonization, ib. : Algeria, Tunis, and Morocco,
and Byron, ib.; "Elle et Lui” and “Lui et Elle,”

76; population of Algeria, 77; amalgamation of
159; his four poems called “Les Nuits," ib. ;

races, 78; the Berbcre, or Kabyles, the true in-
letter to Lamartine, 160; his own history in “Les

digenous inhabitants of North Africa, 79; how
dealt with by the French, 80; objects of the Al-


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