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duke Hamilton from Scotland: in consequence Judges, Masters in Chancery, and Judges of which, both houses passed a Bill to enable of Wales. 4. The Perpetuities out of the his majesty to apprehend and detain suspected Customs, &c. (except the 1001. per ann. to the persons. heirs of col. Fairfax) amounting to 3387. per ann. 5. The Provision for the prince and princess of Denmark.

Bill of Oaths passed by the Lords, with a Proviso.] After which, sir George Treby reported from a free Conference with the lords, That their lordships had departed from their disagreement, with respect to the Bill of Oaths, and did agree to the Amendments made by the commons, with the Proviso following, (which they nevertheless acknowledged was contrary to all course and practice of parliaments.) "Provided always, and be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it be left to the king to allow such of the Clergy, as shall refuse the Oaths prescribed by this Act, as he shall think fit, not exceeding the number of 12, an allowance out of their ecclesiastical benefices, for their subsistence, not exceeding a third part; and to continue during his majesty's pleasure, and no longer."

£.600,000 per Ann. granted for the Civil List; and 700,000l. for the Navy.] April 25. Resolved, "That, out of the Public Revenue, for the Charge of the Civil Government, (including therein what is to be allowed her royal majesty the queen-regent, the queen-dowager, the prince and princess of Denmark, and the mareschal Schomberg) there be allowed the sum of 600,000l. per ann. And, that 700,000l. be given towards the occasions and Charge of the Navy."


The King's Answer to the Address for a War.] April 26. The Speaker reported his majesty's Answer to the Address for a War with France, which was as follows:

"W. R. I receive this Address, as a mark of the confidence you have in me. Which I take very kindly, and shall endeavour by all my actions to confirm you in it; I assure you that my ambition shall never be any argument to incline me to engage in a war, that may expose the nation either to danger or expence. But, in the present case, I look upon the War to be so much already declared by France against England, that it is not so properly an act of choice, as an inevitable necessity, in our defence.--I shall only tell you, that, as I have ventured myself, and all that is dear to me, to secure this nation from what it suffered, I am ready still to do the same, in order to the preserving it from all its enemies; and, as I cannot doubt of such assistance from you, as shall be suitable to your advice to me to declare War against a powerful enemy, so you may rely upon me, that no part of that which you shall give for the carrying it on with success, shall be diverted by me, to any other use."

Articles voted to belong to the Civil List.] April 27. The house agreed with the Committee on the Supply: That the following Articles are part of the Charges of the Civil Government: 1. The Perpetuities, amounting to 1431. 12s. per ann. 2. The sum of 18,209. 15s. d. per ann. to the Queen Dowager. 3. The sum of 13,800l. per aun. for the

Pension List, &c.] Mr. Hampden acquainted the house, That he was directed by the Committee to move, that the Papers delivered in by sir Robert Howard to the house, containing several Charges upon the Revenue, may be entered in the Journals. Which was ordered accordingly; and are as followeth: A LIST of the several PERPETUITIES and PEN

SIONS, during Life or Lives, and for Term of Years; which are payable at the Exchequer, Custom-House, Excise-Office, Post-Office, &c. per Ann. Perpetuities paid at the Exchequer. Dean and Chapter of Litchfield £. 10 0 0 Vicars of Litchfield For the Poor of St. Buttolph's, Aldersgate

15 O

For the Poor of St. Magnus, London 21
For the Poor of St. Michael's, Corn-


For the Poor of St. John Baptist,

Winchester College
Master of St. Katherines
Eaton College
Schoolmaster of Southwell
To the Vicar of St. Peters, in the

Sir Edw. Tyrrell, and his Heirs
Emanuell College, in Cambridge,
for Maintenance of Five poor
Scholars -

Professor of Civil Law there,
Physick Reader there
Oxford University

Ditto, for a Divinity Lecture
Professor of the Civil Law there
Physick Reader there -
The Heirs of Sir Rob. Long
Master of the Temple -

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Cambridge University, for a Divi-
nity Lecture
Ditto, for a Preacher
Ditto -

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Students of Grey's-Inn, for a Chap


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6 13

The Heirs of Sir John Cotton, for
the Maintenance of a Minister 5
The Heirs of the Lord Darcy


Dean and Chapter of Westminster,
for the Minister of the French
Church in the Savoy
Governors of Christ's Hospital, for

the Maintenance of Thirty Boys 370 10
Poor of St. Martins in the Fields - 100 0
Poor of St. Margaret's, Westminster 50 0
Hospital of King Charles the First,
in Westminster
Poor of St. James's Parish, in West-





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6 8


60 0


13 6 8 40 40



5 0 0 37 6 8

50 0

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Earl of Bath and Lord Hawley,
for 99 Years, if Frances Du-
chess of Richmond so long live
100 0 0 Earl of Strafford, during Life
Bed Chamber Men.
o Earl of Bath, during Life

200 0

1,431 12

Earl of Mulgrave, the like
0 Duke of Newcastle, the like
Earl of Oxford, the like
Earl of Lindsey, the like
Earl of Dorset, the like
Earl of Macclesfield, the like
Ditto more, the like
Lord Latimore, the like
10,000 0 0 Earl of Sussex, the like

47,328 18 7

Earl of Derby and others, and their
Heirs, towards the Maintenance
of poor Ministers in the Isle of

Bishop of Chester, for the Four
Lancashire Preachers


Pensions paid at the Exchequer.
Late Queen Consort's Jointure,
out of Excise

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- 10,972 19

1,236 16

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18,000 0
19,328 13

Rob. Philipps, the like
Thomas Felton, the like
George Bridges, the like -
Thomas Neale, the like
£. 18,209 15 4 Thomas Lee, the like
Tho. Windham, the like
Pages of Honour.
3,000 0 0 Aubery Porter, during Life
John Prideaux, the like

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6,000 0

3,000 0
3,000 0



2,500 0



1,500 O

same time

Lord Grandison and Colonel Vil-
liers, for Ninety-nine Years, if
the Duchess of Cleveland so
long live-
Duchess of Portsmouth, from
Christmas 1680, for 31 Years,

out of First Fruits and Tenths 1,000 0 0 William Earl of Bedford, and

others, in trust for the Countess of Bristol, during her Life, out of Tenths Countess of Bristol, for her own Life


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1,000 0 0

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1,000 0 0

1,000 0 0
1,000 0


1,000 0 0

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Adolphus Sayer, the like
Robert Killegrew, the like
Thomas Poultney, the like
Thomas Felton, the like

2,000 0 0 Sidney Godolphin, the like
Women of the Bed-Chamber.
Lelia Cranmer, during Life
Mary Crane, the like
Lady Frazier, the like
Mary Tuke, the like
Ann Sheldon, the like
Winifred Windham, the like
Henrietta de Borde, the like
Joanna Thornhill, the like
Mary Carter, the like

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1,000 0 0 2,000 0 0

6,000 0 0 Instrumentals in King Charles
the Second's Escape.
Mrs. Jane Lane (now Lady Fisher)
during Life

5,000 0 0

1,000 0 0 1,000 0 0 1,000 0

1,000 0

1,000 0 0 1,000 0 0

1,000 0

1,000 0 0 1,000 0

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120 0 120

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120 0

Thomas Lane, the like

Charles Gifford, the like -
Mrs. Rachel and Mrs. Frances
Windham, the like
Nicholas Yates, and the Heirs
of his Body-

200 O

Countess of Portland during Life
Peregrine Bertie, & alia, in Trust
for the Countess of Plymouth,
during her Life, viz.

Francis Mansells, Executors for
two Lives in Being
Francis Reinolds, during Life
Tho. Whitgrave, the like -

200 0 0

Out of Alienation-Money 1000 3,000 0 John Rogers, and Ann his Wife,
Sir Thomas Windham, the like. 600
First Fruits, or Tenths 20001.
Earl of Peterborough, for Service

and their Heirs Male
1,000 0 0 Rob. Swan

at Tangier, during Life
Charles Toll, for the Remainder
of 21 Years from Lady-day
1680, out of Tenths
Earl and Countess of Litchfield,
until 14,000l. be paid at one
intire Payment

Kath. Gunter's Executors, for 21
Years from Lady... 1668
1,000 0 0 Nic. Estali, during Life -
Nic. Titersell's Executors, for
the Residue of a Term of 99
Years, which commenced at


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Wm. Levett, during Life
Lady Sophia Stuart, the like
Lady Goditha Price, the like
Mrs. Eliz. Hamilton, the like
Ditto, for 99 Years; if James,
George, or William, her Sons,
should so long live
Lady Fanshawe's Executors, for

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31 Years, from Lady-day 1665 Sir Sam. Moreland, during Life Ditto more, for his Son's Life Eliz. Elliott, during Life Kath. Elliott, the like Lady Wentworth, the like

The Seven Auditors of the Revenue, besides their old Salary, each 2001.

Mrs. Winifred Windham, during

Barbara Strickland, the like
Margaret Price, the like
Robert Bertie, during the Life of
Mary Cock-

Lodowick Bray, during Life
Mrs. Sophia Bulkly, the like
Nath. Castleton, the like -
Wm. Chiffinch, during Life
Madam Charlotte Howard, the

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Edward and Fran. Russell, for Ten Years, from Midsummer 1687

Lady Fairbourne, Residue of 500l. per Ann. unsurrendered Duke of Albemarle, until 70007.

be paid at one intire Payment,
for the Purchase of Monte-

To the Duchess of Monmouth,
ber Jointure
There is due upon this, since the
Duke's Death, for Three Years
Three Quarters, 15,000l.

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1,400 O

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Mayor and Burgesses of Berwick, for maintaining the Bridge there, out of Customs Corporation of Lyme, for Maintenance of the Cobb there Bishop of Exeter, for the Minister of Lostwithiell, out of the Revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall

Lostwithiell Gaol, out of the same 600 O 0 Corporation of Dartmouth, out 600 0 0 of Customs

200 0 0 To the Heirs of Colonel Fairfax for ever, out of Customs

500 0 200 0 600 0


20 0

200 0



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Perpetuities -

Paid at the Exchequer £. 159,562 1 1

There are other Salaries to several of the 0 King's Officers.


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Five several Pensions, mentioned under the Head of Non-Payments of the Exchequer

600 0 0

To the Twelve Judges

To the Masters in Chancery

To the Judges of Wales

300 0 0

4,000 0 O


0 Ditto, by Privy-Seal,

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£. 144,330 9

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Perpetuities paid out of the Customs, &c. To the Mayor and Aldermen of Hull, for maintaining the Banks. and Gates there, paid out of the Customs

15,000l. 15,000l.

Prince and Princess of Denmark,

for Life: viz.

Out of the Excise

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158,130 9 1 1,431 12 O

Lawrence Hide, now Earl of Rochester, for 13 Years, from Michaelmas 1676 0 o Ditto, out of the Post-Office Money for 99 Years; if he, the said Earl, or his eldest Son, the Lord Visc. Hyde, should so long live

0 0 Duchess of Cleveland, out of Letter-Money

Earl of Bath, out of the Revenue
of the Duchy of Cornwall
Earl of Mulgrave, out of the
Alum-Farm, during Life

£. 1252 in the Exchequer.
Jane Berkley, during Life
Lord Trenchvile, during Queen
Dowager's Life

1,252 O

during Pleasure

2,000l. Duke of Grafton, out of the Excise, with Remainder over to his Brothers

Pensions not paid at the Exchequer.

Perpetuities 438 0

12,000 0 O

1,100 O 0

700 0



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18 0 0


100 0 0

100 0 0

40 O

100 0

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$2,000 0 0

2,000 0 0

500 0 0

4,000 0 0

4,700 0 0

3,000 0 0

1,000 0 0

200 0 0

152 0.0

500 0

Paid at the Exchequer.
In Perpetuities 1,431 12 0
In Pensions 158,130 9

Payments not made in the
In Perpetuities
In Pensions - 53,270 5

Sir Rob. Holmes, during Life Lady Mary Howard, for 19 years from Midsummer 1672

Edw. Progers, during the Life of
the Lady Lucy Sandys
Sir Wm. Morrice, out of the
Alienation Office, during Life
Chancellor of the Garter for the
Poor Knights of Windsor -

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Instrumentals in Charles the Second's
Joan Ellesden, out of Customs,
for Life

Antho. and Charles Ellesden,
for the Life of the longer Liver,
out of Customs

Ann and Mary Ellesden, the

Julian Conningsby, during Life,
out of Land Revenue
Elian. Withers and Joan Hats-
worth, the like

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200 0

200 0

300 0 0

Lady Villier's Executors, out of a
Coinage-Duty, for Ten Years,
from the Ninth Day of August
1681 -
More out of Post-Fincs, for Ten
Years, from Michaelmas 1683

570 5 0

100 0 0

Total of both - 213,270 6 1

Petty Farms, and other particular Estates, granted of certain parts of the revenue. Prizage and Butlerage.

The Prizage is an hereditary duty taken of Wines, (to wit) one ton, if there be ten in a ship; and two, if there be above twenty; imported by strangers, or English, not exempted by charter, or special prescription.-The butlerage is 2s. per ton, imported by strangers: those duties were demised by James 1, to sir Thomas Waller, for a term of 40 years, which commenced after lives which were then in being, (in which term of years there are now to come by estimation, about 11 years) at the rent of 500l. per ann. and Charles 2, 1673, granted the reversion of the said duties, with the said rent thereunto incident, to Trustees, 250 0 0 for George Fitzroy, now duke of Northumber land, and the heirs male of his body; with remainder over to Henry Fitzroy, earl of Ewston, now duke of Grafton, and the heirs male of his body.

100 0 0

250 0 0

100 O

100 0

200 O




Sir Tho. Clargis, out of the 12d.
per Chaldron on Coals, in Fee
Earl of Kinoul, during Life, out
of the Four and Half per Cent. 1000
Edw. Progers, out of unwrought
Wood, for 21 Years, from
Christmas 1674


80 0

60 0

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Twelve-pence per Chaldron on Coals.


Charles 2, demised to John lord viscount Mordant, sir Robert Peyton, and Jeremy Whitchcott, the 12d. per chaldron which was formerly granted to the crown for ever by the host-men of Newcastle, for all sea coals carried from thence, coast-wise, for the term of 31 years, which commenced from Christmas 1660, at the rent of 1838l. 12s. 6. per ann. : and, in 1675, his said late majesty demised to Eliz. viscountess Mordant, 4d. part of the said 12d. per chaldron, for 31 years, in reversion of the aforesaid term, at the rent of 612l. 17s. 6d. per ann.: and, in 1677, his said majesty granted to Charles duke of Richmond and Lenox, and Lovise dutchess of Portsmouth, the whole duty of 12d. per chaldron, and the rents reserved on both leases; Habend' to the duke and the heirs of his body; and, for want of such heirs, to the dutchess and the heirs of her body; at four nobles per ann. rent; his heirs, a oo saving to sir Tho. Clarges, and grant, which was before made to him in fee, of 500l. per ann. out of this duty.

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160 0 0

500 0 0

159,562 1 1

800 0 0

0 053,708 5 0

Total of the Pensions not paid at the Exchequer - 53,270 5 0 the same rent. VOL, V.




Charles 2, demised to Horatio lord Townsend 4s. per chaldron (part of the duties on coals exported to foreign parts) for 21 years, from 600 0 0 Michaelmas 1667, at 1000l. per ann. rent; which lease expired at Michaelmas last but there was another lease made in Feb. 1675, by Charles 2, to Wm. Etterick, esq. of this duty, for 31 years from Michaelmas 1688, at

500 0 0

Barilla and Pot-Ashes.

Mr. Duncombe, for the same,
on the Excise

20,000 0 0 - 185,525 0 0

The City, on the Excise
To Mr. Hornby, on the Excise 5,000 0 0
To Mr. Hall, on the Hearth-

47,000 0 0

£.277,525 0 0

The customs upon these were granted in lease by Charles 2, to the late earl of kinoule, for 31 years. from Lady-day 1664, at 240l. per ann. rent; which rent was afterward released: the lease became void by his late majesty's death; but James 2 did, by privy-seal, direct the duty to be collected by officers to be appointed by the lord treasurer, or commissioners of the treasury, and to be paid to the receiver-general of the customs; who is first to pay the charges of management; in the next place, to pay 940l. per ana. to the executors or administrators of the earl of Kinoule; and the rest to Thomas Brodrick and Wm. Jackson, sub-farmers, during the residue of the said term; which will end at Lady-day 1695, unless the privy-seal be sooner determined. Logwood.

This is an hereditary duty, and was demised by Charles 2. to the earl of Rothester (supposed to be a trustee for Mrs. Gwyn) for 21 years, from Michaelmas 1633, at 57. per anu. rent. Writs.

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- 300,000 0 0

There is an
Arrear to the
Army and Navy
There is also a yearly Charge
of 79,566l. 14s 2d. for per-
petual Interest to the Gold-
smiths, and their Assigns;
which is now in Arrear at
Lady-day next, for 6 Years 477,400 5 0

Report concerning Sir T. Armstrong.] Sir Joseph Tredenham reported from the Committee of Grievances, the matter to them referred, concerning sir Thomas Armstrong, viz. "That having summoned sir Sam. Astrey, the clerk of the crown, with the record of the outlawry of Hill. 35 and 36 Car. 2, it appeared that the Quint. Ex. was Lune prox. post fest. sanct. Andreæ Apost. 35 Car. 2di. That the Award of prosecution, was Die Sab. prox. post quindec. let. Trinitat. 36. upon a Nihil dicit, which was but six months after the said outlawry. That sir S. Astrey being examined, declared he was present at the Arraignment of sir T. Armstrong, who, being asked why execution should not be awarded against him, said, is enacted, That, if the party outlawed shall, that by the statute of 5 & 6 Edw. 6. c. 11. it within one year next after the outlawry pronounced, yield himself to the chief-justice of England, for the time being, and offer to traverse the Indictment or Appeal, that then he should be received to the said traverse. That he was answered by the lord chief justice Jeffreys, that he could pretend to no benefit, since he did not render himself to the lord chief-justice, as that statute requires; and that the court proceeded thereupon, to award Judg ment against him as a Traitor, and believes he was executed accordingly. That Mrs. Matthews, (daughter of the said sir Thomas) being likewise examined, said she was in the court of King's-Bench, when her father was "arraigned. That he demanded to have the statute of 5 and 6 of Ed. 6. read, and it was refused. That be, likewise, demanded council and a trial, but it was denied; and he urging that Holloway, who was in the said circumstance, had his trial, the Chief Justice said they had enough against Holloway. To which sir Thomas replied, that then they had not against him. And added, His blood be upon him,' meaning the Lord Chief Justice, who said, 'Let it! I am clamour-proof! That she added, her father had council in Newgate, and advice from an unknown band: that he was very much loaded with irons and very ill used, that her sister was struck by the keeper of New

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