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caft down; for the Lord upholdeth him with his Hand.

a Like as a Father pitieth his Children, fo the Lord pitieth them that fear him.

b Many times he withholdeth them from finning against him. And when the Wicked have thought Evil against them, God meaneth it for Good.

When a Man's ways please the Lord, he maketh even his Enemies to be at Peace with him.

d The Lord forfaketh not his Saints, neither. will he leave them deftitute of his Mercy, and Truth. None of them that truft in him shall be defolate.

To the wick ed; ftyled MERCY.

e The Lord, is plenteous and rich in Mercy; the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender Mercy.

f The Mercy of the Lord is everlafting: And his Compaffions fail not...

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8 The Lord is Long-fuffering, full of Compaffion, flow to Anger, not willing that any fhould perish, but that all should come to Repentance.

h Good and upright is the Lord; therefore will he teach Sinners in the way.....

i He waiteth that he may be gracious; faying to the Children of Men, will ye not be made clean? When fhall it once bé?

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a He

a He draweth them with Cords of a Man, with Bands of Love.

Fury is not in him; but he deferreth his Anger, and refraineth for the Tranfgreffor, that he cut him not off.

• He endureth with much Long-fuffering, the Veffels of Wrath, fitted to Destruction.

d: Tho' he cause Grief, yet will he have Compaffion, according to the multitude of his Mercies: For he doth not afflict willingly, nor grieve the Children of Men.

e As.a Man chaftneth his Son, fo the Lord our God chaftneth us, that he may humble us, and prove us, to do us good at our latter end.

f As I live, faith the Lord God,. I have no pleasure in the Death of the Wicked; but that the Wicked turn from his way, and live.

g Many a time hath he turned his Anger away, and did not stir up all his Wrath; and, in Wrath, he oftentimes remembreth Mercy.

h His Anger endureth but a moment, and in his Favour is Life. In a little Wrath, I hid my Face from thee, for a moment; but, with everlafting Kindness will I have Mercy on thee, faith the Lord.

i He will not always chide: He retaineth not his Anger for ever; because he delighteth in Mercy For he knoweth our Frame; he remembreth, that we are Duft.

It is of the Lord's Mercies, that we are not confumed Because he hath not dealt with us af

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ter our Sins, nor rewarded us, according to our Iniquities.

a God exacteth of us less than our Iniquity deferveth.

b Thou, Lord, art Good, and ready to forgive.

To the Lord our God belong Mercies and Forgiveneffes, tho' we have rebelled against


d The Lord is merciful and gracious, forgiving Iniquity, and Tranfgreffion, and Sin. There is Forgiveness with him, that he may be feared.

e Let the Wicked forfake his Way, and the Unrighteous Man his Thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have Mercy upon him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

f He will not turn away his Face, from them that return unto him; but, he will turn again, and have Compaffion upon them; he will fubdue their Iniquities, and he will caft all their Sins into the Depths of the Sea.

g Who can forgive Sins but God alone?

h Who is a God, like unto thee, O Lord, that pardoneth Iniquity, and paffeth by Tranfgreffion?

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a The Lord is Righteous. He is a Juft God. He loveth Righteoufnefs; and exercifeth Judgment in the Earth.

b He is excellent in Judgment, and in plenty of Justice.

The Statutes of the Lord are right. Juft and true are his ways. And, we are fure, that the Judgment of God is according to Truth.

The Lord our God is righteous in all his Works which he doth.

e Thy Righteoufnefs, O Lord, is an everlafting Righteoufnefs, and thy Law is the Truth: every one of thy Righteous Judgments endureth for ever.

f Righteous is the Lord, and upright are his Judgments. For the Work of a Man fhall he render unto him, and caufe every Man-to find according to his ways.

g Whatsoever good thing any Man doth, the fame fhall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bound or free; but he that doth wrong, fhall receive for the wrong he hath done: For God will render to every Man according to his Deeds. And according to their deferts will he Judge them condemning the Wicked, to bring his way upon his Head; and juftifying the Righteous, to give him according to his Righteoufnefs ; fo that Men fhall fay, verily there is a

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Reward for the Righteous, verily he is a God that judgeth in the Earth.

a Tho' there be often one Event to the Righteous, and to the Wicked: tho' the Tabernacles of Robbers profper, and, they that provoke God are secure, into whofe hand God bringeth abundantly: Behold, the Day cometh, when ye fhall difcern between the Righteous and the Wicked, between him that ferveth God, and him that ferveth him not.

b Tho' a Sinner do Evil an hundred times, and his Days be prolong'd, yet, furely I know, that it fhall be well with them that fear God; but it fhall not be well with the Wicked, because he feareth not before God.

God hath appointed a Day, in the which he will judge the World in Righteousness; and minifter Judgment unto the People in Uprightnefs.

d To me (faith the Lord) belongeth Vengeance and Recompence: I will render Vengeance to mine Enemies, and reward them that hate: me.

e The Lord our God is a confuming Fire, even a jealous God. His Power, and his Wrath is against all them that forfake him; and tho' hand join in hand, the wicked fhall not be unpunish'd,..

f Wherefore then do the Wicked contemn God, and fay in their Heart, the Lord will not require it? He knoweth vain Men; he feeth Wickednefs alfo; will he not then confider it?

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