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First printed May, 1913, 1000 copies


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By the will of the late John Calvin McNair a course of lectures was established at the University of North Carolina whose object should be to show the mutual bearing of science and theology upon each other.

It was my privilege to serve as McNair Lecturer in the year 1912.

I have published the lectures substantially as they were delivered; but I have divided what was originally the first lecture into two separate chapters. I have taken the liberty of adding, as an Appendix, a brief discussion of the meaning of the term Philosophy, which has not been hitherto published, and an estimate of the influence of Darwin upon historical and political thought, reprinted from the Psychological Review for May, 1909.

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No one can expect to find an exhaustive treatment of so large a topic in so small a space; but I venture to hope that some may be helped in their reading and in their thinking by the suggestions which the book contains.

I am glad to take this opportunity to express my great indebtedness to the faculty and students of the University of North Carolina for the courtesy which I enjoyed during my stay at Chapel Hill.

A. T. H. Yale University,

December, 1912.

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