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This work contains, in the form of a journal, a history of the Voyage of the Beagle, undertaken for scientific objects, and performed at the expense and under the direction of the British government. In his preface to the English edition, Mr. Darwin, the author, states that he accompanied the vessel at the request of her commander, Captain Fitz Roy, and with the special sanction of the Lords of the Admiralty. He published, after his return, a voluminous history of the expedition, setting forth in detail its scientific results. In this work he has given, besides a narrative of the voyage, a sketch of his observations in natural history and geology, presented in such a manner

to possess most interest and value for the general reader, referring those who look for scientific details to the larger publications. In its present form, it seems admirably adapted to the purpose of popular instruction and entertainment, and has therefore been included in the present series.

H. & B. New-York, January, 1846.



CHAPTER I. Porto Praya-Ribeira Grande-Atmospheric Dust with Infusoria

-Habits of a Sea-slug and Cuttle-fish-St. Paul's Rocks, nonvolcanic-Singular Incrustations-Insects the first Colonists of Islands-Fernando Noronha-Bahia-Burnished Rocks-Habits of a Diodon-Pelagic Confervæ and Infusoria-Causes of discoloured Sea

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CHAPTER II. Rio de Janeiro-Excursion North of Cape Frio-Great Evapora

tion-Slavery-Botofogo Bay-Terrestrial_Planariæ-Clouds on the Corcovado-Heavy Rain—Musical Frogs,Phosphorescent Insects-Elater, springing Powers of--Blue Haze-Noise made by a Butterfly-Entomology-Ants-Wasp killing a Spider Parasitical Spider-Artifices of an Epeira-Gregarious Spider-Spider with an unsymmetrical Web


CHAPTER III. Monte Video-Maldonado-Excursion to R. Polanco-Lazo and Bolas — Partridges--Absence of Trees-Deer --Capybara, or River Hog - Tucutuco – Molothrus, cuckoo-like habits- Tyrant Flycatcher-Mocking-bird-Carrion Hawks—Tubes formed by Lightning-House struck .


CHAPTER IV. Rio Negro-Estancias attacked by the Indians–Salt Lakes

Flamingoes--R. Negro to R. Colorado-Sacred Tree-Patagonian Hare-Indian Families General Rosas--Proceed to Bahia Blanca-Sand Dunes-Negro Lieutenant-Bahia BlancaSaline Incrustations-Punta Alta-Zorillo


CHAPTER V. Bahia Blanca-Geology-Numerous gigantic extinct Quadrupeds -Recent Extinction-Longevity of Species-Large Animais


do not require a luxuriant Vegetation-Southern Africa-Siberian Fossils—Two Species of Ostrich-Habits of Oven-birdArmadilloes-Venomous Snake, Toad, Lizard-Hybernation of Animals—Habits of Sea-Pen-Indian Wars and MassacresArrow-head-Antiquarian Relic.

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CHAPTER VI. Set out for Buenos Ayres-Rio Sauce Sierra Ventana-Third

Posta-Driving Horses-Bolas-Partridges and Foxes-Features of the Country-Long-legged Plover-Teru-tero-Hailstorm-Natural Enclosures in the Sierra Tapalguen-Flesh of Puma-Meat Diet-Guardia del Monte-Effects of Cattle on the Vegetation-Cardoon–Buenos Ayres-Corral where Cattle are slaughtered


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CHAPTER VII. Excursion to St. Fé-Thistle-Beds-Habits of the Bizcacha

Little Owl-Saline Streams-Level Plains-Mastodon-St. Fé -Change in Landscape-Geology-Tooth of extinct HorseRelation of the Fossil and recent Qnadrupeds of North and South America-Effects of a great Drought-Parana-Habits of the Jaguar-Scissor-beak-King-fisher, Parrot, and Scissortail-Revolution-Buenos Ayres-State of Government 156

CHAPTER VIII. Excursion to Colonia del Sacramiento Value of an Estancia

Cattle, how counted-Singular Breed of Oxen-Perforated Pebbles-Shepherd Dogs-Horses broken-in, Gauchos riding Character of Inhabitants-Rio Plata-Flocks of Butterfliese Aëronaut Spiders—Phosphorescence of the Sea-Port Desire

-Guanaco Port St. Julian-Geology of Patagonia-Fossil gigantic Animal-Types of Organization constant Change in the Zoology of America-Causes of Extinction


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CHAPTER IX. Santa Cruz-Expedition up the River--Indians--Immense Streams of Basaltic Lava-Fragments not transported by the River-Excavation of the Valley-Condor, habits of_Cordillera-Erratic Boulders of great size-Indian Relics-Retum to the ShipFalkland Islands—Wild Horses, Cattle, Rabbits-Wolf-like Fox -Fire made of Bones-Manner of hunting wild Cattle-Geology-Streams of Stones-Scenes of Violence--Penguin-Geese -Eggs of Doris--Compound Animals


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CHAPTER X. Tierra del Fuego, first arrival-Good Success Bay-An Account

of the Fuegians on board--Interview with the Savages-Scenery of the Forests—Cape Horn-Wigwam Cove-Miserable Condition of the Savages--Famines-Cannibals-MatricideReligious Feelings-Great Gale--Beagle Channel-Ponsonby Sound-Build Wigwams and settle the Fuegians—Bifurcation of the Beagle Channel-Glaciers-Return to the Ship-Second Visit in the Ship to the Settlement-Equality of Condition amongst the Natives.

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CHAPTER XI. Strait of Magellan-Port Famine-Ascent of Mount Tarn-For

ests—Edible Fungus—Zoology-Great Sea-weed-Leave Tierra del Fuego-Climate-Fruit-trees and Productions the southern Coasts—Height of Snow-line on the Cordillera-Descent of Glaciers to the Sea-Icebergs formed-Transportal of Boulders-Climate and Productions of the Antarctic IslandsPreservation of frozen Carcasses-Recapitulation

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CHAPTER XII. Valparaiso Excursion to the foot of the Andes-Structure of the Land-Ascend the Bell of Quillota-Shattered Masses of Greenstone- Immense Valleys-Mines-State of Miners—Santiago -Hot Baths of Cauquenes—Gold-mines-Grinding-mills-Perforated Stones-Habits of the Puma-El Turco and Tapacolo -Humming-birds


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