Nature: International Journal of Science, Том 53

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1896
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Стр. 75 - FRS, President, in the chair. — The Secretary read a report on the additions that had been made to the society's menagerie during the month of May.
Стр. 34 - NATURAL HISTORY OF SELBORNE, AND OBSERVATIONS ON NATURE. By GILBERT WHITE. With an Introduction by John Burroughs, 80 Illustrations by Clifton Johnson, and the Text and New Letters of the Buckland edition.
Стр. 167 - X-rays ; in effect, both an ebonite and a glass lens of large size prove to be without action. The shadow photograph of a round rod is darker in the middle than at the edge ; the image of a cylinder filled with a body more transparent than its walls exhibits the middle brighter than the edge. (8 : The preceding experiments, and others which I pass over, point to the rays being incapable of regular reflection. It is, however, well to detail an observation which at first sijrht seemed to lead to an...
Стр. 167 - ... principle. And thus they can show that throughout all organic nature there is at work a modifying influence of the kind they assign as the cause of these specific differences : an influence which, though slow in its action, does, in time, if the circumstances demand it, produce marked changes — an influence which, to all appearance, would produce in the millions of years, and under the great varieties of condition which geological records imply, any amount of change.
Стр. 95 - I, 1891, shall have charge of the forecasting of weather, the issue of storm warnings, the display of weather and flood signals for the benefit of agriculture, commerce and navigation, the gauging and reporting of rivers, the maintenance and operation of sea-coast telegraph lines, and the collection and transmission of marine intelligence for the benefit of commerce and navigation, the reporting of temperature and rainfall conditions for the cotton...
Стр. 163 - British empire, a public institution for diffusing the knowledge and facilitating the general introduction of useful mechanical inventions and improvements, and for teaching, by courses of philosophical lectures and experiments, the application of science to the common purposes of life.
Стр. xxxix - The register of knowledge of fact is called history. Whereof there be two sorts: one called natural history ; which is the history of such facts, or effects of nature, as have no dependence on man's will; such as are the histories of metals, plants, animals, regions, and the like. The other, is civil history; which is the history of the voluntary actions of men in commonwealths.
Стр. 112 - ... sheet of paper moved by clockwork. On that paper the never-resting heart of the earth is now tracing, in telegraphic symbols which will one day be interpreted, a record of its pulsations and its flutterings, as well as of that slow but mighty working which warns us that we must not suppose that the inner history of our planet is ended.
Стр. 95 - ... the taking of such meteorological observations as may be necessary to establish and record the climatic conditions of the United States or are essential for the proper execution of the foregoing duties.

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