What Did Jesus Really Say: How Christianity Went Astray: What to Say to a Born Again Fundamentalist, But Never Had the Information

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iUniverse, 2004 - Всего страниц: 92
No dogma please. And hold the mustard. For something to be called Christianity, it should be based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus never said he needed to die for our sins so we could be "saved." Only Paul and John make this claim. Christianity has therefore become a form of Paulism and Johnism that emphasize the Savior aspect of Jesus.

But Paul had never met or heard Jesus teach, and John tells a story that's so different from the other disciples that we must seriously question him as a source.

Did you also know there are two different biblical stories about how Judas dies?

And Mary Magdalene wasn't a prostitute until the Pope made her one in the sixth century.

Pope Urban II even made killing non-Christians acceptable in the eleventh century.

Other subjects include ancient Buddhist records about Jesus traveling to India and studying Buddhism. Jesus may even have studied and practiced Kabbalah.

Subsequently, What Did Jesus Really Say is an easy to read introduction that also reflects on God, Karma, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Reincarnation, Politics, and even Astrophysics.

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