Publications: Albemarle, W.A.K., 2d earl of. The Albermarle papers; being the correspondence of William Anne, second earl of Albemarle, commander-in-chief in Scotland, 1746-1747, with an appendix of leters from Andrew Fletcher, lord justice-clerk, to the Duke of Newcastle, 1746-1748. 2 v. 1902, Выпуск 25

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Стр. 519 - ... Exactness I have put them into the hands of His Majestys Solliciters to prepare a particular List of those who were taken in Arms against His Majesty with the names of the Witnesses as they prove the being in Arms against every particular Person, which I hope will be soon ready to be sent to your Grace. I have the Honour to be with the utmost Respect, My Lord Duke, your Grace's most obedient and most humble Servant, AND. FLETCHER. PS — Since I came to Town, I heard it already reported that...
Стр. 518 - ... five or more persons, besides the family, or five persons, if the house were not inhabited, should meet for public worship performed by a pastor or minister of the Episcopal communion, was declared to be a meeting-house within the meaning of the act ; and no letters of orders, except such as had been given by some bishop of the Church of England or of Ireland, were allowed to be registered from and after the 1st of September.
Стр. 12 - ... with his annual subscription on the first day of October in each year may be removed from the list of members. 7. Vacancies in the membership shall be filled up according to priority of application. 8. Members may, at any time, compound for all future annual subscriptions, by payment of ten guineas over and above the subscription for the current year ; and it shall be in the power of the Council to exempt from subscriptions, annual or other, any member who may present to the Club a work, the...
Стр. 354 - Nothing is to me a more convincing proof of the dis-affection of that part of the country than that of the Prince lying so long concealed amongst those people, and that he should be able to elude our narrowest and most exact searches, and at last make his escape notwithstanding the great reward offered to apprehend him.
Стр. 464 - His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, His Majesty's principal! Secretary of State...
Стр. 13 - Dec., 1897.] 11. The Club shall undertake the issue of its books without the intervention of publishers or booksellers. 12. A General Meeting of the Club may be called at any time on presentation to the Secretary of a requisition signed by twenty members ; and the above rules may be altered at any General Meeting, provided that the members have received from the Secretary at least fourteen days' notice of the proposed change.
Стр. 373 - State; he having previously shewn a certificate of his having taken the oath of Allegiance to the State in due time.
Стр. 531 - ... the function of a pastor in the said episcopal meetings and congregations except such as shall have received holy orders from the hands of a protestant bishop and that every person who shall be called or appointed to be a pastor or minister of any episcopal congregation or assembly before he take upon him to officiate as pastor of the said congregation be hereby obliged and required to present his letters of orders to the justices of peace at their general or quarter sessions to be held for the...
Стр. 423 - Grace's commands, as becomes, may it please your Grace, your Grace's most humble and most obedient servant, JOHN ROLLESTON.
Стр. 518 - Scotland shall be deemed sufficient or be admitted to be registered but such as have been given by some Bishop of the Church of England or of Ireland.

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