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41 pass the gloomy vale of death,
From fear and danger free;
For there his aiding rod and staff
Defend and comfort me.

5 In presence of my spiteful foes
He does my table spread,

Fie crowns my cup with cheerful wine,
With oil anoints my head.

6 Since God does thus his wondrous love
Through all my life extend,
That life to him I will devote,
And in his temple spend.


THIS spacious earth is all the Lord's,
The Lord's her fulness is;
The world, and they that dwell therein,
By sov'reign right are his.
He fram'd and fix'd it on the seas,
And his Almighty hand
Upon inconstant floods has made
The stable fabrick stand.

3 But for himself this Lord of all
One chosen seat design'd;

O! who shall to that sacred hill
Desir'd admittance find?

4 The man whose hands and heart are pure, Whose thoughts from pride are free; Who honest poverty prefers

To gainful perjury.

5 This, this is he, on whom the Lord
Shall show'r his blessings down,
Whom God his saviour shall vouchsafe
With righteousness to crown.

6 Such is the race of saints, by whom
The sacred courts are trod;
And such the proselytes that seek
The face of Jacob's God.

7 Erect your heads, eternal gates,
Unfold to entertain

The King of glory; see, he comes
With his celestial train.

s Who is this King of glory? who?
The Lord for strength renown'd ;
In battle mighty, o'er his foes
Eternal victor crown'd.

9 Erect your heads, ye gates, unfold
In state to entertain

The King of glory; see, he comes
With all his shining train...

10 Who is this King of glory? who?
The Lord of hosts renown'd;
Of glory he alone is King,
Who is with glory crown'd.


1 TO God, in whom I trust,
I lift my heart and voice;
2 O let me not be put to shame,
Nor let my foes rejoice.

3 Those who on thee rely,

Let no disgrace attend;
Be that the shameful lot of such
As wilfully offend.

4, 5 To me thy truth impart,
And lead me in thy way;

For thou art he that brings me help,
On thee I wait all day.

6 Thy mercies and thy love,

O Lord, recall to mind;
And graciously continue still,
As thou wert ever, kind.

7 Let all my youthful crimes
Be blotted out by thee;

And, for thy wondrous goodness' sake,
In mercy think on me.

8 His mercy and his truth

The righteous Lord displays,

In bringing wand'ring sinners home,
And teaching them his ways.

9 He those in justice guides

Who his direction seek;

And in his sacred paths shall lead
The humble and the meek.

10 Through all the ways of God
Both truth and mercy shine,
To such as with religious hearts
To his blest will incline.

The Second Part.

11 Since mercy is the grace

That most exalts thy fame,
Forgive my heinous sin, O Lord,
And so advance thy Name.

12 Whoe'er with humble fear

To God his duty pays,

Shall find the Lord a faithful guide
In all his righteous ways.

13 His quiet soul with peace

Shall be for ever blest,

And by his num'rous race the land
Successively possest.

14 For God to all his saints

His secret will imparts;

And does his gracious cov'nant write
In their obedient hearts.

15 To him I lift my eyes,

And wait his timely aid,

Who breaks the strong and treach'rous snare,
Which for my feet was laid.

16 O turn, and all my griefs,

In mercy, Lord, redress;

For I am compass'd round with woes,
And plung❜d in deep distress.

17 The sorrows of my heart

To mighty sums increase;
O from this dark and dismal state
My troubled soul release.

18 Do thou with tender eyes
My sad affliction see;

Acquit me, Lord, and from my guilt
Entirely set me free.

19 Consider, Lord, my foes,

How vast their numbers grow; What lawless force and rage they use, What boundless hate they show!

20 Protect and set my soul

From their fierce malice free;
Nor let me be asham'd, who place
My steadfast trust in thee.

21 Let all my righteous acts
To full perfection rise,

Because my firm and constant hope
On thee alone relies.

22 To Israel's chosen race

Continue ever kind;

And in the midst of all their wants
Let them thy succour find.


1 JUDGE me, O Lord, for I the paths
Of righteousness have trod;

I cannot fail, who all my trust
Repose on thee, my God.

2, 3 Search, prove my heart, whose innocence
Will shine the more 'tis tried;

For I have kept thy grace in view,
And made thy truth my guide.

4 I never for companions took
The idle or profane;

No hypocrite, with all his arts,

Could e'er my friendship gain.

5 I hate the busy plotting crew,
Who make distracted times;
And shun their wicked company,
As I avoid their crimes.

I'll wash my hands in innocence,
And bring a heart so pure,
That when thy altar I approach,
My welcome shall secure.

7,8 My thanks I'll publish there, and tell
How thy renown excels;

That seat affords me most delight,
In which thy honour dwells.

9 Pass not on me the sinners' doom,
Who murder make their trade;

10 Who others' rights, by secret bribes,
Or open force invade.

11 But I will walk in paths of truth,
And innocence pursue:
Protect me, therefore, and to me
Thy mercies, Lord, renew.

12 In spite of all assaulting foes
I still maintain my ground;

And shall survive amongst thy saints,
Thy praises to resound.


WHOM should I fear, since God to me
Is saving health and light?
Since strongly he my life supports,
What can my soul affright?

2 With fierce intent my flesh to tear,
When foes beset me round,

They stumbled, and their lofty crests
Were made to strike the ground.

3 Through him my heart, undaunted, dares With num'rous hosts to cope;

Through him in doubtful straits of war,
For good success I hope.

4 Henceforth within his house to dwell
I earnestly desire,

His wondrous beauty there to view,
And his blest will enquire.

5 For there may I with comfort rest,
In times of deep distress;

And safe as on a rock abide,
In that secure recess;

6 Whilst God o'er all my haughty foes
My lofty head shall raise,

And I my joyful off'ring bring,
And sing glad songs of praise.

The Second Part.

7 Continue, Lord, to hear my voice,
Whene'er to thee I cry;

In mercy all my pray'rs receive,
Nor my requests deny.

8 When us to seek thy glorious face
Thou kindly dost advise;

"Thy glorious face I'll always seek,"
My grateful heart replies.

9 Then hide not thou thy face, O Lord,
Nor me in wrath reject;

My God and Savionr, leave not him
Thou didst so oft protect.

10 Though all my friends and nearest kin
Their helpless charge forsake,
Yet thou, whose love excels them all,
Wilt care and pity take.

11 Instruct me in thy paths, O Lord,
My ways directly guide;

Lest envious men, who watch my steps,
Should see me tread aside.
12 Lord, disappoint my cruel foes,
Defeat their ill desire,

Whose lying lips and bloody hands
Against my peace conspire.

13 I trusted that my future life

Should with thy love be crown'd,
Or else my fainting soul had sunk,
With sorrow compass'd round."
14 God's time with patient faith expect,
And he'll inspire thy breast

With inward strength; do thou thy part,
And leave to him the rest.


O Lord, my rock, to thee I cry,
In sighs consume my breath;
O answer, or I shall become

Like those that sleep in death. 2 Regard my supplication, Lord, The cries that I repeat,

With weeping eyes and lifted hands
. Before thy mercy seat.

3 Let me escape the sinners' doom,
Who make a trade of ill;

And ever speak the person fair,
Whose blood they mean to spill.
4 According to their crimes' extent
Let justice have its course:
Relentless be to them, as they
Have sinn'd without remorse.

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