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tion of Birds, 484 ; Food of Birds, Fishes, and Bee les, 494 Tracks, 484
Birmingham (J ), the Appulse of Jupiter to a Fixed Star on Buchare t, Curious Result since the Recent Earthquake at, 253
November 20, 170; Probably New Variable Siar, 555

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College, 440

516; British Fishes, 576

in, 93

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Burdo (Adolphe), the Niger and the Benueh : Travels in Central John Fryer and Dr, W. H. Stone, 448
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Ley, 458

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Byeloukher Mountain, the Glacier of, 210

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California, the furmer Indians of, 253

Civilisation? What is, 166
Calves, Fluke in, 244

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Cambrian Sandstones near Loch Maree, Curious Impressions Clark (Edwin), Distance of Clouds, 244

Classification of Statures, 494
Cambridge Philosophical Society, 163

Claypole (Prof. E. W.), Minerva Ornaments at Troy, and Net-
Campbell (Sir Geo.), on Indian Agriculture, 541

Sinkers, 292; Migration of the Wagtail, 387
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Cape of Good Hope, Longitude of the, 21

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3. 76 ; Parhelion, 291 ; Aurora and Electric Storm of January J. J. Murphy, 290 ; Alfred R. Wallace, 124, 217, 266;
31, 348

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361 ; Prof. G. D. Liveing, F.R.S., 265, 338

Woeikoff, 362
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Clouds, on estimating the Height of, by Photography and the
Card upoms, a New Work on, 347

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ments on Ice under Low Pressures, 341

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Carpenter (W. Lant), Falls of Niagara in Winter, su

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Applied Mathematics,” 603

Coal Fields of Great Britain,” Prof. Hull's, 321
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volutions in a Human Brain, 556

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Carvalho (S. N., jun.), Chalk, 193

Leaf Disease, 354
Casamicciola in the Island of Ischia, Earthquake at, 439, 468, Collett (Col. H.), Occultation of 73 Piscium, 458
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Census of the Indian Empire, 419

43; Hartwig's Comet (1880 d), 43 ; Comet Finders, 82 ; the
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a New Comet, 183; Comet 1873 VII., 206; Pechüle's Comet,
Cervus maral, 419

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Cetonia inda, 65

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Chalk, 243; S. N. Carvalho, jun., 193

Compass-Bearing, Mode of Masking or Cutting off Sharply by
Challenger, Volume 1, of the Publications of the, Prof. T. H. the Light from Revolving Apparatus on any desired, by means
Huxley, F.R.S., I, 33, 43

of a Reciprocating Screen, Thomas Stevenson, 560
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in the Tropics, and their Relation to Sun-Spots, Rainfall and Congress of the French Learned Societie-, 619
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Charleville, Ireland, Shock of Earthquake at, 182

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Charts and Maps, Recent, of Curves of Equal Magnetic Varia 553
tion or Declination, 314

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Chasles (Michel), Death of, 174; Obituary Notice of, R. Tucker, Constable (F.C.), Jelly Fish, 170

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474, 523, 547, 571, 619; i hemical Notes, 85, 207, 373, 396, William Thomson, F.R.S., 567
469, 565, 615; Chemistry, M. Fremy on, at the Paris Museum Continents always Continents, Prof. James D. Dana, 410
of Natural History, 83 ; Chemistry of the Future, Prof. Henry Continuous Motion, Speed Governor for, Prof. J. Lwing, 473

A 2


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Corean Archipelago, Notes on the Geology of, H. B. Guppy, Dynamics of “Radiant Matter," on some Points relating to the,

s. Tolver Preston, 461; Wm. Muir, 483

Corfield's (Prof.) Lectures on Health to Ladies, 231

Dynamite, Preparation of, 492

Corn, Feeding a Gull with, W. A. Forbes, 483

Dynamite Mine, St. Petersburg, 531
Cornu (Maxime), Phylloxera in France, 127

"Dytiscidæ, Avis préliminaire d'une Nouvelle Classification de
Cortambert (M. Eugène), Death of, 439

la Famille des,” Dr. Sharp, 98
Cossa (Dr. Luigi), Political Economy, 97
Crabs and Actinia, Col. H. Stuart-Wortley, 529

Earth Currents-Electric Tides, 424

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District, 20

42 ; in Austria, 63 ; Shock in the Tyrol, 83 ; at Agram,

63, 83, 106, 132, 156, 182, 253, 297, 419, 439, 492, 516;
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63, 107

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Crimea, Phylloxera in the, 253

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Criterion of Reality, 144

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(Bosnia) and in Agram, 182; at Charleville, Ireland, 182;
Air, 234 ; Viscosity of Gases at High Exhaustions, 421, 443

Cure for Smoke, the New, J. A. C. Hay, 386

at Brescia, Schloss Trakostyan, and Smyrna, 205 ; in Rou.

mania, Transylvania, Hungary, &c., 232; at Rou-durf, 253;

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Movement of Plants, 409 ; on Vivisection, 583; Movements Lavis, 497 ; at Chio, 541, 564; Earthquake Warnings, 529;
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Scotland and Ireland, 591

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the History of the Solar System, 389

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F.R.S., 545

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Britain and Ireland," 264

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Death, Signs of, 494

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Deep-Sea Exploration, J. Gwyn Jeffreys, F.R.S., 300, 324

Müller on, 157
Deep-Sea Ophiurans, 464

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Delesse (Achilie), Death of, 516; Obituary Notice of, 535

Notice of, 579

Dembowski (Baron), Death of, 322

Eggs, Testing the Age of, 132
Dent's Chronograph, 59

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Development of Human Intelligence, 617

Electricity : Electric Lighting at London Railway Stations, 64;

Dew and Fog, 398

Incandescent Electric Lights, 104 ; the Maxim Light, 131 ;

Dewar (Prof.), on Atoms, at the Royal Institution, 181

and Navigation on the Rhine, 132 ; Lighthouses illuminated

Diamond Mines in India, on the identity of some, especially by Electricity, 347; New Method of Dividing Electric Light,

those mentioned by Tavernier, V. Ball, 490

373 ; Electric Lighting in the City, 440 ; Scientific Principles

Dimorphic Leaves Conifers, Dr. Maxwell T. Masters, 267 involved in Electric Lighting, Prof. W. Grylls Adams, F.R.S.,

Dimorị hism of Flowers, New Cases of, Errors Corrected, Dr. 580, 605; Electric Light in New York, 614; New Discovery

Heru ann Müller, 337

in Electric Induction, 85; Electric Dust Figures, 208; on the

Disease in Italy, Statistics of, 543

Thermic and Optic Behaviour of Gases under the Influence of

Disinfectant, a New, 374

the Electric Discharge, Dr. Arthur Schuster, F.R.S., 258; a

Distance of Clouds, Edwin Clark, 244

New Electric Motor, 278; Trial of Electric Railways at the
Dobbie (James J.), Oxidation of Quinine, 243

Electrical Exhibition, Paris, 296; Electric Discharges in
Dodel: Pöri's (Dr.) “Atlas of Physiological Botany," 157

Gases, 397 ; Electric Tides in Telegraphic Circuits, 346;
Dorsetshire, Hailstorm in, Dr. Geo. J. Allman, F.R.S.,-146 Electric Tides, Earıh Currents, 424 ; Electrical Thermometer
Dortmund, Shock of Earthquake at, 106

for Determining Temperatures at a Distance, Horace T.
Double Stars, Cincinnati Measures of, 396; Herschel 3945, 591 Brown, 464 ; Future Development of Electrical Appliances,
Dublini, Scientific Societies of, 316

Geo. Rayleigh Vicars, 528; Herr Hoorweg on Electricity,
Dudgeon (Dr. R. E.), Temperature of the Breath, 10, 76

43; Behaviour of Electricity in Gases, Pierr Narr, 43 ;
Duncan (John), the Alford Weaver-Botanist, Wm. Jolly, 252,

Place du Carrousel to be Lighied withi, 254 ; the Relation
269; Fund for, 317, 491

between Electricity and Light, Dr. O. J. Lodye, 302 ; Pro-
Duncan (Prif. P. Martin, F.R.S.), Geological Climates, 145; posed International Exhibition of Electricity, 84, 320, 347 ;

elected President of the Royal Microscopical Society, 418 Seeing by Electricity, 423; a New Mode of obtaining Electri-
Duncan's (Stewart) Conscious Matter, Geo. J. Romanes, F.R.S., city by Friction, 441 : on a Method of Mea: uring Contact

Electricity, Prof. Sir William Thomson, F.R.S., 567 ; Elec-
Duncombe (Cecil), Squirrels Crossing Water, 484

tricity and Gas as Heating Agen's, C. W. Siemens, F.R.S,
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326, 351 ; Molecular Electromagnetic Induction, Prof. D, E.
Dunes and Moving Sands, 569

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Storms, 33; Magnetic Storm of 1880, August, 482

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Elongation of Mimas, 255

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Encke's Comet in 1881, 396

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“Encyclopædia Britannica,” Vols. X., XI., 119

Bateman; 125
Endowment of Research in Birmingham, 304

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Entomological Collection, the late John Miers', F.R.S., Pre Florence, Collection of Italian Vertebrates at, 41
sentation of, to the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, 41

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Entomological Society, 116, 162, 307, 404, 475, 620

Hermann Müller, 337
Entomological Society of Belgium, 62

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Epidermis of Plants, Chlorophyll in the, 158

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D. Broun, 508
Equus Prjevalski, 494

Fog and Dew, 398
Erbium, Atomic Weight of, 86

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Erhard (M.), Death of, 19

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Ernst (Dr. A.), Some Remarks on Peripatus Edwardsii, Blanch, Rollo Russell, 267

Fogs of London, 165
Esparto Grass, Irish, 437

Food of Birds, Fishes, and Beetles, 494
“Ethnographisch-Anthropologische Abtheilung des Museum Forest, Subterranean, in India, 105
Godeffroy in Hamburg. Ein Beitrag zur Kunde der Südsee Formula of Evolution, Prof. Tait on, 78

Völker," J. D. E. Schmeltz und Dr. med. R. Krause, 168 Fossil Insects, Oldest, Dr. H. A. Hagen, 483 ; Rev. A. E.
Ethylene, Critical Temperature of, Robert E. Baynes, 186

Eaton, 507
Etna Observatory, 559

France, Phylloxera in, Maxime Cornu, 127
Eucalyptus in Rangoon, 370

Franz-Josef Land, Exploration of, 278
Europe, Lava Fields of North-Western, Prof. Arch. Geikie, Free Libraries in Scotland, 64
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