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A. D.
Page B.C.

bert, King of Wessex, acquires great

Danish Sway regularly commences: his

Power under this Title.




823. His Authority as Brętwalda acknowledged 1036. (Nov. 12.) Death of Canute : Harold his

in all the Provincès south of the Humber ib.

Son succeeds.


836. But at his Death, this Power is weakened

Ineffectual Attempts of Ethelred's Sons,
by a Partition of his Dominions. ib.

Edward and Alfred : treacherous Mur.

At this point, just on the Approach to-

der of the latter......


wards regular Government, Britain be. 1042. Hardicanute, Son of Harold...


gins to be ravaged by the Barbarians 1044. Edward, Ethelred's Son, succeeds on the

of Scandinavia, called Normans in

Death of Hardicanute, without Opposi-

France, Danes in England..


tion, after twenty-seven Years of Exile jb.

871. Alfred, his early Life.

25 Influence of Godwin, Earl of Kent...... ib.

876. Ravages of the Danes; “ All the Saxons

His Influence afterwards eclipsed by that
are defeated but Alfred their King": ib.

of the Normans, Friends of Edward du.
877- He bursts from his Retreat, defeats Guth.

ring his Exile.


880. run the Danish Chief, compels him to 1051. William, Duke of Normandy, visits Ed.

evacuate Wessex, and attempts to set-



tle and civilize his Followers, by grant. 1066. (Jan. 4.) Death of Edward : his Char-
ing him the Country to the North and

acter: “A royal Anchorite".

East, on Condition of his submitting to

Harold, Son of Godwin, crowned by the



Saxon Chiefs: he is opposed by his

880- Fifteen Years' Peace: Invasion of Hast.

Brother Tostig...

895. ings : in providing for Defence, Alfred

(Sept. 25.) The Army of Tostig defeated ib.
improves Ship-building : Character of

(Sept. 28.) William, Duke of Normandy,
899. Alfred : extraordinary Union of Energy

lands in Sussex.....

in War with the Arts of Peace : his
Poetry and Translations..


View of the Saron Institutions.
901- Fourteen Kings; ten of them Descend.

Antiquaries have adapted their Repre-
1066. ants of Alfred, three Scandinavians,

sentations of our ancient Constitution
and one a powerful Saxon Lord: the

to their own particular Views; both
more prominent Events during this Pe.

Parties agreeing in the fundamental

riod can alone be here related..


Error of supposing it a mature System.. 39

The Christian Church was the only Insti-

Governments are not framed by a Model:
tution transmitted entire from the Ro-

occasional Acts harden into Usages, and
mans to the Barbarians; Progress of

Usages govern Men long before they are

Ecclesiastical Power...


embodied in written Laws...


Origin of Clerical Celibacy: Corruption

The Saxon Kings: the Wittenagemote.. 40

engendered by it; its Value as an In.

Prelates, Earls, Thanes..


strument of Ecclesiastical Ambition by

Shire-gemote, or Folk-mote.


destroying all Ties but those of the

Inferior Classes; Freemen and Slaves,



Ceorles, Villains : Manumission.. ib.

The monastic Orders called forth by a

Numbers of the respective Classes :

Reaction of religious Zeal, when the



secular Clergy had reached a high Pitch

Pecuniary Punishment of Crimes : grad-

of Corruption : primitive Hermits: Mon.

uated Were for the Murder of Persons

asteries: Rule of St. Benedict.


of different Rank....


901. Edward the Elder...

30 Saxon Origin of our Titles of Rank, and

925. Athelstan: Confederacy against him by

of the English Language...

the Britons, Scots, and Danes; his Vic-

Close Connexion of Language with
tory over them at Brunnanburgh.. ib.

Thought and Feeling...


941. Edmund the Elder: Edred...

ib. 663. Saxon Writers: Venerable Bede born,

955. The Monks begin to signalize themselves

A. D. 663, died 735.


as an ambitious Body...

ib. To him we owe all English History from

Dunstan, his Attempts to enforce Cleri.

the Landing of the Saxons till his own

cal Celibacy, and reduce Monasteries



to the Rule of St. Benedict..

31 The Saxon Chronicle.


His violent Conduct respecting an un-

Asser's Life of Alfred.
canonical Marriage of Edwin: his Exile 32 Lives of the Saints; Welsh Triads... ib.
959. Edgar obliges his Brother Edwin to divide

Scottish Chronicles and Poetry; Macpher-

his Dominions with him : (960) on Ed-

son's Ossian....


win's Death he reigns over the whole ib.

Irish Chronicles.........


Dunstan recalled and made Archbishop

of Canterbury...



977, Synods of Calne and Winchester: mirac- FROM THE NORMAN INVASION TO THE COMMENCEMENT

978. ulous Pretensions of Dunstan not ne.


cessarily fraudulent, though unfounded ib. FORMATION OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

970. Marriage of Edgar with Elfrida; tragical

William Duke of Normandy; the Estab.

Circumstances attending it...


975. Death of Edgar: Succession disputed

lishment, by his Ancestor Rollo, of a

Scandinavian State in Neustria.


between Edward his eldest Son, and

Some expelled Norwegians founded a Re-
Ethelred, Son of Elfrida : Edward

public in Iceland in the ninth Century,


where Literature and Liberty con-
979. Treacherous Murder of Edward by El-

verted these Barbarians for two Cen.
frida : Ethelred King...

turies into a civilized People.... ib.
Attempts of the Danes to place one of their 912. Neustria ceded to Rollo, Son of the Earl
Nation on the Throne: the Struggle be-

of Orkney, by Charles the Simple...... ib.
tween the two Races commences in the

1035. William the Conqueror, fifth Duke of Nor.

earlier Years of Ethelred..


mandy in lineal Descent from him.... 47

Horrid Cruelties of both Parties in this

Assertion of William that Edward had



bequeathed the Crown to him; no he.

Let those who consider any Tribes of Men

reditary Right in either William or

as irreclaimable call to mind of what



People these were the Progenitors...


Harold had sworn to support William's

1016. Death of Ethelred: Edmund Ironside

Claim ......


chosen by the English, but compelled to

Pope Hildebrand founds, on this Circum-

be content with the Country south of

stance, a Bull in favor of William and

the Thames: he dies in November, and

excommunicating Harold; and, by thus

Canute the Dane succeeds to the Terri.

assuming the Disposal of a Kingdom,

tory of both Nations :-under him the

completes the Papal Usurpations...... ib.

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A. D.

Page, A.D.


1066. (28th of September) William lands at

ward, and by marrying Maud, a Princess
Pevensey, in Sussex.

of Saxon blood.


(14th of October) Battle of Hastings;

Robert lands at Portsmouth; Normandy

Death of Harold..


ceded to him by Henry, on condition
(December) Coronation of William; his

of retaining England; treacherous
contemptuous Compassion towards Ed-

Breach of this Treaty by Henry, who
gar, who had been for some time ac-

reconquers Normandy; and Robert lin.

knowledged as King..


gers out a long Life in a cruel Im-

After re-establishing Peter's Pence as an



acknowledgment for the Favor of the 1119. An Attempt made by Louis VI, on be-

Pope, he returns to Normandy.


half of William, Son of Robert, defeat-

1067. (December) he returns to suppress an In-

ed at the Battle of Brenneville.



ib. 1124. Another Revolt, with the same Object,

1068. Doubtful Struggles in the North and West ib.



1069. Edgar Atheling acknowledged King in

Louis bestows Flanders and other Prov.

the North, aided by a Danish Army;

inces on William; his Death..


William defeats the Allies, and com-

Henry's Cruelties and Exactions mingled

mits atrocious Devastations..


with occasional Generosity, the Off-

He distributes the Lands of the conquered

spring of Chivalry, but exercised only

to his Followers..


towards the noble and beautiful; it

Many Saxons fly from England; Here.

stooped not to commonplace Justice

ward fortifies a Camp in the Isle of Ely 53 and good Faith.


During a blockade, the Monks of Ely be. 1128. Marriage of Henry's Daughter, Maud,

tray him...


with Geoffrey Plantagenet..


The Saxon Primate deposed; Lanfranc 1130. Henry causes a general Council to take



an Oath of Fealty to Maud and her In.

William returns to Normandy; another

fant Son....


ineffectual Effort of Edgar Atheling. ib. 1135. (1st of December) Death of Henry..


Review of the Causes which contributed
to the Success of William...


STEPHEN. 1135—1154.
1076. William goes to Normandy, to suppress
the Revolt of his Son Robert; personal

Stephen, second Son of Stephen Earl of
Combat of the Father and son, un-

Blois, by Adela, Daughter of William

known to each other....


the Conqueror, pretends that Henry

1087. (9th of September) Death of William;

declared him Successor....


his Character...

ib. He issues a Charter promising Observ.

Two legal Revolutions completed in this

ance of the Laws of Edward.

Reign, the Separation of the Ecclesias-

Confused Alternation of Anarchy and

tical from the Civil Judicature, and the

Tyranny, during his Reign....


Consummation of the Feudal System.. 56 1136. Revolt of Baldwin, Earl of Exeter, and

Without the former, it is probable that

Irruption of David of Scotland in favor

the Spiritual Power would have been

of Maud.....


predominant over every other.... ib. 1138. Another Attempt by David; Battle of

With regard to the Feudal System, the

the Standard, in which he is defeated 15

most reasonable Supposition is, that it 1139. Maud comes to England, assisted by Rob.
was gradually prepared in Anglo-Saxon

ert of Gloucester....


Times, and finished by the Norman In. 1141. Maud defeats Stephen near Lincoln; Ste-



phen sent in Irons to Bristol; Maud of.

Character of the Feudal System....

56, 57

fends the Citizens of London by refus-

ing Redress of Grievances, and is

WILLIAM II. 1087-1110.

obliged to fly to Oxford; her Army de.

1087. (26th of September)proclaimed and crown.

feated and Robert made Prisoner, but

ed at Westminster.


exchanged for Stephen...


In resisting his Brother Robert, he is

1142- Incessant Warfare between the two


obliged to seek the Aid of the English,

claimants; Maud at length returns to
which opens the Way for Concessions

Normandy, which her Father has wrest.

to them.....


ed from Stephen; Death of Robert.... 66

His Government an Union of Rapacity

1149. Henry Fitz-Empress comes to England:

with Prodigality ::


his Marriage with Eleanor, Duchess of



1100 (August) his Death in the New Forest, by

an Arrow shot by Sir Walter Tyrrell

1153. Treaty of Winchester, securing the Crown

glancing against a Tree.....


to Stephen for Life, and the Succession

Commencement of the Crusades during

to Henry..


his Reign ; Peter the Hermit..


1154. (25th of October) Death of Stephen. ib.

Strange Union of religious with other

Motives apparently discordant, which

HENRY II. 1154-1189.

prompted them...


1154. Henry issues a Charter contirmatory of

Miseries endured by the Crusaders.... ib.

his Grandfather's, passing by in Silence

1099. (14th of July) Jerusalem taken by Assault ib. the Acts of Stephen ..


Were the Crusades just ? It was a De-

He expels the Mercenaries of Stephen's

fence of an Exercise of Religion older



than the Mahometan Power..


He does Homage to Louis VII. for Nor-

It is no valid Objection to a just Motive,

mandy and other Continental Domin-

that Ambition may easily convert it



into a Pretext...


Extent, Nature, and Tenure of the Eng-

Wars to impose Religion are the most ex-

lish Dominions in France...


ecrable Violation of human Rights; 1158. Henry asserts a claim to the Earldom of

Wars to defend it, their most sacred





1160. Pope Alexander III. brings about a Peace

HENRY I. 1100—1135.

between the English and French Kings ib.

1162. Becket made Archbishop of Canterbury. ib.

1100. (August) Crowned at Westminster, after

England now takes a Share in the Strug

a faint Resistance from the Adherents

gle against Papal Usurpations which

of Robert, then on his return from

had agitated Christendom for a Centu-



ry; Sketch of its Origin and Progress;

Attempts to conciliate the English by

Dispute concerning Right of Investiture 69
promising to restore the Laws of Ed. 1152. Violent Character of similar Disputes in


70, 71

88, 89


A. D

Page | A. D.
Italy during the Reign of the Emperor

tween the Christians and Mahoinetans; Frederick Barbarossa..

Rights of Pilgrimage conceded ; SalaRomantic Story related of the Mother of

din's Toleration and Urbanity... 85 Becket..


(9th of October) Richard sails from the Extraordinary Transition of Becket from

Holy Land.

86 the Manners of a Courtier to those of

(21st of December) He is detained and im. a Devotee, on his Elevation to the

prisoned by the Duke of Austria in the Primacy.

Castle of Thierstein..

87 1163. The King attempts to render the Clergy

Leopold is obliged to surrender him to amenable to the Secular Tribunals; the

Henry VI., who imprisons him at Tri. Clergy oppose..


fels, where his Confinement is discov. 1164. (January) Council of Clarendon, where

ered by an English Minstrel...

ib. the Bishops submit....

73 Henry VI. brings him to Trial before an Becket repents of his Acquiescence: He

Assembly of German Princes for escapes to the Abbey of Pontigny, in

(amongst other Things) the Murder of Burgundy


ib. Nature of the Ecclesiastical Claims..... ib. 1194. (May) Richard returns to England, having The Objects of both parties were equally

been ransomed for 100,000 Marks of arbitrary: it was a Contest between

Silver .....

88 the Sceptre and the Crosier for Domin. 1199. (24th of March) During Hostilities with ion over the rest of Society...


his Brother John and Philip Augustus, 1165. Henry seizes the Possessions of the Pri

Richard dies of a Wound received be. macy, and suspends Appeals to Rome.. ib.

fore the Castle of Chaluz, in Limousin ib. Becket proceeds with equal Violence, and

JOHN. 1799–1216.
Disputes continue between the English
and French Courts on his Account... 75

Progress of Mind during the Thirteenth 1170. Becket, by Authority of the Pope, ex

Century; Zeal and rapid Growth of communicates the Bishop of London,

the Doininican and Franciscan Orders; and lays the Province of Canterbury

Scholastic Philosophy; Cultivation of under an Interdict; he afterwards re.

the Vernacular Tongues ; Religious turns to England upon the Terms of a

Chivalry; Festive Chivalry..... general Oblivion of the Past.

Claims of Arthur, Son of John's elder Becket, however, refuses to remove the

Brother Geoffrey.

89 whole of the Ecclesiastical Censures, 1199. (22d of May) John lands in England, and or to do Homage for his Barony.


on the next Day is crowned at WestThe King's Ejaculations of Complaint


ib. at this circumstance are interpreted

Philip, King of France, shelters and sucby two Knights, as conveying a Desire

cors Arthur.

90 for the Murder of Becket, which they 1202. (1st of August) John takes Arthur Prisoner ib. accomplish before the Altar of St. Ben- 1203. Mysterious Disappearance of Arthur; hor. net.


rid Murder of that Prince, said to have Henry purges himself from the Crime by

been committed by John's own Hand.. ib. Oath, and receives Papal Absolution

Philip, as Lord Paramount of John's after most humiliating Submissions... 77

French Dominions, cites him to answer Henry's own Sons made the tools of a

for the Crime, and, on his non-appear. Conspiracy against him, excited chiefly

ance, declares those Provinces forfeited 91 by the Jealousy of Eleanor, their Mo

John ineffectually attempts to recover ther...


92 1174. They are reconciled to their Father. 78 Power and severity of Pope Innocent III.; 1178. A dreadful War ensues between the Bro

John disputes with him regarding the thers, on the Refusal of the younger to

Mode of electing the Archbishop of take an Oath of Fealty to the elder.. ib.

Canterbury; and Innocent lays his (11th of June) Death of Prince Henry.... ib. Dominions under an Interdict....... 92, 93 1179. The Feuds between the Father and his 1211. John continuing unmoved, Innocent sends surviving Son are renewed.


two Legates to England, but without 1189. (5th of July) Death of Henry at Chinon,


93 during Hostilities with his Son Richard ib. 1213. Innocent offers England to Philip, who asTradition of Fair Rosamond.


sembles an Army for its Subjugation ; Advances of Jurisprudence during this

John, overawed, submits to hold Eng. Reign.


land as a Fief of Rome, under an an. nual Tribute ....

94 RICHARD I. 1189—1199.

Fourth Council of Lateran..

ib. Unpopularity of John...

95 A Knight-Errant rather than a King;

Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, the Sketch of the System of Society which

Guide of the discontented Barons. ib. gave Birth to the Crusades..

80 (20th of November) Solemn Confederacy The whole System of Manners, which dis.

of Barons at the Abbey of Edmundstinguishes the modern Civilization from


ib. the classical and from the Oriental, has 1215. (April) John refuses their Demands; (220 received a Tinge from Chivalry... 81

of May) the Barons in possession of Furious Antipathy of the Age against the


96, 97 Jews; cruel Massacre of many on the

(15th of June) Conference at Runny. Day of Richard's Coronation...... 82

mede ; Magna Charta ; London held 1190. (June) Richard and Philip Augustus on

as a Security for its Performance, and the Borders of Syria; Death of Bar

Twenty-five Barons appointed as Guar. barossa........


dians of the Realm; Provisions and last. 1191. (May) Richard marries the Princess Ber.

ing Influence of the Charter........ 97-99 engaria of Navarre at Cyprus..... 83

(22d of August) The Pope absolves John (12th of July) The Christians enter Acre;

from his Oath, and War recommences; Dispute between Richard's and Leo.

John calls in German Mercenaries, and pold's Officers on a Matter of Prece.

the Barons offer the English Crown to dence


Louis, eldest Son of the French King.. 100 (August and September) The Christian 1216. (18th of October) Death of John... ib.

Army reduced to great Extremities.... 84 1192. (April) Marquis of Montferrat elected

HENRY III. 1216-1272. King of Jerusalem, but is assassinated 1216. Henry, eldest Son of John, crowned in the on the same Day; an Act ascribed to

tenth Year of his Age; the Regency Richard by his Enemies..


intrusted to the Earl of Pembroke, Earl (September) Truce for three Years be



77, 78




A. D.
Page AD.

Louis, with some of the Barons who in

Field against Wales: Llewellyn accepts vited him, keeps the Field, notwith

conditions of Peace equivalent to Substanding John's Death...


jugation ... 1217. (May) His Party is defeated, and be re

The Welsh are indignant at the Submisnounces his Claim to the English Crown 101

sion, and continue the War under Da. The Regent bestows the Great Charter on

vid, Llewellyn's Brother, whom Lle. Ireland; he dies in 1220.

wellyn also joins.....

112 1220. Hubert de Burgh, Grand Justiciary, suc- 1282. Death of Llewellyn ; deserted by his folceeds Pembroke as Regent.


ib. 1225. A Parliament of this Year begins the 1283. Prince David made Prisoner, and con. Movement of one of the Main-springs

signed to the horrid Punishment after. of the English Constitution, by grant

wards appointed for Treason; probably ing a Subsidy upon condition of a Con

the earliest Instance of its Infiiction.. ib. firmation of the Charter..


State of Scotland previous to the Inva1227. Henry recognized as having attained

sion of Edward; rival Claims of Bruce Years of Discretion...


and Baliol to the Succession, which 1229, Unsuccessful Attempt of Henry at French

gave Edward a Pretext for Interference 113 1230. Conquest...

ib. 1292. (May) Edward summons the Nobility of 1232. Hubert de Burgh degraded from his Office,

Scotland to meet him at Norham. ib. and succeeded by Peter, Bishop of Win.

(2d of June) Overawed by Threats, they chester


recognize Edward as Lord Paramount 1236. . Henry marries Eleanor of Provence; Dis.

of Scotland, and place the Fortresses content at the introduction of her for.

in his Hands.

ib. eign Relations to Court Preferment;

(20th of November) Baliol, to whom Ed. Parliamentary Power over Supplies

ward awards the Crown, swears Fealty made available even thus early for ob

to him.....

ib. taining the Dismissal of the obnoxious 1295. On Edward's demanding Military Service Ministers


against France from the Scotch, Baliol Another unsuccessful French War....... ib.

is induced by his Subjects to resist; but 1942. The Supplies granted this Year placed by

he is at length obliged to submit....... 115 Parliament in the Hands of four Bar. 1297. Exploits of Sir William Wallace.

ib. ons of its own Nomination...

ib. 1303. Scotland subdued, and Wallace condemn. 1244. The Parliament require that four of the

ed and executed at Westminster....

ib. Nobility shall be declared Conservators 1306. Bruce, Earl of Carrick, takes up Arms, of the Liberties of the Nation, and to

and is crowned at Scone....

ib have the Appointment of several Ju. 1307. (July) Edward assembles a vast Army, dicial Officers.....


but dies on his March, at Burgh on 1253. In the Parliament of this Year, the King

Sand, in Cumberland takes part in a solemn Anathema

His Character..... against Transgressors of the Charter.. 104 State of Parliamentary Power during his 1258. Henry having, notwithstanding, broken


ib the Charter, under color of a Papal Ab.

When did the Division of the two Houses solution, the Parliament appoint twen.


ib. ty-four Guardians of the Realm.... ib.

Origin, Nature, and partial Changes of 1264. After several Attempts by Henry to es.

Ranks and Dignities in England.. 117 cape from their Authority, both parties

From the Norman Invasion to the Ed. agree to refer their Disputes to Louis ;

wards, the House of Lords sat in Right he awards general Restitution and Am

only of territorial Possession.... 118 nesty, with Observance of the Charter,

Introduction of Barons by Writ... 119 but without providing Security... ib. Trial by Jury....

ib. 1265. The Barons renew the War... ib. The “Common Law".

120 (14th of May) Battle of Lewes ; The King

State of the English Language.

and Prince Edward made Prisoners;
Leicester (Simon de Montfort) and

Gloucester Regents...

(6th of August) Battle of Evesham, be- FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION

tween Prince Edward (who had es. AND THE LANGUAGE, TO THE WAR BETWEEN THE
caped) and Leicester; the latter de. ROSES.


EDWARD II. 1307-1327.
Parliament held during the Administra.
tion of De Montfort; the first composed,

In opposition to his Father's dying Inas it has ever since been formed, of

junctions, he ignominiously withdraws Knights of the Shire and Members for

his Army from Scotland, and surrenders Cities and Boroughs .


himself to the Influence of his favorite Progress of the Constitution of Parlia.


121 ment.......

106, 107 1311. The Barons extort a Reformation of The Battle of Evesham and Death of

Abuses, and banish Gaveston on pain Montfort are the Destruction of the

of Death.....

ib Baronial Party ; two Years afterwards,

Confirmation of Magna Charta; additionPrince Edward takes up the Cross..... 108 al Clause requiring the annual holding 1272. Death of Henry.....

of a Parliament.

ib. Observations on his Reign.

ib. Gaveston ventures to return to Court,

and is put to Death by Order of the EDWARD I. 1272—1307.


ib. 1314. Unsuccessful Invasion of Scotland; BatThe Renown of Edward secures his peace.

tle of Bannockburn; Bruce acknow. able Succession; his Return from the

ledged King; and (1328) the Claim of Holy Land...

Seignioralty relinquished..

He lays aside his French Disputes, in or. 1321. Hugh le Despenser, a new Favorite; re-
der to Attempt the Subjugation of the

newed Disputes between the King and whole Island of Great Britain..


the Barons in consequence; the Royal Early History of Wales. .....


Party gain a decided Victory at Bo1274. Edward summons Llewellyn, Prince of

roughbridge; Earl of Lancaster exeWales, to do him homage as a Vassal.. 111 cuted; the Mortimers imprisoned.... ib. Llewellyn demands Hostages for his Se. 1324. The Queen Isabella complains of the curity; Forfeiture pronounced against

Influence of the Spencers, and Ruphim by the English Parliament.. ib.

ture with France; Escape of Roger 1277. After previous petty Inroads, Edward

Mortimer into France...

123 now summons all his Vassals to the

Isabella being sent into France by Ed.


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A. D.

Page | A.D. ward, to treat with her Brother, re- 1381. Revolt of the lower Classes in England; mains there..


gradual Progress of Serfs towards Inde 1326. Isabella, in Conjunction with Mortimer,

pendence throughout Europe... 137 lands with a hostile Force in England ib. Wat Tyler...

138 1327. (24th or 25th of January) the Parliament

His Attack on London, and violent Death declare the King deposed, as incapable

in Smithfield, while parleying with the of Government...


ib. Execution of his Followers.

ib. EDWARD III. 1327_1377.



The Lollards.. 1327. Edward II. remains at Kenilworth dur.

139 The Albigeois

ib. ing the Spring of 1327, and is after

John of Gaunt confirmed in the Govern. wards carried to Corfe, Bristol, and


Berkeley Castles..
(20th of September) His Murder at Berke.

1385– He engages in an ineffectual Pursuit of ib. 1387. the Crown of Castile..

ib. ley Castle..... Edward III. only Fourteen ; Isabella and

During his Absence, the King's Uncles, Mortimer reign under his Name; rising

York and Gloucester, dispute with De la

ib. Discontent of various Barons....

Pole and De Vere for the Government 1330. (16th of March) the Earl of Kent convict.

of the King's Person...

ib. ed of Treason for an Attempt to corre

De la Pole impeached; the Government

vested in eleven Commissioners...... ib. spond with his Brother, Edward II., whom he supposed to be alive....... 126 1387. (August) The Judges, under the Influence (29th of November). Mortimer executed,

of De Vere and others, together with under an Impeachment for the Murder

the King, declare the Commission in

of the King..

140 Isabella adjudged to have forfeited her

1388. (February) The Parliament condemn De Lands, and Imprisoned for the Remain.

Vere and his colleagues, and imprison der of her Life..


the Judges; Gloucester assumes the

Direction of the Government... 1330 Attempt to restore the House of Baliol to

ib 1336. the Throne of Scotland, and re-establish

1397. (September) The Acts of Gloucester's Ad· the Vassalage of the Monarchy..

ministration annulled by Parliament.. ib. ....... ib.

His treacherous Murder, with Richard's Claim of Edward to the Crown of France, on the Extinction of the Male Descend

Connivance, (in July, 1397).....


Means taken to conciliate John of Gaunt 142 ants of Philip the Fair....

127 Alliances of Edward preparatory to an

1398. Conversation between Mowbray and HerAttempt on France.


eford, expressive of Discontent with

Richard's Government; a Quarrel be1338. (July) Edward embarks for the Nether. lands, having assumed the Title of

tween them leading to its Disclosure;

Richard avails himself of the CircumKing of France..

128 1340. Naval Engagement, off Sluys..


stance to banish both these Lords. . 142, 143 Edward challenges Philip to single Coin

Personal Expedition of Richard against


ib. The two Kings espouse opposite Parties

1399. (4th of July) Hereford (now Duke of Lan. in the disputed Succession of Britanny ib.

caster) lands at Holderness, during his 1346. Assassination of D'Artaveldt, Edward's

Absence, with an Army, and is univerFlemish ally, (July) Edward disembarks

sally welcomed...

ib. a fresh Army near Cape La Hogue.... 129

Richard returns to England, is taken (26th of August) Battle of Crecy..

Prisoner at an Interview with Lancas130

ib. (29th of August) Siege of Calais..


ter, and committed to the Tower... Its reduction leads to a Truce, which

(29th of September) Richard resigns the lasts till 1355, five Years after Philip


ib. was succeeded by his Son John.... 131

(30th of September) The Parliament for1355. Edward the Black Prince recommences

mally depose him, and Lancaster claims

the vacant Throne... ib.

145 Military Operations. 1356. (July) Battle of Poictiers, in which John

False Statement of hereditary Right made was taken Prisoner.


by Henry; the Parliamentary Act was Truce of two Years.

the only Foundation of his Title ...... ib.

132 Some Particulars concerning France at

HENRY IV. 1399-1413. this Period..

ib. La Jacquerie; Enfranchisement of Pea

Genealogical Sketch, explanatory of the santry...


Disputes which led to the Wars of the 1358. Treaty of Bretigny, and Release of John;

145 remarkable Instance of good Faith in

1399. Wise Acts of Henry's first Parliament; John's voluntary Return on finding it

Abolition of Liveries; Definition of impossible to fulfil the Terms of the

Treason, &c...

146 Treaty.


(23d of October) The Parliament advise Marriage of the Black Prince with Jane

the secure and secret Imprisonment of Plantagenet ; his Irruption into Spain ib.

Richard ...

147 1367. He stabs Pedro IV.in à Conference......

Various Accounts of the Cause of his

134 1376. (8th of June) His Death....


ib. His Espousal of the Cause of the Parlia

1403. Rumors that Richard was still alive; ment against Abuses...

Revolt of the Percys..

ib. 1377. Death of Edward III.

(21st of July) Battle of Shrewsbury;

135 Character of his Reign; he strengthened

Defeat of the Percys...

149 the Parliamentary Authority by em.

Share of Owen Glendower, the Welsh ploying them in the Furtherance of

Chieftain, in their Revolt...

149 his Projects; growth of Civil and Re.

Various Parliamentary Recognitions of ligious Architecture ; Order of the Gar.

Henry's Title, and Provisions for the ter; Chaucer; Law; frequency of Fam.


150 ines in that Age; Discovery of Gun.

Youthful Extravagancies of the Prince of powder......

135, 136

Wales, and his Father's Jealousy of

him; Chief Justice Gascoyne's intrepid RICHARD II. 1377--1399.

Conduct towards the Prince..


1413. (20th of March) Death of Henry IV.; Na1377. Richard of Bordeaux was eleven years

ture of his Title; Constitutional Reold on his Accession...


view of his Reign ; Power of the Purse; Tottering State of the English Domin.

Privileges of Parliament more defined; ions in France...


Regulation of Elections; Statute against
Council of Regency.




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