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On Saturday a meeting of the committee who prepared the remonftrance for the Livery, was held at Guildhall. At this meeting Mr W defended every word of the remonftrance, and declared himfelf ready to fubfcribe it.

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The Dyfart, from Londonderry to Liverpool, was caft away the 23d ult. at Stranraer, on the coast of Scotland; the people are faved, but the fhip and cargo (the latter of which is valued at 11,000.) are totally loft.

There are now in an open garden belonging to Mr Gery, apothecary, at Warwick, peafe and beans that will be fit to gather in a week's time; and what is ftill more remarkable, the whole garden is uncommonly forward, there being at this time feveral gooseberry trees in full leaf, and many rafpberry trees that are expected to bloffom in a few days, owing to the mildness of the feafon.

March 5.

It is faid three gentlemen of the first character at Bofton (of whom the fa- Extract of a letter from Paris, dated mous Mr Otis is one) are deputed by the General Affembly of that province to come to England,in order to deliver a petition and remonstrance into his Majefty's own hand:-that they are alfo inftructed to fupplicate a perfonal


The laft letters from Marseilles brought an account of the death of the renowned Monf. Ripert de Monclas, late Attorney General of the Parlia ment of Aix in Province. He was feized

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feized with a violent fit of the ftone, at the village to which he was exiled, and not being able to procure a skilful furgeon there, he fubmitted to put himfelf under the hands of a country ope rator, to whofe rafhnefs and ignorance he fell a facrifice, and died under his hands fincerely lamented, as he was undoubtedly one of the brightest orpaments of his country.

On the 17th inftant, the Lords heard council on the caufe, wherein Andrew Laurie, Efq; was appellant and Anne, Laurie and James M'Ghie, Efq; refpondents, being an appeal from the Court of Seffion in Scotland. Affirmed the decree. Lord Mansfield obferved, that it was the most frivolous plea that ever came before the Houfe; but refufed to give cofts, because the appellant had the misfortune to be born between two eftates, and to get neither.

The Duke de Chaulnes was laft Saturday put into the Caftle of Vincennes, and has fince been removed to the Caftle of Havre-de-Grace, on account of his ill ufage of the Sieur de Beaumarchois, whom he accused of enticing away his mistress. The Duke's paffi on for revenge was fo violent, that the King was pleafed to interfere. Mr de Beaumarchois was likewife ordered to keep at home; but as he paid no regard to the injunctions laid upon him, but went about in Paris, foliciting judgment against the Duke de Chaul nes, whom the King has punished, his difobedience has coft him dear. He was arrested the day before yefterday, and fhut up in Fort L'Eveque.

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Directors, who reported to the Court
the numbers to stand as follows:
For the question
Against it

On Monday fe'nnight there was a General Court of the Proprietors of Eaft-India ftock, at their houfe in Leadenhall ftreet, purfuant to an adjournment of Friday laft, for the determination by ballot of the queftion mentioned in page 410.

The balloting began, as ufual, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and ended at fix the fame evening, when the fcrutineers made their return to the


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"His Polish Majesty has afferted a part of his fovereign prerogative, which it is probable will very foon determine his particular fate. Two of the Imperial Generals and one of the Ruffians, have taken the liberty to exact a tax from the inhabitants where their troops are quartered and otherwife oppreffed them in a very arbitrary manner; on their frequent complaints the King remonftrated to the Generals, and at laft to their respective courts but finding all ineffectual, he at last iffued orders for arrefting them, which was immediately performed, and they were conducted by a party of horfe to the caftle of Siradia, where they now remain."


Extraft of a Letter from Venice, dated Feb. 22.

"This republic of late entertained fears that the Emperor of Germany will lay claim to and difpoffefs them of the Province of Morlachia and


the fea coafts of Dalmatia, which his Imperial Majefty has long regarded with an eye of defire, as it would open a communication with the Adriatic and Mediterranean. The republic, in confequence of these apprehenfions, has ordered fpecial care to be taken of all the places of any importance where new fortifications are to be raised and ftrong garrifons thrown in. Seyna and Novignad in Morlachia, together with Zara, Nona, and Stardone in Dalmatia, are regarded with a particular attention, as they are places of the utmost importance, and all fituated near the fea coafts."

Extract of a Letter from the Hague, March 12.


According to the laft letters from Warfaw, the King of Pruffia has delivered to that Court, by Mr Benon, his minifter there a declaration which is extremely ftrong, and in which his Pruffian Majefty fays, among other things. That he hopes the Dyet, which is going to meet, will approve and ratify all that has paffed hitherto with refpect to Poland; but in case it 'fhould happen otherwife, his Pruffian

Majefty will not only retract the promifes he has made with respect to that kingdom, but will make the Polanders fenfible that he is not to be offended 'unpunished; and that he can do with. 'out either their approbation or rati 'fication, fo that they will pay dear for their ill-timed obstinacy, &c.'

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Extract of a letter from Rome, dated February 20.

"His Holinefs, and all the confiftory, feem to intereft themselves much in the expected fate of Poland, and leave no poffible means untried to fave fuch a number of Roman Catholics as there is in the Polish dominions from being obliged to fubmit to the exercife of the reformed religion, as it is con fidently faid hete that the King of Pruffia is determined to introduce proteftantifm at all events into that part


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EDINBURGH, March 19.

A private letter from London informs, that there was a terrible ftorm on the coaft of Portugal on the 28th February laft, and that two fhips belonging to St. Ubes, load with falt, bound for Hifpaniola, were dashed to pieces on Cape Roxant, at the mouth of the Tagus, and with great difficulty the crew were faved.. A Portugueze fhip belonging to Rio Janiero, in Brazil, juft newly arrived, had funk in the Tagus, a little below Lisbon, but it was expected the cargoe would be got out at low water.

A letter from Southampton mentions, that the late Lieut. Gen. Rufane, has bequeathed a legacy of 500l. to Mr Edward Salmon, of Haffel in Chethire. It feems, in the year 1745, Mr Salmon was an Enfign in Lord Ancram's regiment, and Mr Rufane his Captain and Major. Being quartered at Barnera, in the Isle of Sky, the Major had information of a party of rebels being in arms, and immediately ordered his Enfign, with a party of foldiers to attend him.; -They furrounded the hut where the Highlanders had taken refuge, and ordered them to deliver up their arms, and furrender prifoners; upon which one of them rushed out with his fword, and made a stroke at the Major, which Mr Salmon dexteroufly received upon his fpontoon, and inftantly fecured him. The Major, fenfible rhat his life was preferved by his Enfign, immediately became his warm friend; and though Mr Salmon quitted the army fo long fince as 1745, and has not correfponded with the General these twenty years, yet gratitude and a benevolent heart operated fo ftrongly as to give his preferver this teftimony of his remembrance.

There are three women fervants in the houfe of a gentleman in the county of Durham, who, out of curiosity laft week got themfelves weighed, each weighing as follows: The kitchen maid 16ft. 71b. the chamber-maid 16ft. 5lb. and the cook-maid 15ft. 13lb.

Thursday the 11th inft, a gentleman, near Widdrington, having killed a hare, about half an hour after the was drawn, a young one was perceived to move in the bed, which, on being put in fome wool and laid before the fire, revived, took fome milk, and is yet alive.


A correfpondent writes, By a letter just received from Holland, I have the pleafure to acquaint you, that fince the froft went off, they have had very full markets of wheat, oats, peafe, and beans, which they are now fhipping for London, and the orders are at prefent fo great, that though near double freight


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has been offered, they could not procure English fhips enough, fo that a confiderable quantity is now coming in Dutch veffels; however, this difficulty will foon be got over, as feveral large Newcastle hips failed thither, with a view of taking in corn, fo that in a few days we may expect large quantities at our markets."

Extract of a Letter from Glasgow,

March 18.

"This day fe'ennight two troops of dragoons, one of the 3d or Prince of Wales's regiment, and the other of the 11th, arrived here, with a defign to affift in quelling the mutiny among the failors at Greenock and Port-Glafgow, for which places they marched on Friday; but luckily there was no .occafion for their affiftance: for, on Thursday, the grenadiers and light infantry of the 15th regimient had fecured a number of the rioters, to the amount of forty or upwards.--Upon examination they were difmiffed, excepting twenty-four, fuppofed to be chief actors in the mob:-and, on Friday, the magiftrates of Greenock, attended by the principal inhabitants, without any of the military, went out to fuch of the failors as kept in a body; when the latter, obferving that their behaviour was difagreeable to the townfmen, immediately difperfed, and moft of them returned to the refpective fhips they belonged to.-- -The above" twenty-four, among whom is a boy named John Harris Powel, of fifteen or fixteen years of age, faid to have been extraordinary active in the riot, were yesterday escorted to Paifley, from whence they are expected to be condufted this day to the jail of this city.

Befides the two people killed at Greenock, the man and the woman, mentioned to have been wounded, are fince dead of their wound, and the life of another (not before mentioned) is defpaired of.

"It is with pleafure we acquaint our readers that Mr Golburn is till fuccefsfully carrying on his operations in deepening the river Clyde, and that three coating veffels arrived lately at the Broomielaw, directly from Ireland, with oat-meal, without ftopping at Greenock as formerly to unload their cargoes."

Last night, the important queftion, Whether the Tragedy of the Prince of Tunis merited the approbation of a judicious audience? being to be taken into confideration by the Society in this place, known by the name of the Debating Society a great number of them, and other gentlemen vifitors, attended by eight o'clock; but being refufed admittance, as they imagined, ra ther through obftinacy, or party-work; a numerous body retired by themselves, and, after taking the queftion into confideration, they were unanimoufly of opinion, that the Prince of Tunis, not only merited the approbation of a judicious audience, but was equal to most of the modern Tragedies lately performed, or printed, in Britain.

On Wednesday the 24th inft. Alexander Murdiefon late tennant in Wormieston, and John Miller his herd, lately condemned for fheep-ftealing; and John Watson for house-breaking, were hanged in the Grafs-market, pursuant to their fentence.

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