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Haven Region; by J. D. Dana,

XXIII. ----Auroral Belt of October 24th-25th, 1870,-




Chemistry and Physics.—On the Chlorides of Sulphur, HÜBNER and GUEROUT: On

the soluble and insoluble forms of Sulphur, BERTHELOT, 129.-- On the remark a-

ble changes of color produced in certain iodides by heat, MEUSEL: On Tetrame-

thylformene, Lwow, 131.—On an aromatic glycol, GRIMAUX, 132.—On the

production of solid cresol, Wurtz: On the synthesis of aromatic acids, VICTOR

MEYER, 133.—On the constitution of Camphor, VICTOR MEYER, 134.-A Text-

book of Elementary Chemistry, Theoretical and Inorganic, by G. F. Barker, 136.

Geology and Natural History.- 1 Reply to Mr. Dall's criticism on the Brachiopods

as a division of the Annelids, EDWARD S. MORSE, 136.-On Eozoon Canadense,

WM. King and Trios. H. ROWNEY, 138.-Scientific Expedition to the Rocky

Mountains, Prof. O. C. MARSH, 142.-Monograph of the North American Asta-

cida, Dr. H. A. Hagen, 143.-—-Preliminary Report on the Crustacea dredged in

the Gulf Stream in the Straits of Florida, L. F. DE POURTALES, 144.—On the

Mineral Constituents of Meteorites, N. S. MASKELYNE: Fossil Mammals of the

Rocky Mountains collected by Dr. Hayden, J. LEIDY: Fossil Mammals from

Oregon, J. LEIDY, 145.—Cretaceous and Tertiary Reptilia and Fishes: Geologi-

cal Survey of Ohio: Gas Wells in Ohio, J. S. NEW BERRY, 146.—Linnean Hy-

pothesis of the Derivation of Species. 147.—Monograph of the Ranunculaceæ

of the Dominion of Canada, GEO. LAWSON, 148.-Ersted on characters furnished

by the styles in Cupulifera and Juglandæ, etc., 149.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.- Meteorological Observations on Mt. Washing-

ton, 149.-Unusual exhibition of halos: Head Waters of the Amazon; Obser-

vations on the Geography and Archäology of Peru, E. G. SQUIER, 150.-Solar

Eclipse: Murchison: Balfour Stewart, 151. Obituary.-G. Bischof: William

Chauvenet, 151.

Miscellaneous Bibliography.Journal of the Franklin Institute: The Malay Archi-

pelago, by A. R. WALLACE, 151. - Adventures of a Young Naturalist, by L.

BIART: The Rob Roy on the Jordon, Nile, Red Sea, etc., hy J. MACGREGOR, 152.

APPENDIX.-From B. A. Gould, dated ('ordova, 153.


Chemistry and Physics.-On the synthesis of indigo blue, 213.--On the products

of the distillation of coal tar having high boiling points: On a new reaction for

Chloroform, A. W. HOFFMAN: On the homologues of Naphthalin, FittiG and

REMSEN, 214.--On the Spectrum of the Aurora Borealis, John BROWNING, 215.

Geology and Natural History.—Geological Survey of Ohio, 215.--Report on the

Geological Survey of Iowa, by C. A. WHITE, 217.--Report of the Geological Ex-

ploration of the Fortieth Parallel, made under the direction of Maj. Gen. A. A.

Humphreys, etc., by JAMES D. HAGUE, 218.-- The Literature of Kent's Cavern,

near Torquay, Devonshire: Atlas der Krystall-formen des Mineralreiches, von

Dr. ALBRECHT SCHRAUF: Synopsis of the Extinct Batrachia and Reptilia of

North America, by E. D. COPE, 220.-- The Phosphate Rocks of South Carolina;

their History and Development, by Francis S. HOLMES: Geognostisch-mineral-

ogische Fragmenta aus Italien, IİJ Thiel, Die Insel Elba, by G. vom Ratu:

Lophiotherium sylvaticum: Auchenia Californica: Protohippus of Leidy: Fossil

Reptiles of the Cretaceous of Kansas: General Chart showing the amount and

yield of Mineral fuel in Austria in the year 1868, by Fr. FOETTERLE, 221.--Rho.

dodendreæ Asiæ Orientalis, 222.--Flora Australiensis: Marsiliæ and Pilularia,

revised by A. BRAUN, 223.

Astromomy.--Solar Eclipse of Dec. 22; Mediterranean Eclipse, 1870, J. NORMAN

LOCKYER, 224.--Appendix to the Washington Observations of 1868, Com. SANDS:

Professor Young on the Eclipse, 230.

Viscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.---On Spontaneous Generation, by E. FRANKLAND,

230.-Statistics of Mines and Mining in the States and Territories west of the

Rocky Mountains, by R. W. RAYMOND: Fall of Rain at Hilo, Hawaii, 232.-

Å short course in Astronomy and the use of Globes, by HENRY KIDDLE, 233.--

Obituary.- "Tilliam Chauvenet. 233.

Chemistry and Physics.---On some Lecture-experiments, JULIUS THOMSEN, 296.-

On Ozone and Antozone, ENGLER and NASSE, 297.-On the Peroxides obtained

by Electrolysis, WERNICKE, 298.—A Laboratory Text-book of Practical Chemis-

try; or Introduction to Qualitative Analysis, WM. G. VALENTIN, 299.-A Series

of Chemical Problems for use in Colleges and Schools, T. E. THORPE, 300.

Geology and Natural History.—California Geological Survey, 300.- Geological Sur-

vey of Illinois, 301.—Burning of the State Geological Rooms at Springfield, Il.,

303.—Report of the Geological Survey of Iowa, Vol. II: Historical notes of the

Earthquakes of New England, W. T. BRIGHAM, 304.—Preliminary notice of a

new species of Trimerella, from Ohio, F. B. MEEK. 305.— The Phosphate Rocks

of South Carolina, F. S. HOLMES: South African Diamonds: Sciadopitys verti-

cillata, 306.—Musci Appalachiani, specimens of Mosses collected mostly in the

Eastern part of North America, C. F. Austin: Report on the Progress of the

State Geological Survey of Michigan by Alex. WINCHELL: Annual Report of

the State Geologist of New Jersey, 1870, 307.

Astronomy.— Transit of Venus in 1874, ASAPH HALL, 307.-On a Meteor seen att

Konisha, Minn., T. M. Young: Fall of Meteoric Stones at Concord, Ohio, 308.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.--Recent Auroral displays in the United States :

On the Color of Lake Geneva and the Mediterranean Sea, 309.--A new Manual

of Logarithms to seven places of decimals, Dr. BRUNS: Valuation Tables on

the Combined Experience” or “ Actuaries " Rate of Mortality, Elizur Wright:

The “Pliocene Skull," Illustrated, 310. Chas. Mayer Wetherill, 310.

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Chemistry and Physics. On the spectrum of the Aurora Borealis, ZÖLLNER, 372.-

Synthesis of coniin, SCHIFF, 373.—On the basicity of uranic oxide, molybdic,

boric and nitrous acids, SCHULTZ-SELLACK: Researches on Vanadium, Roscoe,

374.–On a new platinum chlorid, S. A. NORTON, 375.-Synthesis of Oil of Rue,

GOBUP-BESANEZ and GRIMM: On the action of Chlorine upon Aldehyde; a new

Chloral, KRÄMER and PINNER, 376.-On the composition of the oil of the Palm-

seed, OUDEMANS, 377.

Geology and Natural History.On the Mineralogy of Eozoon Canadense. R. Hoff-

MANN, 378.-On a Mineral Silicate injecting Paleozoic Crinoids, T. S. HUNT, 379.

On native amorphous Mercuric Sulphide, G. E. MOORE, 380.—Freieslebenite and

Diaphorite: On the Eocene beds of Utah, T. A. COXRAD, 381.-Coal Plants of

the Illinois Geological Survey, 4th Volume, 383.—The Bone Cave of Eastern

Pennsylvania, 384.—Report of the Progress of the State Geological Survey of

Michigan, Alex. Winchell, Director, 385.—Note on Limestone containing Petro-

leum in Nova Scotia, D. HONEYMAN: On Fossil Vertebrates of Caves on the

Island of Anguilla, W. I., E. D. COPE: New York State Cabinet of Natural History:

Saurocephalus of Harlan, COPE: Geology of Ohio: Note on Asaphus platyceph-

alus. J. D. DANA: On the Earthquake at Oahu. W. D. ALEXANDER, 386.-CLAPA-

REDE on Marine Bryozoa: Ceratodus, its place in the System of Fishes, W. Fos-

TER, 387.–Coccoliths, 388.-Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts

and Sciences, 389.-Second and Third Annual Reports of the Trustees of the

Peabody Academy of Science for 1869 and 1870, 390.-On the Genesis of Spe-

cies, St. GEORGE MIVART, 391.

Wiscellaneous Scientific Intelligence. --Anthracite Coal Trade of Pennsylvania, P. W.

SHEAFER: Carbonic Acid in outside and indoor air, 391.-Report of the Board

of Health of the City of Chicago for 1867, 1868 and 1869: Effect of the Eclipse

on the Magnetic Needle, D. MULLER: Establishment of Paul Mohr in Ohio for

the sale of fossils and minerals: Corrosion of lead pipes: Chemical Society, 392.

Bituary.-- Lartet: Becquerel: Guillaume Lejean: Haidinger, 392.


LXVI.— Notice of some new Fossil Serpents from the Creta-

ceous and Tertiary Formations; by 0. C. MARSH,... 447


Chemistry and Physics.-On a new series of ammonia-platinum bases, CLEVE, 459.

--On the preparation of hydric phosphide for lecture experiments, HOFMANN,

460.--On the direct substitution of the alcohol radicals for the hydrogen in hydric

phosphide, HOFMANN, 461.-On a new mode of formation of Para-oxybenzoic

Acid, REJSEN, 462.–New Spectroscopic Combination, SECCHI, 463.- Lessons in

Elementary Physics, STEWART, 464,

Geology and Natural History.-On Illinois Coal Plants, LESQUEREUX, 465.—On some

points connected with the Cretaceous and Tertiary of North Carolina, CONRAD,

468.-On the Earthquake at Oahu, ALEXANDER, 469.—Note on Trimerella acu-

minata, BILLINGS, 471.- Note on the discovery of the opercula of Hyolithes in

New York, Ford: Note on a new and gigantic species of Pterodactyle, MARSH:

Earthquakes, subterranean electrical disturbances, 472.—Geology of Louisiana:

Preliminary Report of the U. S. Geological Survey of Wyoming, aud portions of

contiguous Territories: Lehrbuch der physikalischen Mineralogie, SCHRAUF: Min-

eralogische Notizen, HESSENBERG, 473.

Astronomy.—On a Sunspot seen with the naked eye, F. H. Smith: Discovery of a

new planet, the 113th: Table of Elements of 25 planets, 474.

Botany. - Flora Brasiliensis, MARTIUS: Popular names of British Plants, PRIOR:

Les Fleurs de Pleine Terre, VILMORIN-ANDRIEUX: A Synopsis of all the known

Lilies, BAKER: On the Forms and Distribution over the World of the Batrachium

section of Ranunculus, HiERN, 475.--The Rhododendron, and "American Plants,"

E. S. RAND, 476.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.—Ventilation of Soldiers' Quarters, 476.— Associ-

ations for the Advancement of Science: Reports of the U. S. Commissioners to

the Paris Universal Exposition, 478.— Obituary.-Charles Mayer Wetherill, 478.

Herschel: Becquerel, 479.

INDEX, 480.

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