The Young Voyageurs; Or, The Boy Hunters in the North

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David Bogue, 1854 - Всего страниц: 471
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Стр. 157 - Lake Winnipeg is remarkable, as being in the very centre of the North American continent, and may be called the centre of the canoe navigation. From this point it is possible to travel by water to Hudson's Bay on the north-east, to the Atlantic Ocean on the east, to the Gulf of Mexico on the south, to the Pacific on the west, and to the Polar Sea on the north and north-west. Considering that some of these distances are upwards of three thousand miles, it will be perceived that Lake Winnipeg holds...
Стр. 467 - Mackenzie, stretching to the west, and extending north and south as far as the eye could reach, covered with forests of pine and poplar, and other large trees.
Стр. 176 - The bank — a limestone bluff — rose steeply from the water's edge to a height of eight feet, and the lake under it was several fathoms in depth. The buck did not hesitate, but sprang outward and downwards. A heavy splash followed, and for some seconds both wapiti and wolverene were lost under the water. They rose to the surface just as the boys reached the bank, but they came up separately. The dip had proved a cooler to the fierce wolverene ; and while the wapiti was seen to strike boldly out...
Стр. 36 - I'd give something to have him within range of buck-shot." As Franjois spoke he pointed down-stream to a great white bird that was seen moving out from the bank. It was a swan, and one of the very largest kind — a " trumpeter
Стр. 164 - In my opinion," continued Lucien, " the wapiti is the noblest of all the deer kind. It possesses the fine form of the European stag, while it is nearly a third larger and stronger. It has all the grace of limb and motion that belongs to the common deer, while its towering horns give it a most majestic and imposing appearance. Its color during the summer is of a reddish brown, hence the name red deer ; but, indeed, the reddish tint upon the wapiti is deeper and richer than that of its European cousin....
Стр. 43 - ... thickly along the surface. The eagles now wheeled over the sedge, flapping the tops of the bulrushes with their broad wings, and screaming with disappointed rage. Keen as were their eyes they could not discover the hiding-place of their victim. No doubt they would have searched for it a long while, but the canoe — which they now appeared to notice for the first time — had floated near ; and, becoming aware of their own danger, both mounted into the air again, and with a farewell scream flew...
Стр. 41 - One and all of them were familiar with the voice of the white-headed eagle! The trumpeter knew it as well as any of them, but on him it produced a far different effect. His terror was apparent, and his intention was all at once changed. Instead of rising into the air, as he had premeditated, he suddenly lowered his head, and disappeared under the water! Again was heard...
Стр. 161 - captain " rose up, placed his hand so as to shade his eyes from the sun, and, after looking for a second or two in the direction indicated, replied to the other's question by simply saying,— " Wapiti." " I'm no wiser than before I asked the question,
Стр. 41 - ... their guns crossed and ready. At this moment a shrill cry sounded over the water. It was the scream of some wild creature, ending in a strange laugh, like the laugh of a maniac ! On both sides of the river there was a thick forest of tall trees of the cotton-wood species (Populus angust'i < folia).

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