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A soul inur'd to pain,

To hardship, grief, and loss;
Ready to take up and sustain
The consecrated cross.

3 I want a godly fear,

A quick, discerning eye,

That looks to thee when sin is near,
And sees the tempter fly;
A spirit still prepar'd,

And arm'd with jealous care,
For ever standing on its guard,
And watching unto pray'r.

4 I want a heart to pray,

To pray and never cease,
Never to murmur at thy stay,
Or wish my suff'rings less;
This blessing, above all,
Always to pray I want,
Out of the deep on thee to call,
And never, never faint.

5 I want a true regard,

A single, steady aim,
Unmov'd by threat'ning or reward,
To thee and thy great name;
A jealous, just concern
For thine immortal praise;
A pure desire that all may learn
And glorify thy grace.

6 I rest upon thy word,

The promise is for me;

My succour and salvation, Lord,
Shall surely come from thee;
But let me still abide,

Nor from my hope remove,
Till thou my patient spirit guide
Into thy perfect love.

HYMN 177.

Prayer for Guidance.

1 GUIDE me, O thou great Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak, but thou art mighty; Hold me with thy pow'rful hand. 2 Open now the crystal fountains

Whence the living waters flow; Let the fiery, cloudy pillar,

Lead me all my journey through.

(IIL 3.)

3 Feed me with the heav'nly manna

In this barren wilderness;

Be my sword, and shield, and banner;
Be the Lord my righteousness.

4 When I tread the verge of Jordan,
Bid my anxious fears subside;
Death of death, and hell's destruction,
Land me safe on Canaan's side.

HYMN 178.

Following the Example of Christ.

(L. M.

1 WHENE'ER the angry passions rise,
And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife,
To Jesus let us lift our eyes,

Bright pattern of the Christian life.

2 O how benevolent and kind!

How mild, how ready to forgive!
Be this the temper of our mind,
And these the rules by which we live.
3 To do his heav'nly Father's will
Was his employment and delight;
Humility and holy zeal

Shone through his life divinely bright..
4 Dispensing good where'er he came,
The labours of his life were love;
Then, if we bear the Saviour's name,
By his example let us move.

5 But, ah! how blind, how weak we are!
How frail, how apt to turn aside!
Lord, we depend upon thy care;
We ask thy Spirit for our guide.
6 Thy fair example may we trace,
To teach us what we ought to be;
Make us, by thy transforming grace,
O Saviour, daily more like thee.

HYMN 179.


1 A CHARGE to keep I have,
A God to glorify;

A never dying soul to save,
And fit it for the sky:

2 From youth to hoary age,
My calling to fulfil :

O may it all my pow'rs engage
To do my Master's will.

(8. M.)

3 Arm me with jealous care,
As in thy sight to live,

And Oh! thy servant, Lord, prepare
A strict account to give:

4 Help me to watch and pray,
And on thyself rely;

Assur'd if I my trust betray,
I shall for ever die.

HYMN 180.

(C. M.)

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Forgetting those things which are behind," &c. Phil. iii. 13, 14.

1 AWAKE, my soul, stretch ev'ry nerve,

And press with vigour on,

A heav'nly race demands thy zeal,
And an immortal crown.

2 A cloud of witnesses around,
Hold thee in full survey;
Forget the steps already trod,
And onward urge thy way.

3 'Tis God's all-animating voice
That calls thee from on high;
'Tis his own hand presents the prize
To thine uplifted eye.

4 Then wake, my soul, stretch ev'ry nerve,
And press with vigour on,

A heav'nly race demands thy zeal,
And an immortal crown.

HYMN 181.

1 THE Lord will happiness divine
On contrite hearts bestow;

Then tell me, gracious God, is mine
A contrite heart, or no?

2 I hear, but seem to hear in vain,
Insensible as steel;

If aught is felt, 'tis only pain

To find I cannot feel.

3 My best desires are faint and few,
I fain would strive for more;

But when I cry, " My strength renew,"
Seem weaker than before.

4 I see thy saints with comfort fill'd,

When in thy house of pray'r;

(C. M.)

But still in bondage I am held,
And find no comfort there.

5 0 make this heart rejoice or ache;
Decide this doubt for ine;

And if it be not broken, break;
And heal it, if it be.

HYMN 182.

Desires after renewed holiness.

1 O FOR a closer walk with God,
A calm and heav'nly frame !
A light to shine upon the road
That leads me to the Lamb!
2 Where is the blessedness I knew,
When first I saw the Lord?
Where is the soul-refreshing view
Of Jesus and his word?

3 What peaceful hours I then enjoy'd;
How sweet their mem'ry still:
But now I feel an aching void
The world can never fill.

4 Return, O holy Dove, return,
Sweet messenger of rest;

I hate the sins that made thee mourn,
And drove thee from my breast.

5 The dearest idol I have known,
Whate'er that idol be,

Help me to tear it from thy throne,
And worship only thee.

6 So shall my walk be close with God;
Calm and serene my frame;

So purer light shall mark the road
That leads me to the Lamb.

HYMN 183.


1 'TIS my happiness below,
Not to live without the cross;
But the Saviour's pow'r to know,
Sanctifying ev'ry loss.

2 Trials must and will befall;

But with humble faith to see Love inscrib'd upon them all; This is happiness to me.

3 Did I meet no trials here,

No chastisement by the way,

(C. M.

(III. I.)

Might I not with reason fear
I should be a cast-away?
4 Trials make the promise sweet;
Trials give new life to pray'r;
Bring me to my Saviour's feet,
Lay me low, and keep me there.

HYMN 184.

Habitual Devotion.

1 WHILE thee I seek, protecting Pow'r,
Be my vain wishes still'd:
And may this consecrated hour

With better hopes be fill'd.

2 Thy love the pow'r of thought bestow'd,
To thee my thoughts would soar:
Thy mercy o'er my life has flow'd,
That mercy I adore.

3 In each event of life, how clear
Thy ruling hand Í see!

Each blessing to my soul more dear,
Because conferr'd by thee.

4 In ev'ry joy that crowns my days,
In ev'ry pain I bear,

My heart shall find delight in praise,
Or seek relief in pray'r.

5 When gladness wings my favour'd hour,
Thy love my thoughts shall fill;
Resign'd, when storms of sorrow low'r,
My soul shall meet thy will.

6 My lifted eye, without a tear,

The gath'ring storm shall see;
My steadfast heart shall know no fear,
That heart will rest on thee.

HYMN 185.

Walking with God.

1 SINCE I've known a Saviour's name,
And sin's strong fetters broke,
Careful without care I am,

Nor feel my easy yoke:
Joyful now my faith to show,
I find his service my reward,

All the work I do below
Is light, for such a Lord.

2 To the desert or the cell,
Let others blindly fly,

(C. M.)

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