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So, too.

morning, and Mrs. Lawrence's sister, Miss for by tomorrow she might have committed Bacon, came in; and she happened to ask me herself to a change.” -oh, if only she hadn't!-if I knew that “But you hate to go, don't you?” Susan they meant to let Yates operate on Chris- asked, watching her keenly. sy's throat. She said she thought it was a "Ah, well, it's unpleasant, of course," great pity. Oh, if only I'd held my tongue! Lydia said simply. “She may be unwilling But before I thought, I said, yes, I thought to accept my apology. She may not even

And now here's this note from see me. One feels so-so humiliated, Sue.' Mrs. Lawrence saying that she cannot over- “In that case, I'm going along to buck look the fact that her conduct was criticized you up," said Susan cheerfully. and discussed before Christina! Here, read In spite of Lydia's protests, go she did. it!”

They walked to the Lawrence home through “Beast!” Susan scowled at the mono- a night so dark that Susan blinked when grammed sheet and the dashing hand. they finally entered the magnificent, lighted Miss Lydia clutched her wrist with a hot hallway. hand.

The butler obviously disapproved of them. "What shall I do, Sue?" she asked, in He did not quite attempt to shut the door agony.

on them, but Susan felt that they intruded. “Well, I'd simply-” Susan began boldly "Mrs. Lawrence is at dinner, Miss Lord,” enough. But a look at the pathetic, gray- he reminded Lydia gravely. haired figure on the bed stopped her short. "Yes, I know, but this is rather--imShe came, with the glory of her bright hair portant, Hughes,” said Lydia, clearing hanging loose about her face, to sit beside her throat nervously. “Will you say that Lydia. “Really, I don't know, dear," she I am here, Hughes? said gently. “What do you think?”

“ ** Presently," he answered impassively. “Sue, I don't know! And to Susan's Susan followed him for a few steps across horror, poor Lydia twisted about, rested her the hall, spoke to him in a low tone. arm on the foot of the bed and began to cry. "Too bad to ask you to interrupt her,

“Oh, these rich!”raged Susan, attacking Hughes,” said she, in her friendly little her hair with angry sweeps of the brush. way, “but you know Miss Lord's sister "You couldn't take the public school exam- has been having one of her bad times, and inations, could you, Miss Lydia? It would of course you understand?" The blue be so glorious simply to let Mrs. Lawrence eyes and the pitiful little smile conquered. slide!”

Hughes became human. “I always meant to do that some day," Certainly, miss," he said hoarsely, said Lydia, wiping her eyes and gulping, "but madam is going to the theater to"but it would take time. And meanwhile night, and it's no time to see her.” And there are Mary's doctor's bills, and the “I know," Susan interposed sympathetinterest on our Piedmont lot—" For the ically. Lord sisters, for patient years, had been "However, you may depend upon my takpaying interest, and an occasional instal- ing the best moment,” Hughes said before ment, on a barren little tract of land disappearing, and when he came back a few nine blocks away from the Piedmont moments later he was almost gracious. trolley.

“Mrs. Lawrence says that if you wish “You could borrow—” began Susan. to see her you'll kindly wait, Miss Lord.

But Lydia was more practical. She Step in here, will you please? Will you be dried her eyes, straightened her hair and seated, ladies? Miss Chrissy's been asking collar, and came with her own quiet for you the whole evening, Viss Lord.” dignity, to the discussion of possibilities. "Is that so?" Lydia asked, brightening. She was convinced that Mrs. Lawrence They waited, with fast-beating hearts, for had written in haste, and was already what seemed a long time. The great enregretting it.

trance to the flower-filled embrasure that "No, she's too proud ever to send for me," led to the dining-room was in full view from she assured Susan, when the girl suggested where they stood, and when Mrs. Lawrence, their simply biding their time, but I know elegantly emaciated, wonderfully gowned that by taking me back at once she would and jeweled, suddenly came into the temsave herself any amount of annoyance and pered brilliance of the electric lights, both time. So I'd better go and see her tonight, girls went to meet her.


“There's nothing really wrong, Sue," Mary Lou reassured her. "But Georgie-she's married, dear, to Joe O'Connor.“ “But ma's going to have it annulled," said Virginia instantly. “Wouldn't you know

if any of us did get married, it would be annulled!" Susan said disgustedly Susan's heart burned for Lydia, faltering “This is our cue to sing 'For You Was out her explanation in the hearing of the Once My Wife,' Susan!" Peter suggested. butler.

Susan did not answer him. She exchanged “This is hardly the time to discuss this, an amused, indulgent look with Mrs. Miss Lord,” Mrs. Lawrence said impatiently, Lawrence. Perhaps the girl's quiet dignity "but I confess I am surprised that a woman rather surprised that lady, for she gave her who apparently valued her position in my a keen, appraising look before she asked house should jeopardize it by such an ex- pleasantly, "Aren't you going to introduce traordinary indiscretion."

me to your old friend, Peter?” Susan's heart sank. No hope here!

“Not old friends,” Susan corrected seBut at this moment some six or seven renely, as they were introduced. young people followed Mrs. Lawrence out “But vurry, vurry de-ah,” supplemented of the dining-room and began hurriedly to Peter, "aren't we?' assume their theater wraps, and Susan, "I hope Mrs. Lawrence knows you well with a leap of her heart, recognized among enough to know how foolish you are!” them Peter Coleman-Peter, splendid in Susan said composedly. And Mrs. Lawevening dress, with a light overcoat over rence said brightly, “Indeed I do! For we his arm and a silk hat in his hand. His are very old friends, aren't we, Peter?” face brightened when he saw her.

He But the woman's eyes still showed a little dropped his coat and came quickly across puzzlement. The exact position of this the hall. A rapid fire of questions followed; girl, with her ready “Peter,” her willingness he was apparently unconscious of or in- to disclaim an old friendship, her pleasant different to the curiously watching group. unresponsiveness, was a little hard to deter

“Well, you two seem to be great friends," mine. Mrs. Lawrence said graciously, turning “Well, we must run,” Mrs. Lawrence refrom her conversation with Miss Lord. called herself to say suddenly. "But why won't you and Miss Lord run up to see purse for money, of Mary Lord, so grateChrissy ior a few moments, Miss Brown? fully eating melting ice-cream from a pink The peor kiddy is frightfully dull. And saucer with a silver souvenir spoon! pot be here in the morning as usual, Miss Two different worlds, and she, Susan, Lord? That's good. Good night."

torn between them! How far she was from -You did that, Sue, you darling!"exulted Peter's world she felt that she had never Lyüa, as they ran down the stone steps an realized until tonight. How little gifts and bu lazer and locked arms to walk briskly pleasures signified from a man whose life hong the dark street. "Your knowing was crowded with nothing else! How helpMr. Coer:an sared the day!" And in the less she was, standing by while his life eraberance of her spirits, she took Susan whirled him farther and farther away from

in a brightly lighted little candy store the dull groove in which her own feet were od treated her to ice-cream. They carried set! some here in a dripping paper box for Yet Susan's evening had not been without Mary, who was duly horrified. agitated, and its little cause for satisfaction. She had te ice crer the history of the day.

treated Peter coolly, with dignity, with reThrough Susan's mind, as she lay wake- serve, and she had seen it not only spur him

bec that right, one scene after another to a sudden eagerness to prove his claim to inted and iadei. She saw Mrs. Lawrence, her friendship, but also have its effect upon gricing and supera.ious; saw Peter, glow- his hostess. This was the clue at last. sg and gay: saw the butler, with his at- "If ever I have another chance," decided it up to be rude, and the little daughter of Susan, "he won't have such easy sailing! se beese, tussing about on the luxurious He will have to work for my iriendship as if

noi ter dig bed. She thought of I were the heiress and he a clerk in Front Ly Lord's ner gioves, iumbling in her Office."

The best insanent of Saturday's Child will appear in the Fibruary issue

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vb. test this month's cover, printed without any kisering on 14111 inch ibbled punt, for 15 cents. Tuis barris picture, which is entitai“Gawi Resolutions, "is :he cien enth of the cries and the entire set velta mear be procured in die dien. at he springrito 91.35 Single prints –: 5 ta.

Two More Christy Pictures

We have recived such an ascenichingly large number of reads for We of Mr. Howard Chandler Christy's recent puinrings that we have arranged in reproduce then, and they are not cred you under the tiles of " fi the land Poul" and "She loves a Suler." These are printed in a color on the regulation 14x4 inch phobiad pwr, and well for 25 crnis aver lounil and then reproduced in miniature in the illustratat supplement to our catalogue which is new roadri Sind for ii. 1: is rex.

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HE cabbage of our modern kitchen- in this clown, and proposed to improve it in

a froduct of our agricultural ingenuity Progressing by infinitesimal degrees, quite as much as of the niggardly gifts of culture wrought miracles. It began by nature. Spontaneous vegetation supplied persuading the wild cabbage to discard its us with the long-stalked, scanty-leaved, ill- miserable leaves, beaten by the sea-winds, smelling wilding, as it is found, so the botan- and to replace them by others, ample and ists tell us, on the ocean cliffs. He had need fleshy and close fitting, becoming then a of a rare inspiration who first showed faith product held in high esteem by classic an

*Translated by Alexander Tiexeira de Mattos. Copyright U.S. A. by Charles Delagrave.

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