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conditions it was the best place. The I couldn't move. But now I began to creep interest would be small, but safe. Certain toward the door, with my eyes on him. I investments would, of course, bring higher felt some way that I dared not take them interest, but no woman should try to invest off. As I moved he got up; he was much her money unless she had business training, nearer the door than I was, and though or a very wise, experienced adviser back I

sprang for it, he reached it first and stood of her. Then he stopped for a minute, there quietly, holding the knob in his hand. and it seemed hard for him to go on. I Neither of us had uttered a sound, but now did not speak, for I saw that he was thinking he spoke and his voice was very low and something over, and of course I knew better steady. than to interrupt him. At last he said that “Wait a minute,” he said. “I want to ordinarily, of course, he never paid any tell you something you need to know. attention to small accounts, but that he Then

you may go.'

And he added grimly, liked me very much and wanted to help me, “Straighten your hat!” and that if I wished, he would invest my I put up my hands and straightened it. noney for me in a way that would bring in Still I did not take my eyes off his. His a great deal more interest than the savings eyes seemed like those of Yawkins and the bank would pay.

And he asked if I under- great snake in my dreams, but as I looked stood what he meant.

into them they fell. I said I did—that he was offering to take "For God's sake, child,” he said irritaentirely too much trouble for a stranger, bly, “don't look at me as if I were an anaand that he was just as kind as he could be, conda! Don't you know it was all a trick?” but that I couldn't think of letting him do it, He came up closer to me and gave me his and I was sure papa wouldn't want me to. next words eye to eye and very slowly, as He seemed annoyed all of a sudden, and if to force me to listen and believe. his manner changed. He asked why I had "I did that, Miss Iverson," he said, come if I felt that way, and I began to see "to show you what happens to beautiful how silly it looked to him, for of course he girls in New York when they go into men's didn't know I was a reporter getting a story offices asking for advice about money. on investments for women. I didn't know Some one had to do it. I thought the lesson what to say or what to do about the money, might come better from me than from a either, for Mr. Hurd hadn't told me how to younger man.” meet any offer of that kind.

His words came to me from some place While I was thinking and hesitating, Mr. far away. A bit of my bit of Greek came, Drake sat still and looked at me queerly; too-something about Homeric laughter. the blue sparks in his eyes actually seemed Then in another instant I went to pieces to shoot out at me. They frightened me and crumpled up in the big chair, and when a little, and without stopping to think any he tried to help me I wouldn't let him come more, I said I was very grateful to him and

But little by little, when I could that I would bring the money to his office speak, I told him what I thought of him the next day. Then I stood up and he and men like him, and of what I had gone stood up, too; and I gave him my hand through since I came to New York, and and told him he was the kindest man had of how he had made me feel degraded and met in New York—and the next minute unclean forever. At first he listened withI was gasping and struggling and pushing out a word; then he began to ask a few

a him away with all my strength, and he questions. . stumbled and went backward into his big “So you don't believe me,

” he said once. chair, knocking over an inkstand full of ink, “That's too bad. I ought to have thought which crawled to the edge of his desk in little of that.” He even wrung from me at last black streams and fell on his gray clothes. the thing that was worst of all—the thing

For a minute he sat staring straight ahead I hadn't dared to tell Mrs. Hoppen-the of him and let them fall. Then he brushed thing I had sworn to myself no one should his hand across his head and picked up the ever know—the deep-down, paralyzing fear inkstand and soaked up the ink with a blot- that there must be something wrong in me ter, and finally turned and looked at me. that brought these things upon me, that I stared back at him as if I were in a night- perhaps I, too, was to blame. That seemed mare. I was opposite him and against the to stir him in a queer fashion. He put out wall, with my back to it, and for a moment his hand, as if to push the idea away.

near me.

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had to say.

“No,” he said emphatically. “No, no! “What's the use of talking like that, Never think that." He went on more Hurd?” he asked quietly. “You know quietly. “That's not it. It's only that you're perfectly well you won't print that story. a lamb among the wolves—a lamb among You don't dare. And you know that the wolves. Yes, that's it. That's it.” you're as much to blame as Drake is for

He seemed to forget me, then to remember what's happened. When you sent Miss me again. "But remember this, child, ” Iverson out on that assignment you knew he went on. “Some men

are bad clear just what was coming to her." through; some are only half bad. Some Hurd's face went purple. “I didn't,” aren't wolves at all; they'll help to keep he protested furiously. "I swear I didn't. you from the others. Don't you get to I thought she'd be able to get to them bethinking that every mother's son runs in cause she's so pretty. But that's as far the pack; and don't forget that it's mighty as my mind worked on it.” He turned to hard for any of us to believe that you're. "You believe me, don't you?” he

, ”, as unsophisticated as you seem. You'll' asked gently. “Please say you do." I get over it. You'll learn how to handle nodded. “Then it's all right,” he said. wolves. That's a woman's primer lesson “And I promise you one thing now: I'll in life. And in the meantime here's some- never put you up against a proposition thing to comfort you. Though you don't like that again.” know it, you've got a talisman. You've He picked up his sandwich and dropped got something in your eyes that will the matter from his mind. Morris stood never let them

too close. Now still a minute longer, started to speak, good-by."

stopped, and at last brought out what he It was six o'clock when I got back to the Searchlight office. I had gone down to the “And you won't think every man you Battery to let the clean sea air sweep over meet is a beast, will you, Miss Iverson?” me. I had dropped into a little chapel, he asked. too, and when I came out the world had I shook my head. I didn't seem to be righted itself again and I could look my able to say much. But it seemed queer fellow human beings in the eyes. Even that both he and Mr. Drake had said almost Mr. Drake had said it was not my fault the same thing and that I had a talisman. I knew now "Because," said Morris, "in his heart, what that talisman was.

you know, every man wants to be decent. Mr. Hurd, still bunched over his desk, I filed that idea for future reference, as was drinking a bottle of ginger ale and eat- the librarians say. Then I asked them the ing a sandwich when I entered. Morris, question I had been asking myself for hours.

I at his own desk, was editing copy. The "Do you think Mr. Drake really was outer pen,

where the rest of us sat, was de- teaching me a-a terrible lesson?” I said. serted by everyone except Gibson, who was The two men exchanged a look. Each so busy that he did not look up.

seemed to wait for the other to speak. It “Got your story?" asked Hurd, looking was Gibson who answered me. He had straight at me for the third time since I opened the door, and was watching us with had taken my place on his staff. He spoke no sign of his usual wide and cheerful grin. with his mouth full. "Hello," he added, “The way you tell it,” he said, “it's a “What's the matter with your eyes?” toss-up. But I'll tell you how it strikes

I sat down by his desk and told him. Just to be on the safe side, and The sandwich dropped from his fingers. whether he lied to you or not, I'd like to His young-old, dimpled face turned white give Henry F. Drake the all-firedest lickwith anger. He waited without a word ing he ever got in his life.” until I had finished.

“You bet," muttered Hurd, through the “By God, I'll make him sweat for that!” last mouthful of his sandwich. Mr. Morris he hissed. “I'll show him up! The old didn't say anything, but the bunches on his hypocrite! The whited sepulchre! I'll jaw-bones seemed larger than ever as he make this town ring with that story. I'll turned to his desk. make it too hot to hold him!”

I looked at them, and in that moment Morris got up, crossed to us, and stood I learned the lesson that follows the primer beside him, looking down at him. The lesson. At least one thing Mr. Drake had bunches on his jaw-bones were very large. told me was true—All men were not wolves.

The next May Iverson story, "The Girl in Gray,” will appear in the February issue.



With rapid coal-scuttle I make out rush to kitchen sink where I fill him with water and make backrush to cellar. I open mouth of Hon. Furnace, and embracing my elbows, throw water with awful

strength. What did that cruel furnace reply then? WHOOSH!!!*

Hashimura Togo Runs a Furnace

By Wallace Irwin

Illustrated by F. Strothmann

To Editor Good Housekeeper Magazine “You are a cook?" she ask it. who are cheaper than coal, because he warms “Yes are!" I say it. many homes, price 150.

“Then you will be expected to feed the

furnace while doing so," she negotiate EAR SIR:— Most recent job of em- harshly.

ployment I was impeached from "Must I be an engineer because I am

was home of Mrs. and Mr. J. W. a hired girl?" I requesh. Humburg, Pondside, N. J. Perhapsly you "I guess supposedly," renig Hon. Mrs., can tell me why, because I am disabled to while leading me to interno of down-cellar understand the customary habits of some where I was introduced to Hon. Furnace. households.

This iron animal, Mr. Editor, lives like a Just a few days of yore I apply there in very homely hermit in middle of low darkextreme coldness of snow. This Hon. ness. He set there in nest of ashes, with Mrs. Humburg, dark hairs lady of muscu- tin snakes growing from his forehead like lar expression, approach to kitchen and zinc octopus. His teeth was full of blazes observe me.

and he would of made a nice idol for Jap


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anese to worship when feeling old-fashioned. While I was upstairs doing bed-make I could not love his face which seem too exercise, Hon. Mrs. incroach with sharphungry when open and too satisfied when ness of face peculiar to swords. closed.

“I am quite aquainted with Hon. Fur“We never permit him to go out in nace,”I say for happy smiling. winter,” narrate Hon. Mrs.

“I notice it,” she degrade, “by the “I shall watch see he do not escape,” thumb-tracks


bedI promus with Wm. Jerome eyebrows. spread."

Annexed to Hon. Furnace were a slight "If you would burn white coal, maybe clock with one finger going around like I would match your delicate home more taxicabs. “This are the steam gag, nicely,” I snuggest. plan Hon. Mrs. "He are now pointing She reply by not doing so. 23.”

“Do that tell age of Hon. Furnace?” Hon. Furnace seem more depressed that I require educationally.

afternoon p. m., so I sit beside him to shovel No, not!” she snagger. “That indikate nourishment. Hon. Steam Gag say 14, the number lbs. steam in boiler. You must which are very sick temperature. Hon. be careful about that. If Hon. Steam Gag Furnace look dull-eye like fish, and more jump above 25 lbs. that will mean Hon. I coaled him the less he het. I feed him Furnace have got too much steam on his slight soap-box for light foods, and by 4:11 brain and might blow up with Harry he smile more pleasanter and commence Thaw noise. When Hon. Steam Gag get eating coal. At 5:12 Hon Steam Gag too ambitious, Oh, cool Hon. Furnace awoke up to taxicab work. with immediate quickness before explode Thusly I left him and go to kitchen for

make food for rest of family. But my “A Samurai janitor fears no steam!” soul would not get into that kitchen work, I reject proudishly, while folding my el- Mr. Editor. It were similar to a janitor bows over coal shovel.

attempting to be a chef. It might be done, Mr. Editor, I did not stoke long in this but can it? I almost nearly put shovelful situation of work, but I make very pleasant of coal in apple-pie, I was thinking so hard impression of it. Although I enjoy thumb- about what would tempt appetite of furscorch, ash-eye, and janitorial pain of spine, naces. yet I commence to love Hon. Furnace for Howeverly, I finished fashionable foods his characteristic. I begin to dishcover for that Humburg family to eat, to include he are like Hon. Beethoven, famus piano considerable potatus and canned corn. player-he got red-hot soul inside his homely Hon. Mrs. who went to Trenton for slight face. It were pleasant to watch him eat shop-buy, arrive back at 6:34 attached to $8 worth very hard coal and purr from her Husband. I observe that gentleman sweet digestion. It are nice to be healthy. through door-hinge and notice his dishHe seem to contain no meanness. When agreeable Wall Street appearance. He look I close his mouth with shovel he forgive entirely bear-market. First thing he do that impoliteness. He love to have me when approaching inside was to sneeze comb his ashes with poker.

while walking to Hon. Radiator and touchPretty soonly, while doing this, I begin ing him with diamond fingers. to feel like engineers running Lusitania. “Huh!” This from him. “Have you I decorate my complexion with smudges employed Hon. Doc Cook for janitor?” and imagine how 1000 Newport passengers “Why so?” This from Hon. Mrs. was on upstairs deck congratulating my “Because he makes North Poles wherever intelligence. While thinking thusly I poke he goes,” snib Hon. Mr. I could not asmore coal into inflamed mouth of Hon. similate this compliment which might be Furnace. Yet I keep my scientific eye- otherwise. sight on Hon. Steam Gag for see he did not I brought in dinner-food tray overjump 25 lbs., thusly causing mania to and set him to table. When Hon. Mr. explode.

took chair he looked to me with serious This engineerish work seem so heroic eyesight. that I grew quite peev about merely house- “That are nice-looking niggero boy you maidenly work. Yet I was hired to do. Sol employ,” he snuggest to Hon. Mrs. perform them with disgust.

"He are not niggero," she devolve.



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“He got that complexion from being at- eat him with loudly roar. Hon. Steam Gag tentive to furnace.

jump forwards to 19. Afterwards I poke “Oh,” he snagger. “If he would put more in oilcloth which blaze resembling July 4 coal in Hon. Furnace and less on that face, and smell more so. At this sight Hon. perhapsly I should feel less iced.”

Steam Gag leap onward to 21 and that cave I could not chide that denaturized man, where Furnace lived become quite sunyet I thought so.

stroke. And when I fetched forth excelsiorAfter dinner-eat he approach to kitchen shave quenched with kerosene, I never and say: "Togo,” he say with doggish voice, observed Hon. Furnace chew more satis“furnaces are made for

faction. Coal I added in hodd heats. Otherwisely we

-when-Oh, look!! would use ice-boxes,

Hon. Steam Gag had arrived at which is just as hand

27 and was pointing his reckless some. Any cook who

finger further up! This could not cannot feed my furnace

happen!!! I remember should be banished for

how Hon. Mrs. had caucruelty.”

tiously warned me that “I understand this

Hon. Furnace would knowledge," I report

get steamed brain and chivalrously.

explode from dementia “Did you permit Hon.

if Hon. Gag surpass 25 Furnace to go out?”

lbs. Yet there he was “Ah, no, not I did!”

approaching 30 with This I say. “I watch

mean taxi-click! him entire day and give

What should heroes you my truthful insur

do with such circumance he did not leave

stances? I thought that cellar.”

lightning. Too much “Tonight you must

fire make too much compel him to heat, no

steam, too much steam matter how desperado

make blow-off. Thereyou act," he snarrel,

"I am quite acquainted with Hon. Furnace," fore fire must quit at departing off with I say for happy smiling. “I notice it," she oncely. With rapid bang-slam.

degrade, "by the thumb-tracks you leave on coal-scuttle I make At hearing such bedspread." “ If you would burn white coal, outrush to kitchen adjectives, angry rages maybe I would match your delicate home

sink where I fill him filled my hair with

more nicely," I snuggest

with water and make scorn. What is so un

backrush to cellar. grateful as ingratitude? Nothing!! Had I open mouth of Hon. Furnace, and embracI not sat by sick-bed of Hon.Furnace, feed- ing my elbows, throw water with awful ing him what stumach would hold? Yes! strength. What did that cruel furnace And yet this crude gentleman reproach my reply then? firemanship with coolness.

WHOOSH!!!*** Nextly I become determined. I would Out-jump of steam, cooked coal & atmoscompel that heater to a hotter thermometer phere suppress me backwards with such if I cooked my soul doing so, I declare! rapidity that I hurricaned through 2 doors

So I ascend down to cellar. Hon. Fur- and i window, arriving in outside snow-bank nace was still there doing the same. I shook on the seat of my stumach. him with considerable peev, but he merely “What deed have


done now?" scram answered by winking his dull coals. Hon.

. Hon. Mrs. from topside porch. Steam Gag say 18 and act like he was in- “Your furnace just discharged me," tending to faint away. I have read in I flop back disgustly. novel-book about bravery of engineer who "I congratulate him," she narrate. Then save his ship by burning it up for steam. she make earnest close-down to window, I shall do similar!

so there I sat surrounded by frost. I burst up kitchen table, which should

Hoping you are the same, burn nice because covered with happy

Yours truly, grease. Hon. Furnace love such foods and


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