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See that this trade-mark is on every package of cocoa and chocolate that you buy.


The immense popularity enjoyed by Baker's Cocoa and ChocoLATE preparations, recognized as the standards for purity and excellence, have tempted unscrupulous dealers and manufacturers to attempt

to trade upon the name * " Baker” and to substitute

goods of inferior quality when ours are called for. Consumers should insist upon getting the genuine goods with the trade-mark of the chocolate girl on the package.

Reg. l'. S. Pat. Office

A handsomely illustrated booklet of Choice
Recipes will be sent free upon request.

WALTER BAKER & CO. Limited Established 1780


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The * marking indicates technical analysis of household apparatus, foods and toilet accessories only

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Stories and Leading Features in This Number

The New Year Ship

Ella Wheeler Wilcox 2

A Poem

Illustrated by Vincent Aderente

The Making of a Militant

Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst 4

Sister to all good women everywhere-that's the view you get of the militant leader

in the opening chapter of this intimate autobiography, which will tell for the first

time the true story of the fight for suffrage.

Taming the Hawk. A Story

Corra Harris 15

The girl from the West couldn't do it according to modern ways; but a return to Illustrated by Gayle Hoskins
first principles brought general satisfaction. The second of a series of Blue Ridge

Mountain stories.

Guilty of Motherhood

Rose Young 27

Should mothers teach? Courts and Boards of Education are at odds over this ques-
tion, which is one of the most significant of the day. Would you like a mother to

teach your children-or wouldn't you?

Saturday's Child. A Serial

Kathleen Norris 35

The further adventures of the office girl upon whom Society smiled, told by the Illustrated by Arthur I. Keller

author of "Mother.'

The Butterfly of the Pieris

J. Henri Fabre 49

An essay by the "insect's Homer" which brings men into closer kinship with some of Illustrated by H. J. Shannon

God's little things.

A Girl's Letter to Her Mother

Emily Calvin Blake 57

In which Youth bares its heart. A confession- or an accusation?

What Do Children Read?

Montrose J. Moses 63

An eminent critic pleads for sanity in shaping the dreams of childhood, and offers

suggestions which will help mothers to find the books their little ones want.

The Cry of the Pack. A May Iverson Story

Elizabeth Jordan 69

Having already proved herself in the newspaper world, this fresh, eager Illustrated by James Montgomery Flagg

girl from the convent now proves men.

Hashimura Togo Runs a Furnace

Wallace Irwin 78

And the furnace reciprocates.

Illustrated by F. Strothmann

Did She Wrong Her Husband?

Dorothy Dix 81

An answer to one of the most vital questions to which the changed economic status Illustrated by W. D. Stevens

of woman has given rise.

Growing Old Together

Martha Bensley Bruère 87

Some new thoughts on old age and how husband and wife may best prepare for it.

Illustrated by H. J. Soulen

Sarah and the Bokhara. A Story

Holworthy Hall 93

Art and love both cry out for satisfaction, and it seems that never the twain shall

Illustrated by W. B. King

meet" until suddenly the rug, in most unexpected fashion, spans the gap between them,

Our Halo

Dr. Woods Hutchinson 102

Have you any hair, and would you keep it? Here's instruction how.

Illustrated by Rea Irvin

Leading Departments

Dr. Wiley's Department

Harvey W. Wiley, M.D. 109

Swindled Getting Slim (with Anne Lewis Pierce); Taking the Paint from Teas;

The First Hatch of the New Brood; Fooling with Flour ; Sai Hepatica.

Three Meals a Day.

Edited by Bertha E. Shapleigh 133

Simple Economies and Wicked Wastes, Martha McCulloch-Williams; A Suffrage
Luncheon; What to Eat in January.

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Other Articles and Departments

Cover Design, Coles Phillips : Editor's Say, 6-8, Advertising Section ; A Prayer of the Man in the Street, Bouck White, 1 ; Mother Goose

Drawing. Jessie Willcox Smith, 120; Fashions, 122 ; Just Plants-or Window Gardens ? Grace Tabor, 130; New Things for the Home,

143; Discoveries, 146; Index to Advertisements, 12-14, Advertising Section.

George von Utassy, President

George L. Willson, Secretary

George Pancoast, Treasurer; all, 119 West 40th St., New York

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15 cents a copy

COPYRIGHT, 1913 (Trade-mark registered), by Good Housekeeping Magazine. Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter.

We cannot begin subscriptions with back numbers. Unless otherwise directed, we begin all subscriptions with the current

issue. If you wish to renew your subscription to begin any number of months in advance, state the month. The

expiration date of current subscriptions is always shown on the wrapper.

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“Eat More Bread” Of course you should eat more bread” and less meat—but be sure your bread contains all the body-building material in the whole wheat grain prepared in a digestible form. The only bread that fulfils all these requirements is Shredded Wheat



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the natural, elemental food, not “treated
compounded with anything-contains no yeast,
no baking powder, no chemicals of any kind
just pure, whole wheat steam -cooked, shredded
and baked. Served with hot milk it makes a
nourishing, satisfying dish for a cold day.



Always heat the Biscuit in the oven to restore crispness. Two Shredded Wheat Biscuits with hot milk or cream will supply all the energy needed for a half day's work. Try TRISCUIT, the Shredded Wheat Wafer, for luncheon with butter, cheese or marmalade.


The * marking indicates technical analysis of household apparatus, foods and toilet accessories only

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