Poems humorous and philosophical, by Outis, with which are included Rhymes in the west of England dialect, by Agrikler, Выпуск 823

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Стр. 61 - OLD King Cole was a merry old soul, And a merry old soul was he; He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl, And he called for his fiddlers three.
Стр. 52 - He easily shirks the burden, and sings to his empty purse: 'To you my purse, and to none other wight, Complain I, for ye be my lady dear; I am sorry now that ye be so light, For certes ye now make me heavy cheer: Me were as lief be laid upon a bier, For which unto your mercy thus I cry, Be heavy again, or elles must I die. Now vouchsafen this day ere it be night That I of you the blissful sound may hear, Or see your colour like the sunne bright, That of yellowness ne had never peer; Ye be my life,...
Стр. 52 - TO HIS EMPTY PURSE. TO you my purse, and to none other wight, Complain I, for ye be my lady dear...
Стр. 19 - Ulysses ! think not death a theme Of consolation ; I had rather live The servile hind for hire, and eat the bread Of some man scantily himself sustain'd, Than sovereign empire hold o'er all the shades.
Стр. 99 - ... pluck the fruits of the perennial city, — and to God who created them, and to Christ who redeemed them, swell an anthem of praise, increasing, louder and deeper, with the ceaseless annals of eternity. PROVERBEEL FEELOSSIFY.— BY AGRIKLER. You've heard o
Стр. 6 - Consarn thy yead," my fiather hollered out. (Aalthaw wi passion a wer fit ta bust, One theng I'll zaay, my fiather never cuss'd.)
Стр. 5 - And wesh un down wi' bout dree quarts o zlap. Wi' bulgin cheeak, 'ad turn the vittles roun', While hes gurt jaa kept moavin up and down. A peck o...
Стр. 5 - Ben went, and zoon com'd back — a diddent lag, But aal a brought in wer — tha empty bag. "Now, Ben — whar es tha saalt?
Стр. v - A verb does not necessarily agree with its nominative in number and person, and as a proof of this, Agrikler gives an amended conjugation of the verb to be : — INDICATIVE MOOD.

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