Media Matters: Race and Gender in U. S. Politics

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U of Minnesota Press
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A Chronology
Murphy Brown Dan Quayle and the Family Row of
Hearing Anita Hill and Viewing Bill Cosby
Gender Articulations
Articulations and Alliances
Clair Huxtable Anita Hill
Not The Cosby Show
Black Bart
Hierarchies and Multiplicities
The Scanscape of Fear
Selected Bibliography

Consuming Race

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Стр. 68 - I believe the lawless social anarchy which we saw is directly related to the breakdown of family structure, personal responsibility and social order in too many areas of our society.
Стр. 43 - Africanism is the vehicle by which the American self knows itself as not enslaved, but free: not repulsive, but desirable: not helpless, but licensed and powerful: not history,less, but historical: not damned, but innocent: not a blind accident of evolution, but a progressive fulfillment of destiny...
Стр. 27 - There is a religious war going on in this country for the soul of America. It is a cultural war as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as the Cold War itself, for this war is for the soul of America.
Стр. 98 - She gets mad when the mailman is late with her welfare check. That's how dependent she is. What's worse is that now her kids feel entitled to the check, too. They have no motivation for doing better or getting out of that situation (quoted in Tumulty 1991).
Стр. 21 - It doesn't help matters when prime time TV has Murphy Brown — a character who supposedly epitomizes today's intelligent, highly paid, professional woman — mocking the importance of fathers, by bearing a child alone, and calling it just another "lifestyle choice.
Стр. 76 - One of the oddest episodes I remember was an occasion in which Thomas was drinking a Coke in his office. He got up from the table at which we were working, went over to the desk to get the Coke, looked at the can and asked, 'Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?
Стр. 195 - Some advantages of a peculiar character are connected with this institution, which it may be proper to point out. No place in the United States offers as great opportunities for the acquisition of anatomical knowledge. Subjects being obtained from among the coloured population in sufficient numbers for every purpose, and proper dissections carried on without offending any individuals in the community1." "These are for dissection, then?" inquired Carlton with a trembling voice. "Yes,
Стр. 47 - The perfect disciplinary apparatus would make it possible for a single gaze to see everything constantly. A central point would be both the source of light illuminating everything, and a locus of convergence for everything that must be known: a perfect eye that nothing would escape and a centre towards which all gazes would be turned.
Стр. 69 - Ultimately, however, marriage is a moral issue that requires cultural consensus and the use of social sanctions. Bearing babies irresponsibly is simply wrong. Failing to support children one has fathered is wrong, and we must be unequivocal about this.
Стр. 42 - ... the Orient' is in question. How this happens is what this book tries to demonstrate. It also tries to show that European culture gained in strength and identity by setting itself off against the Orient as a sort of surrogate and even underground self.

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