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THE YEAR ENDING 30TH JUNE, 1906. I have pleasure in submitting the following Report, together with the Financial Statement, for the year ending the 30th June, 1906.

The Statement shows, that considering the exceptional circumstances of the past year, including as it did the visit of the British Association, and the expenditure inseparable from such an undertaking in South Africa, the Association is in a sound financial position.

From the Revenue Account it will be noticed that the receipts during the year under review are considerably less than those shown in the preceding account. This may be accounted for mainly by the decrease in the members elected with the consequent decrease in the amounts received from Entrance Fees and Life Membership subscriptions, and the large number of subscriptions which were paid in advance last year, which somewhat abnormally increased the receipts as shown in the previous year's accounts.

The Expenditure during the year just completed, on the other hand, shows a considerable increase over that of the preceding year, due to the visit of the British Association, necessitating a total payment of £920 to that body, as well as increasing the General Expenses, etc., besides an increase in Grants for scientific research of £120 ; and the printing of the Report for 1905, which in former years has been borne by subscriptions generously given for that purpose.

The Balance Sheet shows that your liabilities are amply covered by your assets, there remaining in the Bank after their payment a sum of £174 195. od., from which will have to be met the expenses of this (Kimberley) Meeting. It will be noticed that nothing has been taken into account for the amount of subscriptions outstanding in arrear which amount to £482, nor has any value been placed upon the volumes of Proceedings (volumes I and 2) of which there is a good stock on hand.

The Endowment Fund account, which is credited with all receipts from Entrance Fees and Life Membership subscriptions, now stands at £,819, of which amount £700 has been placed by your Trustees on fixed deposit at 41 per cent. per annum. The interest on this sum will be included annually in the Revenue of the Association in accordance with Section 11 (6) of the Constitution.

Assuming that the Members of the Association pay their subscriptions during the coming year, as they have done in the past, I believe it will be possible for the Association at its next Annual General Meeting, to largely increase its grants for scientific research, and thus forward in a very practical way the aims and objects for which it has been founded.

The total Membership of the Association is 1,322, showing a net increase of 33 since the last Report was submitted.

These figures show that taking the population of the country into account, there is ample scope for bringing the Association more prominently before the people of South Africa, and in this manner increasing their interest in the advancement of science. 30th June, 1906.

HOWARD PIM, Hon. Treasurer.

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£19 0 0 25 0 0

By Investment of Endowment Fund

Account: Amount invested
(Fixed Deposit) @ 474 %

£700 0 0
Office Furniture: Cape Town and

38 0 0
Cash at Bank: Cape Town

£88 8 2 Johannesburg 1,163 5 7

1,251 13 9


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To Subscriptions paid in advance

Mr. Sargant's Prize
To Sundry Creditors : Small a/cs.

£32 12 6
British Association for 1905 Report 420 0
Subscriptions paid for Sets B.A.

Proceedings, less expenses 481 1 6
Endowment Fund A/c.: Balance
30th June, 1905

701 0 0
Received to 30th June, 1906, En-
trance Fees

98 0 0 Received to 30th June, 1906, Life Members' Subscriptions

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933 14 0


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819 0 0

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£1,353 19 1
Less Balance from Revenue A/c.
30th June, 1906

1,160 19 4

192 19 9

£1,989 13 9

£1,989 13 9

Chartered Accountant, }

I have examined the above Balance Sheet, compared the same with the Books and Vouchers, and hereby certify that it correctly sets forth the position of the Association as at 30th June, 1906, as shown by the Books. M. , Hon.

HOWARD PIM, Johannesburg, 7th July, 1906.


Hon. Treasurer.






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To General Expenses (postages, wires,
sundries, etc.)

£130 o 6
Printing and Stationery (including
1905 Report)

217 17 10

225 0 0
Branch Expenses

4 14 0
Expenses Kimberley Meeting (pre-

Depreciation on Furniture

12 12 0

£601 5 10 Grants for Research

200 0 0
Editorial Fees : 1904 Proceedings

50 0 0
British Association: Grant, S.A.

500 0 0
British Association:

For 1905

420 0

920 0 0

By Annual Subscriptions received,

£389 0

157 0 Associate Fees : Kimberley Meeting

6 15 0

£552 15 0
Interest on Fixed Deposit

31 10 0
Sales of Proceedings, Vols. 1 & 2 8 I 6
Sales of British Association Hand-

18 0 0

26 16
Balance: Excess of Expenditure
over Revenue

1,160 19 4

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£1,771 5 10

£1,771 5 10

Johannesburg, 7th July, 1906.

Audited and found correct.


Chartered Accountant, S Auditor.


* Indicates Foundation Members (30th June, 1902).
+ Indicates Life Members.

Members are requested to notify the Assistant General Secretaries of any changes in

address, or additions which may be necessary, as soon as possible.

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fAbabrelton, Robert à, F.R.G.S., F.R.C.I., F.R.E.S., F.S.S.,

P.O. Box 322, Pietermaritzburg, Natal. *Aburrow, Charles, P.O. Box 534, Johannesburg. Acheson, Cyrus H., 1, Highfield Terrace, Doornfontein, Johannes

burg. * Ackermann, A. W., Assoc. M. Inst.C.E., M.S.I., M.C.M.E., c/o

A. S. E. Ackermann, Esq., 47, Victoria Street, London, S.W. Adams, A. E., P.O. Box 644, Johannesburg. Adams, John Franklin, F.R.A.S., Mervel Hill, Godalming,

England. Adamson, J. E., Education Department, Pretoria. *Adamson, William, P.O. Box 426, Cape Town. Addams, C. E., Chief Surveyor, De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd.,

Kimberley, Cape Colony. Addison, William Henry, cío Messrs. Mosenthal & Co., Kimberley,

Cape Colony. Aiken, Alex., P.O. Box 2636, Johannesburg. Aiken, David Chalmers, J.P., P.O. Batstone, Lower Umzimkulu,

Natal. Ainge, E.M., P.O. Box 6674, Johannesburg. Ainslie, George, Kiaora, Sunny Brae Estate, Newlands, near Cape

Town. Ainsworth, Herbert, P.O. Box 1553, Johannesburg. Aitken, Miss E., M.A., Girls' High School, Pretoria. Albrecht, John August, Assoc. M. I. Mech.E., P.O. Box 1361, Cape

Town. Albu, George, The Turrets, Doornfontein, P.O. Box 1 242,

Johannesburg. Alexander, J. Abercromby, Mozambique Company, Beira, Portuguese

East Africa. Allen, C. L. R., P.O. Box 69, Klerksdorp, Transvaal. Alston, R. A., Glencairn G.M. Co., Limited, P.O. Box 191,

Germiston, Transvaal. Altenroxel, H. S., Tyaneen Government Estate, Krobbyfontein,

P.O. Haenertsburg, Transvaal.
Amphlett, George Thomas, Standard Bank of South Africa, Ltd.,

Cape Town.
Anderson, Alfred Jasper, M.A., M.B.Oxon,


D.P.H.Camb., M.R.C.S. Lond., City Hall, Cape Town. Anderson. Wm. Thomas, Rose Deep, Limited, P.O. Box. 6,

Germiston, Transvaal.

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Andrew, D. C., Davaar, Hof Street, Cape Town. Andrew, Mrs. D. C., Davaar, Hof Street, Cape Town. *Andrews, G. S. Burt, A.M.I.C.E., M.S.A., P.O. Box 1040,

Johannesburg. Andrew, W. J., P.O. Box 15, Langlaagtę, Transvaal. Appelbe, John T., Mine Survey Dept., De Beers Consolidated Mines,

Ltd., Kimberley, Cape Colony. Armstrong, A. C., c/o Milliken Bros., Engineers, P.O. Box 388,

Cape Town. Armstrong, W., c/o Armstrong & Co., Port Elizabeth, Cape

Colony. Arnold, Dr. F., P.O. Box 356, Pretoria. Arnot, W. M., P.O. Box 1129, Johannesburg. Arnott, William, Gas Works, Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony. Aspinall, A. R., M.A., Parktown School, Wellington Road, Park

town, P.O. Box 403, Johannesburg. Aspland, C. Hatton, Witwatersrand Deep, Limited, P.O. Box 5,

Knights, Transvaal. Atkinson, Harold W., Erwood, Beckenham, Kent, Eng. *Attridge, Ernest William, C.E., F.I.San. E., Mount Pleasant,

Simon's Town, Cape Colony.
Auret, A. A., P.O. Box 838, Johannesburg.
Austin, Henry B., Government Deeds Office, Bloemfontein, O.R.

Ayres, G. F., Woodward, Rondebosch, near Cape Town.

Babbs, Arthur Thomas, Memb. Quantity Survrs. Assoc., England.

Rhodes Buildings, Cape Town. Badcock, H. D., A. M.I.C.E., M.A., P.O. Box 440, Pretoria. Bailey, Abe, P.O. Box 50, Johannesburg. Bailey, Dr. W. F., Falmouth Villa, Main Road, Sea Point, near

Cape Town. Baily, H. A., P.O. Box 1281, Johannesburg. Bain, C. A. O., P.O. Box 184, Johannesburg. * Baker, Herbert, Exploration Buildings, P.O. Box 4959, Johan

nesburg Baldwin, Major J. G., British Vice-Consulate, Lourenço Marques. Balfour, Dr. Harry H., Colinton, Cleveland, Transvaal. Balfour, Mrs. H. H., Colinton, Cleveland, Transvaal. Ball, H. S., P.O. Box 2536, Johannesburg. Ball, Thomas J., P.O. Box 2536, Johannesburg. Ball, Mrs. T. J., P.O. Box 2536, Johannesburg. Balmforth, Rev. Ramsden, Daisy Bank, Upper Camp Street, Cape

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Harbour Works, Cape Town. Banks, John, Rietfontein "A," Ltd., P.O. Germiston, Transvaal. *Barker, J. R. K., P.O. Box 3321, Johannesburg. *Barnes, J. F. E., C.M.G., Public Works Department, Pietermaritz

burg. Natal.

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