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(As amended at the Third Annual Meeting of Members held at

Johannesburg on August the 28th, 1905).


The objects of the Association are :-To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific enquiry; to promote the intercourse of Societies and individuals interested in Science in different parts of South Africa ; to obtain a more general attention to the objects of pure and applied Science, and the removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which may impede its progress.


(a) All persons interested in the objects of the Association are eligible for Membership.

(6) The Association shall consist of Permanent Members, hereafter called “Members,” and temporary Members, elected for a session, hereafter called “ Associates."

(C) Members and Associates shall be elected directly by the Council, or by the Managing Committee of Council. Associates may also be elected by local Committees. Members may also be elected by a majority of the Members of Council resident in that Centre at which the next ensuing Session is to be held.

(d) The Council shall have the power, by a three-fourths vote of those present, to remove the name of anyone whose Membership is no longer desirable in the interests of the Association.



(a) Members shall be eligible for all offices of the Association, and to serve on its Committees, and shall receive gratuitously all ordinary publications issued by the Association during the year of their admission, and during the years in which they continue to pay without intermission their Annual Subscription. (6) Associates are eligible to serve

the Local Reception Committee, but are not eligible to hold any other office, and they are not entitled to receive gratuitously the publications of the Association.

(c) Members may purchase from the Association (for the purpose of completing their sets) any of the Annual Reports of the Association, at a price to be fixed upon by the Council.



(a) The Annual Subscription for Members shall be One Pound, payable first at election, and thereafter on the First of July of each year. After the first session* intending Members shall be required to pay an Entrance Fee of One Pound in addition.

(6) A Member may at any time become a Life Member by one payment of Ten Pounds, in lieu of future Annual Subscript ons, or in lieu of Entrance Fee and future Annual Subscriptions.

(c) The Subscription for Associates for a Session shall be Fifteen Shillings.

(d) The Council may authorise Local Committees to admit students as Associates at a reduced subscription on the special circumstances of each case being submitted.


The Association shall meet in Session periodically for one week or longer. The place of meeting shall be appointed by the Council as far in advance as possible, and the arrangements for it shall be entrusted to the Local Committee, in conjunction with the Council.


(a) The management of the affairs of the Association shall be entrusted to a Council, five to form a quorum.

(b) The Council shall consist of all past Presidents of the Association, past and present General Secretaries and Treasurers, and in addition representatives to be elected by each Centre, at a meeting to be held within one month prior to the Annual Meeting of the Association in the proportion of one representative for every 25 Members, and such others to be elected by the Members at the Annual Meeting of the Association, as shall give altogether one Member of Council to every 25 Members of .the Association (excluding past Presidents and past and present General Secretaries and Treasurers).

(c) The Council so elected shall at once proceed to elect from its Members, the President, four Vice-Presidents, two General Secretaries and one Treasurer. Assistant General Secretaries, and local Honorary Treasurers may le elected at the Annual Meeting, or any ordinary Meeting of the Council. The Council shall have the power to pay for the services of the Assistant General Secretaries, and for such clerical assistance as it may consider necessary.

(d) The Council shall have the power to add five Members (if necessary) to its number from among the Members of the Association resident in that Centre at which the next ensuing Session is to be held.

* The first session was held in Cape Town from 27th April

to 2nd May, 1903.

(e) In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Council in the

) intervals between the Annual Sessions, the Council shall have the power to fill such vacancy.

(1) During any Session of the Association the Council shall meet, at least, twice.

(g) The Council shall have power to frame Bye-laws to facilitate the practical working of the Association, so long as these Bye-laws are not at variance with the Constitution.


In the intervals between the Sessions of the Association, its general affairs shall be managed by a Committee of Council consisting of President, General Treasurer, General Secretaries, and four other Members, elected annually by the Council. . Three of the Committee shall form a quorum.


In the intervals between the Sessions of the Association, its local affairs shall be managed by the Local Committees. This Committee shall consist of the Members of the Council resident in that Centre, with such other Members of the Association as the said Members of Council may elect.


The Local Committee of the Centre at which the Session is to be held shall form a Reception Committee, to assist in making arrangements for the meeting, and for the reception and entertainment of the visitors.* This Committee shall have power to add to its number from among the Members and Associates of the Association.


The Headquarters of the Association shall be in Cape Town.


(a) The Financial Year shall end on the 30th of June.

(6) All sums received for Life Subscriptions and for Entrance Fees shall be invested in the names of three Trustees appointed by the Council, and only the interest arising from such Investment shall be applied to the uses of the Association.

For arrangements with regard to Papers to be read see Section 14.

(c) Subscriptions shall be collected by the Local Honorary Treasurer of each Centre, and by him forwarded to the General Treasurer, after deducting expenditure authorized by the Council.

(d) The Local Committees shall not have power to expend money without the authority of the Council, with the exception of the Local Committee of the Centre in which the next ensuing Session is to be held, which shall have the power to expend money collected, or otherwise obtained in that Centre. Such disbursements shall be audited, and the financial statement and the surplus funds forwarded to the General Treasurer at least half-yearly.

(e) All cheques shall be signed either by the General Treasurer and a General Secretary, or by the Local Treasurer and Secretary of the Centre at which the next ensuing Session is to be held.

(f) Whenever the balance in the hands of the Treasurer shall exceed the sum requisite for the probable or current expenses of the Association, the Council shall invest the excess in the names of the Trustees.

(g) The whole of the accounts of the Association, i.e., the local as well as the general accounts, shall be audited annually by an auditor appointed by the Council, and the balance sheet shall be submitted to the Council at the first meeting thereafter, and be printed in the Annual Report of the Association.


(a) Grants may be made by the Association to Committees or to individuals for the promotion of Scientific research.

(6) Committees and individuals to whom grants of money shall be entrusted are required to present to the following Meeting a report of the progress which has been made, together with a statement of the sums which have been expended. Any balance shall be returned to the General Treasurer. In each Committtee the Secretary is the only person entitled to call on the Treasurer for such portions of the sums granted as may from time to time be required. In making grants of money to Committees or to individuals, the Association does not contemplate the payments of personal expenses to the Members, or to individuals.


The Council shall have the power to constitute such sections of the Association as it may

consider necessary. The following sections have been constituted :

A. Astronomy.


B. Anthropology and Ethnology.

Geology and Mineralogy.

C. Agriculture.

Geodesy and Surveying.

Sanitary Science.
D. Archæology.

Mental Science.
Political Economy.


(a) The Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries of the several sections shall be chosen by the Council, after consultation with the Local Committee of the Centre at which the next ensuing Session of the Association is to be held.

(6) From the time of their election, which shall take place as soon as possible after the Session of the Association, they shall form themselves into an organising Committee, for the purpose of obtaining information upon Papers likely to be submitted to the Sections, and for the general furtherance of the work of the Sectional Committees. The Sectional Presidents of former years shall be ex officio members of the Organising Committee.

(c) The Sectional Committee shall have power to add to their number from among the Members and Associates of the Association.

(d) The Committees of the several Sections shall determine the acceptance of Papers before the beginning of the Session, keeping the General Secretaries informed from time to time of their work. It is therefore desirable, in order to give an opportunity to the Committees of doing justice to the several communications, that each author should prepare an Abstract of his paper, and he should send it, together with the original Paper, to the Secretary of the Section before which it is to be read, so that it may reach him, at least, a fortnight before the Session.

(e) Members may communicate to the Sections the Papers of non-members.

(f) The author of any Paper is at liberty to reserve his right of property therein.

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