The Young Voyageurs, Or The Boy Hunters in the North

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James Miller, 1880 - Всего страниц: 360
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Стр. 201 - Countries, as they furnish at certain seasons in the year, in many extensive districts, almost the only article of food that can be procured. The arrival of the water-fowl marks the commencement of spring, and diffuses as much joy among the wandering hunters of the arctic regions as the harvest or vintage excites in more genial climes.
Стр. 358 - Mackenzie, stretching to the west, and extending north and south, as far as the eye could reach, covered with forests of pine and poplar, and other large trees.
Стр. 35 - ... moment widened the distance between him and the canoe. The bird had an advantage over his pursuers. Three distinct powers propelled him, while they had only two to rely upon. He had the current in his favor — so had they. He had oars or paddles — his feet ; they had oars as well. He " carried sail," while they spread not a " rag." The wind chanced to blow directly down-stream, and the broad wings of the bird, held out from his body, and half extended, caught the very pith of the breeze on...
Стр. 37 - Instead of rising into the air, as he had premeditated, he suddenly lowered his head, and disappeared under the water ! Again was heard the wild scream and the maniac laugh ; and the next moment an eagle swept out from the timber, and, after a few strokes of its broad wing, poised itself over the spot where the trumpeter had gone down. The other, its mate, was seen crossing at the same time from the opposite side. Presently the swan rose to the surface, but his head was hardly out of the water when...
Стр. 144 - The bank — a limestone bluff — rose steeply from the water's edge to a height of eight feet, and the lake under it was several fathoms in depth. The buck did not hesitate, but sprang outward and downwards. A heavy splash followed, and for some seconds both wapiti and wolverene were lost under the water. They rose to the surface just as the boys reached the bank, but they came up separately. The dip had proved a cooler to the fierce wolverene ; and while the wapiti was seen to strike boldly out...
Стр. 39 - ... thickly along the surface. The eagles now wheeled over the sedge, flapping the tops of the bulrushes with their broad wings, and screaming with disappointed rage. Keen as were their eyes they could not discover the hiding-place of their victim. No doubt they would have searched for it a long while, but the canoe — which they now appeared to notice for the first time — had floated near ; and, becoming aware of their own danger, both mounted into the air again, and with a farewell scream flew...
Стр. 141 - ... out over the prairie like a pack of hounds. When first started, the buck was a full halfmile distant, but in less than a minute's time he came breasting forward until the boys could see his sparkling eyes and the play of his proud flanks. He was a noble animal to look at. His horns were full grown, but still
Стр. 32 - ... might be regarded as the same ; but it is well known that the flowers of the snowball are sterile, and do not produce the beautiful bright crimson berries of the " Pembina." Lucien lectured upon these points to his companions as they floated along. Norman listened with astonishment to his philosophic cousin, who, although he had never been in this region before, knew more of its plants and trees than he did himself. Basil also was interested in the explanations given by his brother. On the contrary,...
Стр. 37 - ... their guns crossed and ready. At this moment a shrill cry sounded over the water. It was the scream of some wild creature, ending in a strange laugh, like the laugh of a maniac. On both sides of the river there was a thick forest of tall trees of the cotton-wood species (populiu anguttifoKa).
Стр. 138 - There are wolves at them," said Basil, after regarding them for a second or two. " That's odd," rejoined Norman. " "Wolves don't often attack full-grown wapiti, except when wounded or crippled somehow. They must be precious hungry. What sort of wolves are they ? " To you, boy reader, this question may seem strange. You, perhaps, think that a wolf is a wolf, and there is but one kind. Such, however, is not the exact truth. In America there are two distinct species of wolves, and of these two species...

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