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The list includes lullabies, songs of the seasons, folk songs, motion songs, sacred songs, sentimental songs,

classical songs, inspirational songs, vacation songs, songs for special days, including National Song Week

and Christmas. It also includes a number of rounds and tunes suitable for marches and drills, and in addi-

tion to these it has a complete list of Patriotic and National Songs and most of the Peace Songs of the

National Choral Peace Jubilee Committee.


The Golden Book of Favorite Songs is a complete song book, suitable for schools of all kinds. It

contains songs for all grades from Kindergarten to College, and enough of each kind to meet all requirements,

and besides all this it has a story of each of our leading

patriotic songs, stories every American should know.

It contains 128 pages, 6x9 inches, bound in handsome golden yellow paper covers, of good wearing qual-

ities, attractively printed in two colors.


All Together

Song of Peace

How Can I Leave Thee

Robin Red Breast

Flow Gently Sweet Afton

In the Gloaming


God Be With You Till We Meet Merrily, Merrily (Round)

Woodman Spare That Tree


If You Have a Pleasant Thought

Annie Laurie


The Anvil Chorus

Vacation Days

Good Morning to You

I Think When I Read

Auld Lang Syne

Years of Peace

Jesus Loves Me

Try, Try Again

Good Night, Ladies

Marching Through Georgia

Battle Cry of Freedom

Hail, Columbia

Jingle Bells

Twinkle Little Star

Praise for Peace

The Bees (Motion Song)

Battle Hymn of the Republic The Quilting Party


Stars and Stripes

Robin Adair


Bell Doth Toll

Harrow Marches Onward

Just Before the Battle, Mother

Sword of Bunker Hill

Rucked in the Cradle of the Deep Kathleen Mavourneen

Blest Be the Tie That Binds

God Bless Our Native Land

Imitation Song (Motion Song)

The Snow Bird

Scenes That Are Brightest

Kind Words Can Never Die

Blue Bells of Scotland

Barefoot Boy

The Last Rose or Summer

Raise Your Hands (Motion Song) Scotland's Burning

Lead, Kindly Light

Blye-Eyed Mary

Singing in the Rain

Hand Exercise Song

Robinson Crusoe

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Lilly Dale

The Bull Dog

The Soldier's Farewell

Revolutionary Tea

Old Santa Claus

Song of a Thousand Years

Long, Long Ago

Can A Little Child Like Me

Angry Words

0, Come, Come Away

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Stars of the Summer Night

Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy

Catch the Sunshine

There's Music in the Air


Our Flag (Motion Song)

Star Spangled Banner

Speed Away

Cheer, Boys, Cheer

Uncle Ned

Love's Old Sweet Song

My Own Native Land

Sweet and Low

The Whip-poor-will Song

Christmas Carol

The Vacant Chair

Loving Kindness

March of the Men of Harleeh

Yankee Doodle

Marseillaise Hymn

Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean Watch on the Rhine

Commencement Hymn

Little Drops of Water

Those Evening Belis

Massa's in the Cold Ground

Come, Thou Almighty King

We're All Noddin'

Hail to the Chief

Little Boy Blue

To and Fro

Musical Alphabet

Come With Thy Lute

We're Tenting Tonight

Now the Day is Over


Work, for the Night is Coming My Bonnie

Comin' Thru the Rye

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

When You and I Were Young,

Hallelujah Chorus

When the Swallows Homeward


Cousin Jedediah


My Maryland

Glad Christmas Bells

While Shepherds Watched Their Tara's Harp

Darling Nelly Gray


My Old Kentucky Home

Graduation Song

Happy Greeting to all

Oh, Broad Land

The Dearest Spot

Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Come Thou, Almighty King

Christmas Song


Oh, Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast

Dip, Boys, Dip with the Oar

Hark, the Herald Angels Sing

College Days

Christmas Time is Come Again Now, Thank We All,

Our God Old Black Joe

Dixie Land

The Heart Bowed Down

Fair Harvard

The Loreley

Holy, Holy, Holy

Old Folks At Home

The Evening Bell

Sound the Loud Timbrel

To the Friends We Love

Loch Lomod

Home, Sweet Home

The Old Oaken Bucket

The Farmer

Keller's American Song

Onward, Christian Soldiers

Minstrel Boy

Hop, Hop, Hop


Flag of the Free

The Spring (Round)

Miller of the Dee

There are twenty other songs, just as good as these, in the book, but for lack of space we cannot list them here,

Business Men, Housekeepers, Teachers, Clergymen, Doctors,

Lawyers, Social Workers, in the following subjects:
Political Science, Economics and Sociology,
History, Philosophy, Education, Fine Arts. Music,
English, Latin, German, Romance, Language,
Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geography,
Physiology, Anatomy, Botany, Zoology,
Physical Education, Vocational Education,

Mathematics, Journalism, Home Economics.

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Dates: Regular Session June 15 to August 11. Law School

June 12 to August 25. Session for Class A and Class B
Teachers June 12 to August 25. Medical School June 12 to
August 11. Biological Station June 17 to August 25.
Fee $15. Room and Board $4.25 to $6.

Address, Director of Summer Session,


Admitted us Second-class Mattor at the Postomce at Marion, Indiana, under the Ant

of Con gros of March 3, 1879.

ONE DOLLAR is the subscription price for one year. Single Copios malled for ton conts. REMITTANCES should be mado by draft on Now York, expross monoy order or posted

money order payable to The Teacher's Journal Company. ADVERTISING RATES made known on application. CONTRIBUTIONS on oducational topics are welcomed. Practical questions of real oduos

tional value carefully answered. Puzzles rocoivo no attention. CHANGES IN ADDRESS should bo ordered one month in advanco. II Th. Journal does not reach you by the 15th of the month inform us. Addross all communications to the


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A lifeless teacher makes a dead good teacher are gumption and comschool.

mon sense.

Determine what your pupils need be- A large part of the teacher's busifore attempting to teach them. ness is to arouse spirit and enthusi

asm in the pupils. If you do not teach your pupils how to study you will do little for them. Are you already laying your plans

to attend the State Teachers' AssoThe difference in schools is very ciation this year? largely due to the differences in teachers.

No matter how splendid your

theory, you must adapt your teaching Never cease your efforts to create to the needs of your school. worthy motives in the minds of children.

We should take it as a favor if you

would write and tell us what you Try to make the child happy, but want to see discussed in The Teacher's teach him to find pleasure in doing his Journal. duty.

If you expect to do a great year's No matter what the condition of work, plan for it. Things of much your school, it is your duty to make it importance do not come as the result better.

of accident.

The leading characteristics of


The true teacher is not a follower

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