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Volume XLV



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December, 1906-February, 1907

Border, The. (See English Counties, 17.)
BROOKS, John GRAHAM. John Burns and His Problems, 198.
Burns, John, and His Problems, 198.
C. L. S. C. Round Table: Our Study of Shakespeare, 11; The

Class of 1907, 112; A Wordsworth Calendar, 113; A Shake-
speare Game, 114; Chautauqua in the Philippines, 115; Pro-
grams, 119; News from Readers and Circles, 124; Books on
English Cathedrals, 245. The Washington Class : 1907, 248;
Dr. W. P. Kane, 248; to the Members of the Class of 1910,
249; Daily Readings fromr Tennyson, 250; Programs, etc., 251 ;
News from Readers and Circles, 255; "Rational Living,” 373;
Class Pin for 1907, 374; Biblical Allusions in Tennyson, 375;
Browning, 376; Programs, 378; News from Readers and Cir-

cles, 381.
Chautauquans, Holiday Greeting to, pp. 75-78.
Christmas Carols and Christmas Superstitions, 89.
COMAN, KATHARINE. The Camp of the Unemployed at Levens-

hulm, Manchester, 219.
Coulter, John M. Charles Darwin, 66.
Darwin, Charles, 66.
English Counties, A Reading Journey In (Illustrated): Cumberland

and Westmoreland: I. The Border, 17, II. The Lake Country,
36; The Industrial Counties: I. Lancashire, 145, II. Cheshire,
171, III. Staffordshire, 191; The Heart of England: War-

wickshire, 275.
English Men of Fame: Charles Darwin, 66; John Burns and His

Problems, 198; Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, 321.
English Paintings, Representative, (Illustrated): The Slave Ship

(Turner), 97; The Corn-field (Constable), 227; The Light

of the World (Hunt), 365.
Grabo, Carl H. The Stage for Which Shakespeare Wrote, 79, 206,

Heart of England: Warwickshire, The. (See English Counties, 275.)
Highways and Byways (Illustrated), 3, 131, 261.
HOLDEN, JAMES EDMUND. The Lincoln Mark, 352.
Industrial Counties, The. (See English Counties, 145.)
INGRAHAM, HENRY. “In Peril of Change:" C. F. G. Masterman's

Essays on Social Problems, 101.
Library Shelf: De Quincey's First Meeting With Wordsworth, 106;

A Glimpse of Ruskin at Brantwood, 108; Dr. Johnson and
David Garrick, 239; The Princely Pleasures at Kenilworth

Castle, 367.
Lincoln Mark, The, 325.
London County Council, The Work of, 344.
MALTBIE, Milo R. Work of the London County Council, 344.

Masterman, C. F. G., Review of His Essays “In Peril of Change,”

News Summary, 128, 258, 388.
Paintings. (See English Paintings.)
RANSFORD, HARRIET K. Christmas Carols and Christmas Supersti-

tions, 89.
Reading Journey in English Counties, A. (See English Counties.)
Shakespeare, The Stage for Which He Wrote (Illustrated), IV

Stage Properties and Costumes, 79; V. The Staging of “Mac-
beth” and “Romeo and Juliet," 206; VI Some Effects of Eliza-

bethan Stage Conditions upon Shakespeare's Method, 331.
Stage, The. (See Shakespeare.)
Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn, 321.
STEVENS, BERTRAND W. Representative English Paintings, 97, 227,

TOMLINSON, MAY. Wordsworth's Poetry: A Personal Experience,

Unemployed, The Camp of, at Levenshulme, Manchester, 219.
Vesper Hour, The, 234, 358.
VINCENT, John H. Holiday Greeting to, pp. 75-78; Vesper Hour,

234, 358.
WILLIAMS, CHARLES D. Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, 321,
Wordsworth's Poetry: A Personal Experienoe, 229.
BATES, KATHERINE LEE. A Reading Journey in English Counties, 17,

145, 275.
Lake County, The. (See English Counties, 36.)

Bestor, Arthur E., 248.
Burns, John, 130.
Cartoons, 4, 16, 136, 141, 270, 273.
Chautauqua: Graduates of 'o6 at Golden Gate, 118.
Christmas Carol : Two page etching famsiile, 92-93.
Darwin, Charles, 2.
Eliot, George, 369.
England: Speaker-Elect of the House of Commons escorted to the

chair, 12.
English Counties, A Reading Journey in: Popping Stones on the

Irthing, 21; East Window of Carlisle Cathedral, 22; Naworth
Castle, 39; Lanercost Abbey, Baronial Hall of Naworth Castle,
40; Rydal Mount, 41; Rydal Water, Carlisle Castle, 42; Fox
How, Wordsworth's Home at Cockermouth, 43; Ruskin Shaft
Coniston Churchyard, 44; Dungeon Ghyll, 45; Langdale Pikes,
46; Langdale Village, 47; Shepherd's Hut, Sheep Farm, 48;
Brampton Market Hall, Faber's Church and Lodgings, Bits
of Old Ambleside, 49; Island in Grasmere Lake, 50; Evening
on Windermere, 51; Coniston Water, 52; Easdale Tarn near
Grasmere, 53; the Head of Ullswater, 54; Furness Abbey,
149; Quadrant, Liverpool, 150; Chester Cathedral, 159; Choir,
Lichfield Cathedral, 160; Stonyhurst College, 169; Lichfield
Cathedral, Furness Abbey, 170; Kneeling Bishop (chantry),
Lichfield Cathedral, 171; Peele Castle, Town Hall, Manches-
ter, 173; Runic Cross Whalley Churchyard, 174; Roman_Re-
mains, Chester, Market Place and Stocks Poulton, 175; Pen-
wortham Priory, Swarthmoor Hall, 176; Lower Peover Church,
Unitarian Chapel, Kuntsford, 177; Cranford Home, Kunts-


ford, 178; Trent and Mersey Canal, 179; Firing Ovens and Potteries, Street, Kuntsford, 180; Landing Stage, Dock, Liverpool, 181; “Rose and Crown" Inn, 182; Cheshire Cottage, 183; Interior of Whalley Church, 184; George Eliot's Birthplace, School “The Elms,” 279; George Eliot's Schoolroom, Going to the Fair, Nuneaton, 280; Griff House, Cedar of Lebanon, Griff House, 281; Getting in the Harvest, Barn, Wilmcote, 282; Charlecote Park Entrance, 284; Charlecote Park, 285; Clock Tower, Warwick Castle, Ford's Hospital, Quaint Corner, Almshouse, Coventry, 286; Feeding Peacocks, Warwick Castle, Avon from Warwick Castle, 288; Kenilworth Castle, Guild Chapel and Grammar School, Stratford-on-Avon, 289; Avon at Guy's Cliff, 290 and 291; Church of Holy Trinity, Stratford, 292; Wootton-Wawen Church, 292; View of Rugby, Interior of Rugby Chapel, 293; Road to Stratford, Aston-Cantlow Church, Poet of Guy's Cliff, Old Mill, Guy's Cliff, 294; Entrance to Warwick Castle, 299; Wilmcote, 300; Church of Holy Trinity, Stratford, 309; Anne Hathaway's Cottage, 310; Shakespeare's Birthplace, 311; Edward VI's Grammar School, Strat

ford, 312.
Garrick, David, 244.
Gretna Green—"Striking While the Iron is Hot,” 120.
Highways Cuts. Georges Clemenceau, Mrs. Jefferson Davis, Com-

mander R. E. Peary, V. H. Metcalf, G. U. L. Meyer, O. S.
Straus, !1; Archbishop of Canterbury, A. Birrell, Duke of
Devonshire, Senator Beveridge, Washington Gladden, Felix
Adler, 135; Roosevelt, Root, McCabe, Durand, Bryce, Carnegie,

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, 243.
Kane, Wm. P., 248.
Kellogg, Prof. George D., 248.
Maps: Cumberland and Westmoreland, 19; Wordsworth Country,

37; Lancashire, 147; Cheshire and Staffordshire, 188; War

wickshire, 277 Nativity, Ancient Representation of, 95. Paintings, Representative English: Slave Ship (Turner), 99; The

Corn-field (Constable), 266; The Light of the World (Hol

man Hunt), 364. Philippine Islands: Post Hospital, Parang, Mindanao, 117; Reading

Room, Parang, 117; Moros Selling Brass, 118. Shakespearean Stage (“The Stage for Which Shakespeare Wrote”);

Old Cut of Early French Stage, 84: Hotel de Bourgogne, 85;
Facsimile of title-page to Second Quarto of “Romeo and Juliet,'
213; Facsimile page from Second Quarto of “Romeo and Juliet,"
216; Edward Alleyn, 332; David Garrick, 335; Thomas Bet-
terton, 337; John P. Kemble, 338; Edmund Kean, 341; Mrs.

Siddons, 342.
Stanley, Arthur Penryhn, 260.
Tennyson, Watt's Statue of, 247.

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