Die Achse Avantgarde-Faschismus: Reflexionen über Filippo Tommaso Marinetti und Ezra Pound

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Arche, 1991 - Всего страниц: 363
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Pp. 303-336, "Hitler und/oder Mussolini: Der Antisemitismus in Italien", argue that Mussolini and the Fascist Party were not antisemitic. The party had many Jewish members, Mussolini took in refugees from Central Europe when the West closed its doors, he supported the Zionists, and gave orders during the Ethiopian war to aid the Falashas. He ridiculed and rejected Nazism and its racist ideology until his visit to Germany in September 1937 from which he returned highly impressed and with the determination to remake Italy on the German model, to the satisfaction of right-wing, antisemitic fascists like Roberto Farinacci. Beginning in 1938, anti-Jewish legislation brought hardship on Italian Jews; however, it was flexibly enforced; the population did not support it. Both in Italy and in Italian-occupied territories, the Italians took care not to deliver Jews into German hands. Argues that Ezra Pound was also not originally antisemitic; his antisemitism (expressed in his propaganda radio talks to the West during the war) developed parallel to Mussolini's.

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