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Christian Courage.

Workman of God! O lose not heart,
But learn what God is like ;
And it darkest battle-field

Thou shalt know where to strike.
Thrice blessed is he to whom is given
The instinct that can tell

That God if on the field, when He
Is most invisible.

Blessed, too, is he who can divine

Where real right doth lie,
And dares to take the side that seems
Wrong to man's blindfold eye.
Then learn to scorn the praise of men,
And learn to lose with God;
For Jesus won the world through shame,
And beckons thee His road.


Why am I Not a Christian?

1. Is it because I am afraid of ridicule and what others may say of me? "Whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the

Son of man be ashamed."

If there be spirituality in the church

THE United States leads all the it will find its way into the family rest of the world in its telegraphic that takes its literature. The mem- business, as well as in many other bers of that family will be regular things. She has nearly 700,000 attendants at church, and will take miles of wire, stretching all over the an interest in the advancement of continent, like the lines of a spider's pure and undefiled religion in the web. France comes next, with less world. Circulate your church literthan one-third that number of miles; ature, and crowd out and keep out of the home the pernicious literature Germany follows third, and Great of the day. Keep the numbers of Britain fourth. But the rates are this paper on file and thereby secure much cheaper in the last country for yourself a complete history of than anywhere else in the world, your church and its work. The consequently the number of mesvalue of this is apparent. We know sages sent stands next to those transpersons who have files of their local mitted in the United States. Have church papers running back seven years, which contains valuable information that, if lost, could not be replaced.

Its Depths.

Little boats always totter about on the surface of the water, going all ways, as it happens, and overturning in a breath, while the great ship sinks deeply and more deeply

2. Is it because of the inconsistencies of professing Christians ?in and goes steadily on. Every man shall give an account of himself to God."

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the whole world and lose his own soul?"

4. Is it because I am afraid that shall not be accepted? "Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise

The cause

of its steadiness is its depth. So
abiding in the great truths of God



you any idea how many that may be? No less than 72,000,000 in our own country, and about 33,000,000 in Great Britain! These are the figures for 1886. The telephone is used scarcely at all in Europe, but the record in our country for the same year was 312,605,710 messages. Think what a number of "Hellos!"

THE following beautiful illustration is used by Dr. Guthrie to show the saints' appreciation of the fact

that heaven was won or obtained for them by Christ, and not by their

3. Is it because I am not willing gives steadfastness of motion to the to give up all to Christ? "What soul. Under all the pressure shall it profit a man if he shall gain error and unbelief and false doc-own merits or exploits: "Won by trines, it is "unmovable, abounding other arms than theirs, it presents in the work of the Lord." It is not the strongest imaginable contrast to I" tossed to and fro, and the spectacle seen in England's palabout with every wind of doctrine, ace on that day when the king demanded of his assembled nobles by by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait what title they held their lands. 'What title?' At the rash question to deceive." It is a great thing to a hundred swords leaped from their take the truth and hold to it. It is scabbards. Advancing on the a great thing to know error and let it alone. Holding on to the funda- alarmed monarch, By these,' they mentals of truth, and seeking God's replied, we won, and by these we help, the soul is sure to come into the will keep them!' How different the

cast out."

5. Is it because I fear I am too great a sinner? "The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin."

Church Literature.

The importance of pure church light. Everything by turns and literature cannot be overestimated. nothing long, what growth, what Every family is made wiser and progress can be hoped for?-Dr. happier into which a pure literature Goodell. finds its way; and the boy and girl God tells us to bear our burdens of the household grow up into manhood and womanhood "rooted and every day, and when we look back grounded" in the faith of their we shall see that the difficulties that fathers and mothers through the in-appeared to frown upon us as we fluence of sound church literature. faced them, at last smiled upon us.

scene which heaven presents! All eyes are fixed on Jesus: every look is love; gratitude glows in every bosom, and swells in every song. Now with golden harps they sound the Savior's praises; and now descending from their thrones to do him homage, they cast their crowns in one glittering heap at the feet which were nailed on Calvary.”

If We Knew.

If we knew the cares and crosses
Crowding round our neighbor's way;
If we knew the little losses,

Sorely grievous day by day-
Would we then so often chide him
For the lack of thrift and gain,
Leaving on his heart a shadow,

Leaving on his heart a stain?

If we knew the clouds above us,
Held by gentle blessings there,
Would we turn away all trembling,

In our blind and weak despair?
Would we shrink from little shadows
Lying on the dewy grass,
While 'tis only birds of Eden

Just in mercy flying past?

If we knew the silent story

Quivering through the heart of pain,
Would our womanhood dare doom them
Back to haunts of guilt again?
Life hath many a tangled crossing,
Thorns beset the journey through,
And the cheeks, tear-washed, are whitened;
This the blessed angels knew.
Let us reach into our bosom

For the key of other's lives,
And with love toward erring nature
Cherish good that still survives;
So that when our disrobed spirits
Soar to realms of life again,
We may say, dear Father, judge us,
As we may judge our fellow men.

divine instruction, "and worthy of either use Sunday as a week day, or
all acceptation." And it is indeed see his loved ones go hungry, and
worthy of all acceptation. But without proper and sufficient cloth-
some do not seem to find anything ing.
to do. It is not, however, because
there is nothing for such to do. It
is because their eyes are blinded.
"There is none that doeth good, no,
not one," Rom. 3: 12, that is, none
doeth good without conversion and

Sabbath Breaking.


In our own city are examples of a different nature, which have perhaps been more prevalent during the past summer than usual. Men, for the love of gain, have turned the Lord's day into one of sports and licentious. indulgence. Not a Sunday has passed but has had its excursions, dances, ball games, horse trots or opera's, and frequently a variety of these on the same day.


Much as christian people dislike to see these things, it often seems beyond their power to correct them. But all can at least use their influence either by word or the purity


could give you information of my life, it would be to show how a woman of very ordinary ability has been led by God in strange and unaccustomed paths to do in His service what He has done in her. And if I could tell you all, you would see how God has done all and I nothing. I have worked hard, very hard, that is all, and I have never refused God anything."

Among the various forms of evil, which are common at the present day, perhaps none are more deplorable than Sabbath breaking. Many other evils are not only increased, but the downward career of many a young man has commenced by throwing off the restrictions of the and uprightness of their own lives. Sabbath. When any person comes to believe that it is of little importance whether he spends his Sundays in serving God, or in finding amusement in a ball game, or on an excursion, he has thrown himself open to temptations of all kinds, and from all quarters. It is then but a short step to spending his spare time at some saloon, or gaming hall, losing his interest in business, and the respect of all who have known him. Solomon was a wise man, and he It is true that this is not the inevihas left much excellent counsel for table result, still, among the large tell us of our faults and helps us to those that come after him in the number of young men who have correct them. This is an old and a world. He made some sad mistakes wrecked their business prospects true saying. We may grow impain life, and it was because the wise and happiness on the shoals of dis- tient under treatment of this kind, counsel that he gave to others was sipation, it is safe to say that the but our friendship should be made. not carried out by himself. The large majority began by throwing of stronger material than to be Bible contains the principles by aside the ordinances of God's day. which we should live. Those principles are true, "and worthy of all acceptation." But those principles to be reforming, controlling, and

Principles Applied.

Seize, mortals seize the transient hour, Improve each moment as it flies; Life's a short summer-man a flow'r,

He dies-Alas! how soon he dies !"

OUR best friends are those who

broken when our faults are held up before us by our friends. The man who is honestly laboring to free his life from errors, accepts with joy and gratitude the help of a true friend; one who will kindly and on frankly tell him of his faults. Most of us have too few friends of this kind. When we find such an one, it will pay us well to keep him, and to

No place is free from painful examples of this overriding the laws of the Sabbath. Men, in order to earn saving, must be accepted in faith, the necessities of life, are forced to and applied with diligence. "What- labor on Sunday as much as soever thy hand findeth to do, do it other days on street and railway with thy might; for there is no cars, running boats, printing news work, nor device, nor knowledge, papers, and a variety of other emnor wisdom, in the grave, whither ployments. The man is often a suffer nothing to sever the bond that thou goest." Eccl. 9: 10. Here is slave to the situation, and must unites our friendship.

use of the Presbyterian church, one distinguishing characteristic from be better reached by the gospel square west of our own, has been other young gentlemen and ladies even in a faulty literary setting, kindly granted. The Christian is simply the fortunate fact that than by any substitute for the goswomen of all our Ann Arbor they are able to give their princi-pel, however faultless the literary style. At the same time it is exchurches will doubtless be much in-pal energies for the present to the pected that much care will be given terested in these missionary meetings.

work of self culture. They are
here in large numbers because of
the far-famed facilities of Ann Ar.
bor for the furtherance of the work
of education.


in our church activity to maintain the intellectual dignity as well as the simplicity of the gospel.

The time of holding the convention is, of course, an unfavorable Special Religious Interest. one for us in Ann Arbor in the matter of entertainment. A gradually increasing interest It is our belief that the religious in the services of our church and It is hoped that our members will prac- work most helpful to the student the attendance upon our meetings, tice all possible self denial in order will be in general that work which has had an encouraging developto entertain as many as practicable; would be most helpful to the ordin-ment. The meetings of Sunday, and we shall welcome from the ary human being. The church September 16th, and of the week homes of others than our own services should not be a continua- character as to lead the pastor to continua-preceding, were of so promising a members a continuance of the reci- tion of the lecture-room method, to appoint an inquiry meeting for procity usual among our churches which the student is accustomed Monday evening, the 17th. It was in Ann Arbor when any one of throughout the week. The preacher not known what results would folthem is entertaining a representa- who aims over the heads of his ord-low, but we were gratified to find tive body of its denomination. All inary hearers for the sake of hitting ing, and desiring religious converfifteen persons present that evenwho can etertain either for meals students or college professors is sation with the pastor. or lodging or for both, and all who likely to hit nobody. This pulpit Two of the fifteen were young may be willing to bear the expense will hold ever before it the warn- Christians who had been walking of one or more guests at boarding ing example of the preacher, told in the dark. Several others had places to be selected by themselves as though the injunction were not but had never made the open proof by Mr. Spurgeon, who preached been for some time hoping in Christ, or by the committee, will be given "feed my lambs," but "feed my fession of their faith; still others an opportunity to make the arrangewere earnestly inquiring the way ment. If any one willing so to Accordingly we invite students to Christ. Seven of these had the provide, is not called upon, a postal not to a lecture-room nor to a par- important matter so thoroughly card sent to Prof. H. N. Chute, or; but to the "living-room" of our decided that they wished to go church home. We wish them to forward without delay in baptism. Chairman of the Committee on En- feel at home in the family and ac- These seven were examined by the tertainment, will be gratefully re- cordingly shall not try perpetually advisory committee and recomceived and the arrangement made. to make "company" of them. Let mended to present themselves to them understand that they have the the church. privileges of the home. In many One of the seven cases was of cases they will find it advisable to special interest. It was that of a bring their church letters with student who completed his High them, and to devote a reasonable School course here last year, and amount of their time to church ac- enters the University this fall. tivity. Such a course is demon- He went home this summer expectstrably helpful to most students ing to be baptized and unite with both in their studies and in their the home church, but found his religious life. church pastorless on his return. We shall endeavor to provide a Not to be thwarted in his noble By Baptism.-Mrs. Mary Dow-living, working, consecrated church purpose, he returned to Ann Arbor degan, Miss Lizzie Dowdegan, Miss which will aim to do the best pos- before the beginning of the UniNettie Hurd. sible work for Ann Arbor, develop versity year in order to have some ing the field to the utmost. We extra studies preparatory to his believe that in so doing, and by the course, and also in order to inake We try to remember that students pulpit enforcement of fundamental public profession of Christ in bapdo not form a distinct zoological gospel truth the students of Ann tism before he entered his extended species but are human beings. In- reached. Arbor will, at the same time, best be course of study. His clear, manly The experience of Mr. testimony and action constitute a deed we consider the students as Moody at Oxford and Cambridge cheering evidence of the through young gentlemen and ladies whose has proved that proved that students can ness of his conviction.

Recent Additions to the Mem


By Letter.-Mrs. Zellars, Miss Eliza Cady, Miss Louise Cady, Miss Agnes Cady, Mrs. Hess, Miss Maud Hess, Frank Hess, Mr. Hanford, Mrs. Hanford, Mrs. Harriet Goble

Miss Grace Goble.

The Students.

JAMES E. HARKINS, Ann Arbor Savings Bank, D. F. SCHAIRER,

Hardware, Stove, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware

Work of all kinds Promptly Attended to.


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Steam, Hot Water, Ventilation, Plumbing

Water Supply, Drying, Drainage and

Sanitary Work.

Dealers in all kinds of Plumbers' and Steam Supplies.


Flavoring Extracts a specialty


[blocks in formation]

Eisele's Marble and Granite Works. SEWING MACHINE Ann Arbor Steam Planing Mill,




And all kinds of Cemetery Work.

Estimates Cheerfully Furnished.

Shop Cor. of Detroit and Catherine Sts.








Stone Lime, Water Lime, Cement JAMES R. BACH,

Calcined Plaster, Plastering Hair, Brick,

and all kinds of Wood and Coal. OFFICE, No. 36 EAST HURON ST.

College Laundry.


1 East Liberty Street.






Manufacturers and Dealers in Lumber, Sash,
Doors, Blinds, Door and Window Frames, Casings,
Base, Band, Crown, Circular and Irregular Mould-
ings, Stair Rail Brackets, and all kinds of Finish
for Joiners. Bracket, Scroll and Fancy Sawing.
Cor. of North and Fifth Sts., Ann Arbor.



Human Hair Goods.



Livery, Hack and Baggage Line. FRESH

(In the rear of Edward Duffy's Grocery Store.)
Orders for Trains, Parties, Weddings, Funerals,
etc., Promptly Attended to.
Telephone No. 108.





ANN ARBOR, MICH. 24 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich.










Of all kinds and Styles,

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Where Shall I Die?

The late Robert E. Wright, Sr., who re

cently died at Allentown, was gifted with considerable poetical talent. Years ago he wrote the following tender and beautiful lines :

Where shall I die? Shall dear friends

gather round me,

To wipe the "death sweat" from my throbbing brow?

Shall those I love in sadness then surround

Submit thy death to Him who gave thee cial to the person or persons, I think


He who first called thee to immortal being,
Child of the earth to rear thee for the


Knows when and where and how 'tis
best to die.

right away, "There's dust on your glasses; rub it off." The truth is, everybody wears these very same glasses, only the dust is a little Walks by thy side, thy every footstep see-thicker on some than on others, and needs harder rubbing to get it off. I said this to John one day, some little matter coming up that called forth the remark :-" There some people I wish would begin to rub, then," said he. "There is Mr. So-and-So, and Mrs. So-and So; they are always ready to pick at some one, to slur, to hint-I don't know,

-Lancaster Intelligencer. "Dust on Your Glasses.”

I don't often put on my glasses to examine Katy's work, but one morning not long since, I did so upon enOr shall some stranger hand, when all is tering a room she had been sweep


As true, as kind, as loving then as now?

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"Did you forget to open the windows when you swept, Katy ?" I inunat-quired; "this room is very dusty."

Father of Love, O, say, where shall I die !

How shall I die? Shall pain and anguish smite me

And rack my frame with sharp, relent

less hand?

Shall slow disease, with gentle force, in

vite me

To leave this world and join the spirit

Or shall I fall, as fell the star of morning,
Sudden and swift from out the calm,

clear sky,

"I think there is dust on your eye-glasses, ma'am," she said modestly.

I don't like them."


"I think my son John has a wee bit on his glasses just now." He laughed and asked:"What is a body to do?" Keep your own well rubbed up, and you will not know whether others need it or not."

"I will," he replied.

And sure enough, the eye-glasses were at fault, and not Katy. I rubbed them off, and everything looked I think as a family we are all probright and clean, the carpet like fiting by the little incident, and new, and Katy's face said :- through life will never forget the "I am glad it was the glasses, and meaning of "There is dust on your not me this time." glasses."-Observer.

This has taught me a good lesson,
I said to myself upon leaving the

Without one hint-one gentle, timely room, and one I shall remember

[blocks in formation]

IT is natural to overestimate the amount of real unbelief in the world. In a recent religious canvass of Buffalo, N. Y., in which eight denominations participated, only forty persons were found in a total of 6,095 who reported themselves unbelievers claimed to be infidels. Indifference in Christianity, and only three who to the claims and appeals of Christ, rather than unbelief in Him, is, we believe, the condition in which most of our impenitent fellowmen are today. And one momentous problem is to penetrate this fog of indifferyour entism with the rays of the Gospel. "But, oh, we know our little ones Are clothed anew, in robes of light; A crown is shining on their brow, Their feet are shod with sandals bright, And in that home beyond the skies

She understood me and left the room.

I told the incident to the children, Blighted in bud and flower--before fru- and it is quite common to hear them

ition ?

Father of Life, O, say, when shall I die?

Some time afterward he added the following stanza, which we believe has never been published:

Hush, O my soul, away with this repining,
This anxious fear about thy stay on

say to each other:


· Oh, there is dust on

Sometimes I am referred to.
"Mamma, Harry has dust on his
glasses; can't he rub it off ?"

When I hear a person criticising another, condemning, perhaps, a Pause, and with heart in calm, meek love course of action he knows nothing



about, drawing inferences prejudi

A grief can no more dim their eyes ;
We breathe the promise o'er and o'er,

'Not lost, not lost, but gone before,'

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