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Carpets, Oil Cloths THE COURIER, Staple and Fancy Groceries

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No. 46 South State St.,


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Attorney and Counselor

Particular attention given to the Law of

Real Property and Collections. 46 Main St. South, ANN ARBOR.



No. 14 Opera House Block,


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Barber Shop--Hot or Cold Baths FOR ARTISTIC PORTRAITS

Call at the old stand over the Postoffice, which has changed hands, and has been renewed throughout. Call and see me, and I will guarantee satisfaction. Respectfully,


Call at the Studio of

I. M. LONG & CO.,

11 & 13 Post Office Block, ANN ARBOR, MICH.

P. S. Ladies' Bath Rooms entirely separate Portraits in India Ink with a French Crayon Finish from the barber shop.




26 South University Avenue.




Orders for Dress and Cloak Making will be taken at

No. 57 South Main St., First Floor.

a Specialty.




No. 53 South Main St., ANN ARBOR.




26 South Main Street.


Paper Hanging, Glazing and Calcimining. No. 4 W. Washington St., ANN ARBOR.

J. Q. A. SESSIONS, Real Estate Insurance

Office, No. 5 North Main Street. HOUSES FOR SALE OR TO RENT. M. M. GREEN,


Particular Attention given to Carriage and Bus Loads.
Good Horses-safe for Ladies to drive.

17 & 19 N. 4th St., E. Side of Court House,



General and Builders' Hardware,

Furnaces, Mantles, House Furnishing Goods, Stoves, Agricultural Implements, Guns, Iron, Glass, Cutlery, Pumps, Rubber and Leather Belting. Manufacturer of Tin, Sheet Iron and Copperware. 23 & 25 MAIN STREET.



Buy a SUIT yourself of A. L. NOBLE.


Made from Strong Muslin, with Fine Linen Bosom, and nicely Laundried, only 59 cents, at L. NOBLE'S,


Sign of the RED STAR, Clothier and Hatter.


VOL. 1.

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No. 2.

Members Received During Sep-material with the beginning of the
school and University work this
Mrs. Emily Mains, 38 S. Twelfth fall gives great added interest. It
street, by letter.
is desirable that all of our young
Mr. Elmer Mains, 38 S. Twelfth people attend and participate in
these meetings. The Wednesday

Paul Snauble, W. H. Dorrance, V. M. Spalding, street, by letter.

J. B. Cady, W. H. Freeman, C. M. Stark.


The Deacons and Prof. W. W. Beman, Prof. J. G. Pattengill, H. B. Dodsley.


Prof. W. W. Beman, No. 19 S. Fifth Street.


Prof. J. F. Eastwood; Assistant Clerk, W. H. Dorrance, Jr.


Miss Eva Mains, 38 S. Twelfth evening prayer meeting, however,
must not be considered as an old
street, by letter.
Miss Jennett Case, Maynard and people's prayer meeting for which
Williams streets, by letter.
the young have no responsibility;
it is the general prayer meeting for
all of the church membership, and
the youngest lad in the church as
well as the oldest member; the

Mrs. Kate T. Moore, Unity Block,

Superintendent, C. M. Stark; Assistant Super- on experience.

intendent, Dr. G. W. Lacea; Secretary and Treasurer, Prof. H. N. Chute; Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, Alvin H. Dodsley; Librarians, W. H. Dorrance, Jr., John Dowdegan; Chorister, J.

R. Sage; Organist, Miss Jennie Bird.

Senior Bible Class, Prof. V. M. Spalding, Teacher; Students' Class, Prof. W. W. Beman, Teacher; Normal Class, Mrs. Dr. Stevens, Teacher.

Students' Classes, Professors Beman and Demmon; H. S. Class, Prof. J. W. Pattengill.


Music Committee-Dr. G. W. Green, Prof. H. N. Chute, W. H. Freeman.

Ladies' Aid Society-Mrs. Prof. Beman, Prest.

Miss Mary E. Moore, Unity Block, by letter. Miss Genevieve Storms, 44 most illiterate member as well as Broadway, by baptism. our most learned University proSadie Storms, 10 Bowery, by fessors, have the full privilege and baptism. duty of the Wednesday evening Mr. W. E. Tichenor, University, prayer meeting for their very own. Welcome is also extended to all Miss Nina Doty, Thayer and Ann who wish to attend this meeting to do so.

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by lot. A number of the best pews reserved for strangers and students.


Preaching Services-Sunday, at 10:30 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Sunday School-At Noon.

P. M.

ing first Sunday of each month.

Our Prayer Meetings.

Our Young People's Society, which has the conduct of the Sun

day evening prayer meeting, desires to enroll in its membership all of our young people. It affords to those residing temporarily among us for the purpose of study an opportunity to have a definite connec

At 6:30 o'clock every Sunday tion with church work, although evening our young people's meet- their membership may be held elseing is held. It has large opportunity for good, and we wish it to be

a very prosperous meeting during


PLEASE be careful to inform the pastor of any cases of sickness in

the coming year. This constitutes your own family or in that of others the most convenient time for the of our congregation. He cannot Young People's Meeting-Sunday at 6:30 P. M. General Prayer Meeting-Wednesday, at 7:30 students of the University and high be sure of knowing of the matter Covenant Meeting — Wednesday evening preced-school to attend a prayer meeting otherwise. It is always in place The Lord's Supper-First Sunday of each which will not conflict with any of for you to send word to your pas Ladies Missionary Society-Second Friday of the meetings of their Christian tor when sickness or trouble keeps Association, and it brings students you from the services of the church. Such word will serve the double purpose of excusing your absence and notifying the pastor of the


each month, 3 P. M.

The pastor will gladly receive at his home or and other young people into Chris

visit at their homes those wishing counsel upon

religious matters, or those in trouble or affliction, tian acquaintance. The meetings

or strangers, whether members of the church or not. His mornings are reserved for study; his

afternoons and evenings usually devoted to call have been maintained all summer

ing or to the meeting of appointments at his this year, and the influx of new



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tenderly to the sepulchre, wrap it into which they were dissolved in spices and clean linen. Ye sol- when they died. I do not wonder diers, roll the stone to the door of that Robert Hall buried this creed Luke 23:43—Jesus said unto him, Verily the sepulchre, and watch around it in his mother's grave. during the livelong night.

I say unto thee, to day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

What became of the bodies of the crucified thieves,into what hole they were thrust, is unknown; but some


Sure I am that Paul did not exBehold on yonder rounded emipect to go out of conscious existence nence, outside the walls of Jerusawhen he died: "What I shall lem, an awful spectacle. Defined choose, I wot not. For I am in a against a darkling sky are three how, somewhere, they were buried. strait betwixt two, having a decrosses, and upon them three hu- The penitent malefactor found a sire to depart and be with Christ man forms. Their hands are nailed grave, but not with Jesus, who which is far better; nevertheless, to with iron spikes to the horizontal" Made His grave with the rich in abide in the flesh is more needful beam, and their feet to the upright. His death." for you." Did Paul mean that to Draw nigh. Gaze upon them in How, then, was the promise of go into a state of non-existence as their mortal agony. Two of them Christ- "To-day shalt thou be a self-conscious intelligence, that to are evidently common felons; but with Me in paradise"-fulfilled? be dissolved into his chemical conwho is this between them? His There are those who tell us-pro- stituents, was to depart and be with countenance, pallid with pain, is fessed believers, too-that, after Christ, and that this would be far calm, patient, majestic. Around Jesus and the penitent at His side better than to live on in this world? His cross is a hooting, taunting, in- expired, there was nothing left of Are the dust and ashes in the grave furiated mob, gloating upon His them but their bodies-no thought," with Christ?" Nothing, accordagony. And see! one of the out- no consciousness-but that they ing to this horrible materialism, conlaws crucified with Him turns up- were as if they had never been. I tinues to exist after death but the on Him eyes full of hate and rage; am not about to combat this worse material elements which make up curses Him, rails on Him, taunts than heathenish fancy, at this time, the body. Those dispersed ele. Him, saying, "If Thou be the for there are few of my present ments, carried by winds and waters Christ save Thyself and us." To hearers who are not shocked by to other continents-are they blessall this the Sufferer answers not a the bare suggestion that when Jesus ed in being with Christ? word. But hark! there is another yielded up His spirit to God, He was it for this that Paul longed? voice, that of the other robber, re- plunged into absolute nothingness; What he longed for is plainly exbuking his fellow: "Dost thon and that when He promised the pressed in II Cor., 5: 1-4. "For not fear God, seeing thou art in dying thief a place in paradise that the same condemnation? And we very day with Him, He meant only indeed justly; for we receive the to assure him that he would, for due reward of our deeds; but this several thousand years, have no exman hath done nothing amiss." istence whatever. Such a doctrine, heavens. There is a little pause; the same growing as it does out of the earnestly desiring to be clothed voice, now in pleading tone, makes crudest materialism, cuts under our upon with our house which is from itself heard amidst the yells of the faith in immortality, robs us of the heaven: if so be that being clothed rabble: "Lord, remember me dearest consolations when our loved we shall not be found naked. For when Thou comest into Thy king- ones are snatched away by death, we that are in this tabernacle do dom!" Jesus not only hears, but and blots out the very idea of a groan, being burdened: not for answers: "Verily, I say unto thee, glorified church still in communion that we would be unclothed, but to-day shalt thou be with Me in with the church on earth. For clothed upon, that mortality might paradise!" The heavens grow really, according to this freezing be swallowed up of life." It is black. The earth trembles. The creed, all the saints who ever lived not too much to say that this pasveil of the temple is rent in twain. have ceased to be. Abraham, sage, on the materialistic theory, is Jesus cries, "It is finished!" and Isaac and Jacob, the prophets, apos- from beginning to end sheer nongives up the ghost. tles and martyrs, and the countless sense. According to that theory, Come, Joseph! Come, Nicode- multitude of the redeemed, are an- there is nothing in a man which is mus! Come, ye women of Galilee? nihilated. Nothing remains of left naked, or can be left naked, when Take down the holy body, bear_it them except the insensate elements "the earthly house of his taber

we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the For in this we groan,

nacle" is dissolved, for that earthly That there was a hades-a world doctrine of a general resurrection?" house is the man, and is all there is of departed spirits-with a place of That stands just where it stood beof him. St. Paul assuredly never blissful repose in one region, and a fore. According to the scriptures, held any such monstrous doctrine. place of penal suffering in another, the resurrection is a growth which As a Pharisee he had opposed it He assumed in the parable of will be gloriously consummated at when he was young; as an Apostle the rich man and Lazarus; and, the coming of the Lord. The spirof Christ, he ignored it when he speaking the language of the com- itual body, which will emerge from was old, teaching the doctrine of mon people, He assured the penitent the natural body at its dissolution, continuous, everlasting life for all thief of union with Him in paradise, will be developed into the glorious believers, as did Jesus himself, He expressly declared that there resurrection-body. I cannot now saying, "Whosoever liveth and was a place of blessedness and re- pause to prove this from the scripbelieveth in Me, SHALL NEVER DIE." pose, into which He and the par- tures, but it is as capable of proof We return to the promise of doned thief would pass that very as any other non-essential doctrine Christ to the dying robber, "To-day. of the Bible. I regard it as essenday shalt thou be with me in Paratial only to a complete and coherent dise." doctrine of the future life, but by no means to saving faith.

can as

We infer that paradise is a place. It is somewhere in space. To assert "Paradise!" The word itself the contrary would be, in effect, to demands explanation. It is a Greek deny its real existence. Those who Through their spiritual bodies word with an English termination, say it is a state seem to themselves departed souls have still a relation to but it is not of Greek origin. It to utter a profound truth, as indeed place; but what kind of relation I is supposed to be Persian. Xeno- they do, if they mean that the bliss cannot explain. All we phon, in whom it often occurs, of the souls in paradise springs from sert is that their place, their world, seems to have transferred it from their character and from their rela- is more real to them than our world the Persian to the Greek. It orig-tion to God; but if they mean that is to us. Where it is, who can inally signified a stately, park-like those souls exist nowhere, that they tell? We might, perhaps, pass garden, with groves, meadows, flow- are out of space, and out of time as through the very region of space ers, streams and fountains. Hence well, it strikes me as another mode where that inner world, called the Greek translators of the Old of saying that their finite, personal paradise, enfolds its blissful hosts, Testament applied the word to the existence has ceased; in other and see no glory, hear no sound. Garden of Eden, and to any place words, that they are absorbed into It is, perhaps, near us; it may be all of delight and beauty. Previous God. To be spaceless and timeless around us; it may be above us; to the time of Christ it had become is to be infinite and eternal. but I am sure from many hints in

the common word among the Jews Does any one ask, "How can the word of God, that it is not far to denote, not only the original spirits occupy space?" I ask in off. When the saint dies I imagine Eden, but the place of happiness reply, "How do spirits, while yet that he will pass into paradise in a for the righteous hereafter. The in their bodies, occupy space?" moment, in the twinkling of an Rabbis spoke of an earthly and a You answer, and correctly, "Only eye, and probably without any celestial paradise. They figured an by union with bodies that have ex-consciousness of locomotion. When under world, with Gehenna, the tension." Granted. Granted. But who told St. Paul (2 Cor. 12: 2-4) was place of punishment, on one side, you that spirits, after death, have caught up into the third heavenand Paradise, the abode of happi- no bodies? "Natural" or animal into paradise-he probably had an ness, on the other. And they seem bodies they have not; those return experience similar to that of every to have held, many of them, at to the dust. But St. Paul says that saint at the moment of his deparleast, that, after the resurrection," there is a spiritual body;" that is ture. When Stephen saw heaven. the righteous would be translated to say, a refined, ethereal organism opened, there is no intimation that to a paradise in the third heaven. adapted to the uses of the spirit it seemed to him far off. These notions had taken possession after it has emerged from the ruins many dying saints, just before leavof the Jewish mind before Christ of the fleshly tabernacle. This, I ing the ruined clay tabernacle, came; and, though He seldom used take it, is what Paul means when have seen the glory of paradise all the word paradise, it is remark- he intimates that the spirit will not around them. able that He did not essentially be "unclothed" at death. "What, modify the popular conception. then," you ask, "becomes of the


The way is now prepared to show what sort of place paradise

of souls.

proud world's contumely, from the strife of tongues, from detraction and calumny, will there be at peace. The tempest-tossed soul that has bravely and safely weathered many fierce storms of temptation, will repose like a victorious warrior after battle.

Sleep sweetly, tender heart, in peace;

Sleep, Holy Spirit, blessed soul,
While the stars burn, the moons increase,
And the great ages onward roll.

is, considered as the dwelling-place parted saints as sleeping, "sleeping land. The faithful workers, who, in Jesus." amidst poverty, privation and wea1. It is described in the scriptures "Well," says one, "that is pre- riness, have honored God in lowly as a place of wonderful glory and cisely what I believe; doubtless the callings, righteously earning their beauty; a land of living fountains saints in paradise sleep; they are ly- daily bread by daily toil, will there and streams, a land watered by the ing in unconsciousness." No meta- find refreshing repose and a "large river of life, with living trees phor goes on all fours any more reward." For there "the wicked standing thick on the banks; a land than a parable. There are many cease from troubling and the weary of perpetual light, though not from things in natural sleep which do not are at rest." The meek and patient. sun or moon. Some of our hymns answer to anything in the repose ones who have suffered from the have caught the very spirit of the of the soul, and one of those things seers of old who left on record is unconsciousness. It must be retheir visions of that fair land. marked, however, that even in naSome are ready to say all this is tural sleep unconsciousness is but figurative. These are the scriptural an occasional and by no means insymbols of the blessedness of the separable element. The conscious righteous after death. Doubtless, ness of the sleeper is sometimes inthey are, just as the fire, and the un- tensified and exalted; and there is dying worm, and the outer dark-every reason to believe that mental ness, are the symbols of the punish-energy is never suspended, even in ment of the wicked; but as the dreamless slumber. At any rate, dwelling place of the latter will be sleep implies a sleeper, the continsuitable to their character, so will uity and integrity of whose selfOh, blessed rest! Rest for the the dwelling place of the former hood are not interfered with. Rest- weary, the care-worn, way-worn, be suitable to their character. I ful sleep is a state of more or less and war-worn! Shall it indeed be believe, therefore, that paradise is a conscious enjoyment. Now, accor- ours? Then let us endure to the place of unimaginable loveliness. ding to the materialistic or annihi- end without a murmur; let us annihi-end I believe that the fountains and lation theory, the departed saint bear our burdens with cheerful groves and meadows of earth's fair- cannot sleep, for he no longer ex-hearts; 'tis only for a little while, est garden are but faint types and ists; his soul has gone out like a and then comes rest, the perfect prophecies of the beauty of the candle; to speak of his sleeping or rest of paradise! heaven for which we hope. I resting after death is just as absurd 3. Paradise is a place of spiritual doubt not that all which is most as to speak of his sleeping or rest- development and progress. We ing a year, or a hundred years, be- argue this from the nature of the fore he was born. No such absurdity soul itself. It is capable of eternal In happier beauty, more pellucid streams, is involved in the beautiful scrip- improvement in knowledge and tural phrase," Asleep in Jesus." The virtue; and if no improvement beggar Lazarus passes from his poor were possible in the future life, pallet, his broken meat, and his that life would be "flat, tame and brute companionship, to a couch in unprofitable." Consider how many 2. Paradise is a place oF REST. the bosom of Abraham at the hea little children go into paradise with "Blessed are the dead who die in venly feast. He is at rest. The undeveloped intelligence. Must the Lord, from henceforth; yea, peninent robber passes from the there not be such a thing as educasaith the Spirit, that they may rest torture of the cross into painless re-tion there? Not, surely, according from their labors, and their works pose. to earthly conditions, or earthly The martyr Polycarp-all methods, but the training of infant do follow them." "There remain the martyrs-pass from the flames minds to heavenly wisdom and eth, therefore, a rest to the people to beds softer than down, sweeter strength must be one employof God." In the picture of Laza- than roses. Wm. C. Burns, and ment-and not the least delightful rus in Abraham's bosom the idea of Judson, and Poor, and Henry Mar-of saints in glory. Then it is to be considered that many others will rest is what first strikes us. That, tyn, pass from their labors and suf- be gathered into that blessed realm too, is the idea conveyed by all ferings in heathen lands to a long who are spiritually immature. The those passages which speak of de- and restful vacation in the goodly pardoned thief, one would think,

beauteous here is

imaged there

An ampler ether, a diviner air,

And fields invested with purpureal gleams; Climes which the sun, who sheds the brightest day

Earth knows, is all unworthy to survey.

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